2012 Award Winner

Wes was named this years winner based on his dedication and all around attitude towards BMX racing.

We first met Wes in 2004 when he showed up on June 6th and signed up to race. Wes had been to the track with his cousin, former track champion Pete Lorenzo.

For the next few years Wes only raced sporatically and didn't get enough races in to qualify for a year end award. In 2008 he raced much more often and was our top 11 year old rookie. He also earned the "Rider-Of-The-Week" award mid way through the season.

Wes in 2008
As Rider-Of-The-Week

He moved up to the Novice class in 2009 and onto the Expert ranks in 2012 with a self-upgrade.

He is currently a sophmore at Housatonic Valley Regional High School and lives in Lakeville.

He is unsure right now what he will persue as a career path but says he is close to making a decision on college aspirations.

He loves Dubstep electronic dance music and has no favorite group.

He says "The Love Guru" is his favorite movie.

He was asked what his favorite moment in BMX was and he thought for a moment and came up with his win at the 2008 Connecticut State Championship Race, held right here at Foothills BMX.

When he was asked which riders he would most love to beat, without hesitation he replied "Chris Pannullo and Jake Pirulli". It was clear that his answer was out of respect for their skills and not due to any animosity towards them. "If I could beat them it would put me at a higher level" he said.

Wes said he would like to race BMX as long as he can.

Wes has not participated at the Regional or National level but, when asked what his favorite track is outside of Connecticut, he responded that "Egg Harbor is pretty nice".

Wes moved up the the Expert class to become a better rider by racing stiffer competition. With the battles that he and Chris Pannullo have put on almost every Sunday, its very clear that his plan has worked. It could be just a short time before he finds himself in the lead at the finish line, with Pannullo and Pirulli in tow, on any given Sunday.