On April 4th, The Litchfield County BMX Group, Inc., the non-profit parents organization behind the operation of Foothills BMX in Torrington, received a grant of $4,500 for the purpose of re-paving some of the asphalt turns at the facility. This grant was awarded from The Community Foundation Of Northwest Connecticut.

“This grant will really help us improve the quality of the facility and even improve the safety of the racing” says Roger Plaskett, President of the parents organization. “The asphalt was put down nearly 10 years ago and, because the paved areas are bowl shaped, it deteriorates over the years.” “Numerous patching has occurred but has resulted in a very bumpy surface.” Plaskett adds “smoothing the surface on these turns will allow the riders to hold their racing lines better and not bounce around so much, resulting in fewer falls.”

With the 2006 racing schedule about to start at the track recently awarded its forth-consecutive award as the number one track in the country measured by the number of average riders per race, this track will have some fresh turns to negotiate early in its season.

“We are very proud to have been awarded this grant and feel privileged to have such a civic minded organization like The Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut behind us.” Plaskett closed.

The planned date to repave turn 4 and turn 5 is May 10th. It will be ready in time for Sundays race on May 14th. A big thank you also to Andrighetti & Sons paving for their understanding of our needs and their willingness to keep the costs to a minimum. Peter Andrighetti has been involved with the paving of every turn at our facility since the beginning in 1995.