Information on The Litchfield County BMX Group, Inc.

The track was opened in 1995 and was started by a few volunteer parents who wanted to introduce BMX Racing to the Torrington area.
This was in response to some kids calling "Torrington" "Borington".
We applied for and received non-profit status from the Government in 1999. In 2004 we became classified as a "Public Charity" under the provisions of 501-c3 status. This was important as all donations are tax deductable.

Connecticut Tax Registration Number 982 6448 000

Federal Employee I.D. Number 06-1569298

The facility was built primarily as a Racing Facility and could have been kept private. Our group has decided to keep it open to the general public for all bicycle enthusiasts to enjoy, whether or not they are registered members of The National Bicycle League. All work performed there is provided by volunteers. The City of Torrington leases the land to us.

If you enjoy the facility and would like to make a Tax-Deductable donation, please make your check out to:

"Litchfield County BMX Group, Inc."

Send To

Litchfield County BMX Group
P.O. Box 961
Torrington, Connecticut 06790

A receipt will be sent back to you