2013 Award Winner

Chris was named this year’s winner based on his dedication and enthusiasm to give back to the sport which he has participated in for 10 years now.

He is somewhat quiet around the track but certainly lets his riding skills do most of the talking, at least on the outside of his tight group of friends.

We first met Chris in April of 2004. After many talks with his parents that month, this little 7 year old raced his first race. In our track points tally that year he finished second behind Trevor Fox for the 7 year old Rookie title.

In 2005 he was on top and won the 8 yr old Rookie title. He spent two more seasons tearing up the track in the novice ranks and, in 2008, he moved up to the Expert ranks and has been honing those skills to this day.

Chris has watched the progress of Josh Wedge over the years and certainly has noticed the transformation of Josh from a plump middle of the pack racer to a very fast and very fit racer and coach. Chris said that Josh is the rider he most admires and also the rider he would most like to beat. He feels if he could ever beat Josh, he would be beating the best.

Chris, when asked what his most memorable moment in BMX was he responded with "winning my first National event." "It was in Howell N.J. in 2007 and there was a promotion going on for whoever the winner was." The promotion was to meet Randy Stumpfhauser. Chris got a signed shirt from Stumpy (Former World Champion, two-time NBL #1 Pro and future #1 ABA Pro ).

Chris biggest accomplishment coincides with his biggest disappointment. In 2012 he was chosen as Foothills BMX Trophy Dash rider. He considered that a great honor. Losing any chance at winning that one-lap four rider shootout at his home track when he came unclipped out of the gate, was his biggest disappointment.

Chris ready to represent Foothills BMX
in the 2012 State Championship Trophy Dash

Outside of Connecticut tracks Chris like the track in Pottstown PA. the best.

He loves Alternate music with "Offspring" being his favorite group.

"Shooter" is his favorite movie.

When asked what the future holds for him he said he'd like to attend more Nationals but realizes it is much more difficult now with traveling to the races due to just one sanction.

Outside of BMX, Chris sees himself going into Sports Medicine and becoming a personal trainer in both fitness and BMX.

It’s no surprise that he considers his Dad, his role model.

Well Chris, speaking of role models, you have become one as well. We look forward to the continued maturation of Mr. Chrisopher Pannullo.

This award and annual Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Race were created in honor of Dan and his courage. Each year the Litchfield County BMX Group Inc makes a donation in Dan's name to The United Leukodystrophy Foundation.

Congratulations Chris Pannullo, 2013 Recipient.