Ethan Begnoche
2015 Award Winner

Ethan was selected by Rog Plaskett because of his dedication to being the best that he can be and his desire to help others, including fellow competitors, enhance their skills.

Ethan started racing BMX just four years ago (2011) after racing dirt bikes since he was 5 years old. We first saw him at Foothills on June 10th, 2012. Ethan was in a six-rider 13 year old Intermediate class and he was the rider who would not make the Main Event. He was the only Novice rider in the mix. We did not see him again the rest of that season.

He was honing his skills somewhere as when the 2013 season opened, here he was on opening day as a 14 year old Intermediate. This time he did make the Main Event and won it! In fact he rattled off wins in three of the next four weeks.

The first half of that 2013 season he was very competitive and the last time we saw him as an Intermediate was in mid July when he again won the class.

The next race was Aug 4th and Ethan showed up as an Expert. Yup, he won again. In fact, he was our top 14 year old expert that year. He really has never looked back.

  Ethan on Opening Day 2013  

Ethan is now a member of "The Mod-Squad", the 16 year old Expert class.

He is a member of The Bikers Edge/GT National Bike-Shop Team when not frequenting the local tracks in the area.

When asked who he admires the most as a rider he answered that Connor Fields, who dominated during his amateur career, was his inspiration. (Connor was on the USA Olympic Team at the 2012 Games and most likely will be again in 2016).

Ethan claims his most memorable BMX moment to date was he and Chris Therriault jumping the big Proset at South Park. He said while airborne, the lead rider crashed and they both were able to somehow miss him.

He is proud to be sitting NAG 28 right now.

We asked him what track he liked the best outside of Connecticut. He responded that the big track in Louisville (E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park) was his favorite because its downhill and features a big pro section.

He has no real preference to the type of music that he listens to as long as it inspires him and provides some added motivation. He did say that Cage the Elephant and Sublime were pretty good.

As far as movies go, Ethan liked The Great Outdoors andf The Constant War.

I asked him "whats next in you life?" He said that "Next year I'll be a senior in HIgh School." "After that, I hope to go to college and pursue a career in physical therapy." "I also hope to still be out racing and socializing with the riders".

After Ethan answered all of our questions, he was chosen to represent Foothills BMX in the annual Trophy Dash race at the 2015 State Championship. Ethan went out and won it!

I am proud to have selected Ethan as the winner of this award named after my late son. Dan would be proud also.

This award and annual Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Race were created in honor of Dan and his courage. Each year the Litchfield County BMX Group Inc makes a donation in Dan's name to The United Leukodystrophy Foundation.

Congratulations Ethan Begnoche, 2015 Recipient.