Race Report

August 7, 2005 - Week 15

Week number 15 and wow! There were 283 riders and 69 motos and this was simply an unbelievable turnout for this double points race. In addition to our normal Connecticut crowd, riders were here from Massachusetts, New York and even Maryland.

It was another on time start as the gate dropped promptly at 1:30 p.m. As we got through the first round of motos it was obvious that something was different on this special day as there seemed to be an unusually high number of crashes keeping the EMTs busy tending to the wounded. It appears that the combination of a hard fast track, the heavy competition and riders extending their efforts to the far extents of their ability vying for double points all contributed to a hectic start of this second, and final, double pointer of the season.

15 riders jumped into the 16-29 Open Wheels dash for cash. When the motos were finished and the semis were complete the impressive main event line-up read as follows: Mike Gage, Marc Sundstrom, Matt Markie, Allen Currier, Flavio Silvera, Pete Lorenzo, Chris Keller and Steve Oldham. Bam, the gate slammed down and it was Steve Oldham with the snap starting in gate 4. When they hit the 1st turn it was still a very tight pack with Oldham hitting the T/C Cycle hole shot stripe first. Markie was a half bike length behind him with Keller and Lorenzo side by side for third. Up the second straight they flew with Keller getting in front of Lorenzo in the second turn. Up the third straight Markie was looking on the outside of Oldham. Steve was holding his line and Matt was not gonna pass out there. Entering turn 3 Matt dove to the inside and got a wheel on the inside of Steve as they crossed the table top. Steve knew Matt was there and tried to keep the door shut but it was simply too late. Side by side over the step down and into the double Matt had the inside line. In and out of turn 4 and it was Markie the rest of the way. At the finish line it was Markie, Oldham and Keller representing the top three. From this announcers point of view, kudos to Steve Oldham for not forcing Matt off the track on the backstretch. Steve knew he was there for sure and rather than risk contact and a crash, he certainly knew that it was probably over going into turn 4. It was another great race by a great bunch of racers.

There were some exciting main events in addition to the one described above. The 8-9 Girls class had a main and Photography by Jenna’s Amanda Wedge the winner.

The 10-11 Girls also had a main and CMR’s Katie-Rose Edgar was unbeatable with Dianna Batista finishing second and Tommy’s Bicycle Shop sponsored Gracen Hayes third.

The short legged people, 5 & Under, 6, 8 Novice combined class also in the main scenario with Jake Pirulli Edging out Nick Kilmer and Josh Velardi.

The 12 Novice Main was good with D’J’ Hall’s Mike Borla winning it. Jeff Grantham and Jeff Beyus were second and third.

A hot main event was the 14 ex class as Dylan Hickey just edged Max Egdorf for the big trophy. Jonathan Barna finished third.

15 ex was its usual brawl on wheels as the Casa Mia restaurant sponsored Pete Balotti won it for his new employer. Todd Snow was second for Astro Chemicals and third went to Santoros Cleaners sponsored Ty Johnson.

9 Rookie main event time and it was Mike Buonocore with his birthday gift to himself with a nifty win. The 10 year old rookie main and entire class belonged to Kyle Gambino who was perfect including all the motos. The 12 Rookie main went to Miles Putnam who had a pretty good day. He also won a bike in the riders raffle donated by Tommy’s bike shop. 15 rookie main went to Rob Zuffelato who will never race as a rookie again. Rob, at least for a moment, was the country’s newest Novice with his 15th win as a Rookie.

In expert action, our National Champ Zac O’Neil won 8 ex. Jake Ritchie was the overall winner in 9ex; Kyle Block was perfect in 10 ex while D.J Scott won two of three in 11 ex. Jesse James Macey won 12 ex; Mike Campbell was top gun in 13 ex; Allen Currier won the 16 ex mod-squad class; 18-21 went to Matt Markie; 22-29 was Pete Lorenzo and Ed Hayes put the Real-Deal colors in the winners circle in 35 & over ex and nov combined.

Novice winners were 9 yr old Shawn Mcauley, 10 yr old Jason Palma; 11 yr old Jared Marchell, sponsored by Country Side Motors; 13 yr old Logan Mitchell, sponsored by RC Hobbies and more; 14 yr old Ervin Rodriquez; 15 yr old Justin Copeland; 16 yr old Kevin Mathews, sponsored by Escape Plumbing and Heating and 17 yr old James (I love to ride with no shirt and look foolish) Gilbert.

Rookie how-rods were 5 yr old Tyler Coenroads; 6 yr old Justin Rivera; 7 yr old Alex Coenroads; 8 yr old Dougie Katz; 11 yr old Ryan Shores; 13 yr old Keith Brown, sponsored by the Sandy Shore Motel; 14 yr old Kamel Lauray; 16 yr old Jeff Larson and 17 yr old Rob Edwards.