Noah Andersen
2019 Award Winner

This years choice is Noah Andersen. Noah, from Barkhamsted Connecticut, has been around BMX since the 2013 season. When I asked how he got involved in BMX racing he said that he and his mom were walking their dog in Alvord Park and saw the track. They went to the Open House in April of that year and his racing career was off and running.

His first race was opening day May 5th, 2013 in the 6 year old Novice class. This had to be intiminading as we had 126 riders with 33 motos that day. Noah did qualify for the main in the last qualifying round. He finished 6th in his first race.

He was back for week #2 and, after a five-rider pileup in the second turn, Noah was in the right place at the right time and got his first moto win in only his second week out there.

In week #3 he enjoyed his first podium with a 3rd place finish in a 6-rider main event.

It would not be until August 4th of that year when the magic started to happen. Noah won his first race overall in a Total Points event. He did it in style with a sweep of all three rounds. For his efforts he was named Rider-Of-The-Week. He named Brady Carlson as his favorite rider. Brady was one of the riders that he had beaten that day.

2013 Rider Of The Week
6 Year Old Novice
Noah Andersen

Noah would put together wins in three consecutive weeks as the season wound down. He would finish in second place in the 6 year old Novice class for the year at foothills.

In week #5 of the 2014 season, Noah, now a 7-year old Novice, was in a class that was 8-riders strong. This would be the last time he would run here as a Novice as he edged Owen Annonson at the stripe for his tenth win. The next time out, he would be an Intermediate.

Like what happens to so many riders, Noah struggled in the Intermediate class for awhile and missed quite a few transfers early in the season.

Finally, on July 20th in Week #12, he earned his first Intermediate Foothills win.

I asked him what he considered his biggest BMX related accomplishment. He said that going to his first National event; the East Coast Nationals at Chesapeake BMX, entering as a nervous 8 year old Intermediate. On day one he finished second and then capped it off with a win on Sunday. That win was #16 in his now impressive Intermediate career. Just a few weeks later, Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. was celebrating their 30 year anniversary with a special race. Back in the 90's I was the regular announcer down there for 12 years. They asked me if I would announce at the 30th. By chance, Noah was there sitting on 19 Intermediate wins and pulled off #20 there and I had the pleasure of announcing it! How ironic is that?

Just one month later he was diagnosed with Lyme disease and it really affected him for quite awhile. He lost the passion for BMX and looked, at times. like he was just at the track for his parents. The fun had faded. But the last two years he has a renewed outlook and enjoys the track experience maybe even more than ever. Noah is easy to spot around the pit area. Just look for that big  infectious smile.

When asked who he admired the most, he responded "I admire all of my BMX teammates and BMX friends that make it fun and that they try their best every time." He added that he enjoys these friendships with them away from the track as well.

Noah as a 6-year old Novice
in his first race ever

Noah as a 12-year old Expert
in 2019

Along with that East Coast National magical weekend, he has earned a District #5 ranking and been a State Champion for the last 3 years. He has raced in some Gold cup races but not really vying for a plate.

Noah's three consecutive State Championships

Noah has no aspirations to turn pro or any future BMX goals. "I'm just enjoying myself right now and will take each year as it comes.

Noah is home schooled and, once you talk to him, you will wish you were also. He is a quiet but articulate young man in a 12 year old body. I asked him what kind of music he liked. "I enjoy music, however, I listen to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts."

His favorite movie is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Outside of BMX Noah is very active. He's been playing soccer since kindergarten. He loves to scooter, Parkour, Hiking, Mountain biking and riding any kind of bicycle in general.

So Noah, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Noah: "I'll get back to you when I grow up."

My last question to Noah was "What's you most memorable BMX moment?" I have to say receiving this award is and will be, my most memorable moment.""I was so surprised and honored to be named as well as speechless!" "I'll never forget."

"My wife and I both are proud that Noah is this years recipient." Dan would certainly have approved." -Rog Plaskett-

This award and annual Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Race were created in honor of Dan and his courage. Each year the Litchfield County BMX Group Inc makes a donation in Dan's name to The United Leukodystrophy Foundation.