Race Report

August 21, 2005 - Week 17

One of the down sides of being a track that races on weekends is that we're always competing with holidays and National Events for riders. This week was one of those examples as nearby Bethel Supercross hosted the "Last-Chance National" with over 400 riders in attendance. Pushing our starting time back one hour seemed to help and we did enjoy seeing some riders that we would not normally have the pleasure of watching at our local track. On the other hand, there clearly were some "regulars" who felt they had enough BMX for one weekend and stayed home. Still, this late in the season, a rider count of 164 with 44 motos is pretty decent and we all had a great time.

In the 16-29 Open Wheels class there was the most impressive line-up of the season as 17 riders were entered causing the need for semis to determine the "elite eight" that would vie for the top prize in the Main. They came from CT., MA, PA, RI, NJ and NY and it sure was a hot class. Making the main was Steve Oldham, Nick St. Lawrence, Stosh Dawejko, Allen Currier, Kyle Frano, Justin Travis, Fabiano Garcia and Pete Lorenzo. When the gate dropped St Lawrence took a slight lead into turn one with Dawejko and Lorenzo right on him. At the T/C Cycle Hole Shot Stripe it was St. Lawrence by less then half a bike in front of Dawejko and Lorenzo was on the rear wheel of Dawejko. Allen Currier was two lengths behind in forth. All the way up the second straight it pretty much stayed the same. Coming out of turn two St. Lawrence was stretching his lead over Dawejko while Lorenzo and Currier were third and forth. Into turn three the fifth spot was Kyle Frano and Justin Travis was out of it at this point as he slammed on the brakes to keep his machine in the park. So up the back straight the top five riders were made up of three that had not been there this year. Only Lorenzo and Currier had been regulars at the track. Through the rhythm section and into the final turn it was clear that Nick St. Lawrence was going to win it but the second spot was great side-by-side racing between Stosh Dawejko and Pete Lorenzo. Out of the final turn the order was St; Lawrence, Dawejko and Lorenzo the top three. Currier's wheel turned sharply going into the last turn splattering him all over the track. Frano made it around his teammate for a forth. Allen would get up and be okay after a few moments of memories of his grammer school graduation and numerous birthday parties and a near involuntary nap. I have watched Allen race since the beginning of his career and can never remember him self-destructing like he did.

The expert class were hot Dan Delisle enjoying a perfect in his 8 yr old class. 9 ex and novices were combined and Twisted Racings Josh Thimmish was the winner even with a third place finish in the third round.

Kyle Block again won the 10 ex class and 11 yr old D.J. Scott, being combined with 12 nov, managed to ace a perfect. Skyline Fence Sponsored Josh Wedge won the 12 Expert battle and Frank Olish did the same in 13 ex.

Three different riders shared wins in the 14 ex motos but Mike Herbert, on vacation from Seattle Washington, won it overall.

A big class in 15 ex and the Casa Mia sponsored Pete Balotti won the Main. Also a Main in 16 ex and it was New Yorks's Nick Stodolski the top dog in Mod Squad action. Marc Sundstrom won 18-21 and Pete Lorenzo won the 22-29 battle. In Novice action Mike Sovoca won the 6 yr old division, South Valley Auto's Jared Marchell won the 11 yr old class. In 14 nov competition it was the Torrington Savings Bank sponsored Martin Tartaglino the fastest this day. Rob Zuffelato, aka "The Z-Man" won 15 Nov. Kevin Matthews kept the announcer saying Escape Plumbing and Heating as he was dominate in 16 novice action. Kudos to Jessica Egdorf and she was very competitive in this class. The Rookies were out in force and are always fun to watch as they get better every week. 4 yr old Dalton Belmonte won the 5 & under rug-rat division. The 6 yr old class was won by Jake Olish. In 7 yr old action Brandon Wojtkowski held off Aaron Laskos and Devin Ferris for the win. Fusco's Used Auto Parts Chris Pannullo, after doing very well earlier in the day in Bethel, came back here and won the 8 rookie class. Chris Pfeffer, even though he says this is not his favorite track, won the 9 rookie class riding for George's Music Center. Brett Dehey won the "clash of the 10 yr old rookies". Ryan Shores topped the rest of the 11 yr olds. Greenway Landscapping's Garret McGurk managed to eke out a win in the 12 yr old class. Adam Bourque held off "Chargin" Charlie Buonocore in 13 yr old comp. Chris Mann won 14 rookie and the 15 yr old class went to CJR's Jamie Rivera. Scott Plourde was the winner in 16 & over. Only 15 girls were here and it was Jessica Maher holding off Executive Galss sponsored Emily Andrews in 8-9 Girls. 5 riders in 10-11 and a great run by Deanna Batista earned her the win. Jen Martinsen edged Amy Block in 12-13 action and finally, Christy Kestler won the battle in 14-15 / 16 & over. In Cruiser competition the 9 & Under class was all Twisted as Twisted Racing's Josh Thimmesh edge his team-mate Del Kavanaugh. Pete Balotti won 14-15 action while Kyle Litts won 16-17. It was Rick Marceau beating Brian Dupras in 22-39 and Dan Krouse was perfect in 40-44 ;/ 45-49. So its down to one week to go as we will bring the curtain down on another year of racing next Sunday. See you all there.