2016 Award Winner

Jagur was named this years winner based on his will to be the best that he can and his overall attitude.

It was 2007 when Jagur first started racing at Foothills. He comes from a family of racers as his mother, father and brother Justin were ALL competiting at that time. It was only natural that he would be next in line to catch the bug.

Jagur's first BMX race was actually an NBL Regional in Pottstown Pa. He was only 4 years old

Jagur as a 7 year old Rookie when he was named
"Rider-Of-The-Week" at Foothills.

Jagur progressed through the NBL proficiencies quickly from starting out as a Rookie in 2006, up to the Novice ranking in 2008 and Expert in 2010.

When asked what he thought his biggest accomplishment was in BMX his reply was "winning the 2016 Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Award". He said that this award beats any #1 any day.

To date his most memorable experience in BMX was having the opportunity to spent two months in Arizona living and training with Bubba Harris, a three-time ABA AA-Pro National Champion.

Jagur hopes to turn pro himelf when he turns 18 and, who knows, maybe qualify for the 2020 or 2024 Olympic Games.

When he was asked who he admires the most without hesitation he replied "My mom but she lives with me all the time so I tell her that I love her often". Other than her, I have always looked up to Scot Alexander Breithaupt A.K.A the OM of BMX. For more reasons than one, but mainly because no matter what life threw at him whether it be good or bad he would always offer a kind smile and some words that would motivate you to do things you didn’t think you could ever do. And for a man that no matter what was going on in his life would say: “His cup wasn’t half full or half empty, but overflowing.” And that is a few reasons why I admired Scot so much, I miss him and know he rides with me in spirit.

His favorite music is rock and rap while he's traing and he loves country music while relaxing and just riding trails.

"My favorite movies are the “Rocky” series, but I also love “Joe Kid on a Stingray” because I get to hear Scot’s voice in it since I no longer get his weekly phone calls (unfortunately he cannot call me from heaven), but it’s all about BMX so who wouldn’t love it".


Jagur has qualified for two World Championships the first being in Copenhagen Denmark in 2011 and then in Birmingham England in 2012.

No matter where this kid's BMX career takes him, you can bet that this racer, who probably will always bleed SE blue, is going to try his hardest and walk away with the self satisifaction that he left it all on the track.

This award and annual Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Race were created in honor of Dan and his courage. Each year the Litchfield County BMX Group Inc makes a donation in Dan's name to The United Leukodystrophy Foundation.

Congratulations Jagur Layman, 2016 Recipient.