Race Report

July 10, 2005 - Week 11

It was another weekend and another National Event to race against. Actually it was two National events as the NBL National was in Woodbridge Virginia and an ABA National was in New York. Most of our local riders who race for Team CMR, Peak Performance, Bizzarro, Hurricane/Staats and Team Graffiti were attending one or the other so our rider count was again under the influence of the BMX sanctioning organizations National Series. Understanding that these local programs provide training grounds for these National series, Foothills still did okay with 172 riders divided into 46 motos.

Under a beautiful July day, we actually started 7 minutes ahead of our scheduled 1:30 starting time and completed the race day activities by 3:20 in the afternoon. The most impressive race of the day was the 16 – 29 Open Wheels Main event as it was really stacked with talent. A couple of former Foothills Riders of the Year were in it with Pistol Pete Lorenzo and Matt Markie. The always-dangerous Brian Adamaitis was there riding for Stampede Clothing. Superclass rider Steve Oldham was shooting for four in a row. Randy Greco was also in the main as was two racers making a comeback; Ben Achinson and Nick Caporucio also riding for Stampede. The marquee name however was Superclass Rider Brian Streiby of BMXMANIA.com fame all the way from Indiana. Brian was one of the instructors at this weeks BMX camp and hung in the area long enough to see how he measured up against the local talent.

When the gate dropped it was a mad dash for the T/C Cycle hole shot award line just past turn number one. Streiby was first across that stripe with Oldham and Adamaitis right behind him. Up the second straight they charged and Markie started his run towards the front by passing Adamaitis coming off turn two. As they flew over the camel into turn three, Markie dove to the inside of Oldham and had the inside line down advertisers row, setting himself up for a run at Streiby. Matt caught Brian coming out of turn four but Brian was able to hold off Matt to the finish line. Pete Lorenzo found a way around Oldham for the third spot. The remaining race fans extended a warm round of applause to all the riders in that one.

Thirty one Experts were racing here this day and there certainly was some hot action. Starting with the 8 Ex trio they all were in front in at least one of the motos, Dan Delisle won two of three with Zach Brown the other. Dominic Hamm was right in the mix. The Diesel was the overall winner. 9 Ex was combined with 10 Nov and it was Twisted Racing’s Josh Thimmish the champion with a perfect. The Animal, Zach Andringa won two of the three 10 Ex motos to edge out Kyle Block for the overall win. The one 11 Ex on hand was Trevor Reda all the way from New Hampshire so he was combined with the 12 yr old Novices. Unfortunately, Trevor crashed in Practice and was out for the day allowing 12 Nov Jeff Grantham to grab some first place Expert points. 12 Ex Josh Wedge, sponsored by Skyline Fence won his class. Paul Maher, sponsored by the Thomas E. Arnold Corp. won the 13 Ex/14 Nov combined class. In 14 Ex it was Tucker Shaefer top gun this day. The always exciting 15 Ex gang were there with Justin Markie topping out the front of that group, even with a forth in the first moto. Peak Performances Dan Bycenski won the 16 Ex mod squad division while Matt Markie did the same in 18-21 Ex. Tom Johnson won the 35 & Over Expert class as he continues his comeback from a leg injury.

In Novice action Evan Greco had little problems winning the 7, 8 Nov class. Amanda Wedge, sponsored by Photography By Jenna, jumped in with a couple of boys and humbled them both by winning two of three. Ryan Sambells-Greco easily won 11 Nov but Logan Mitchell, sponsored by RC Hobbies, had to work hard to put his bike in the winners circle in 13 Nov action. Anthony Strong, with a strong effort, won the 15 year old class.

Fifty eight Rookies were ripen up the course with some wild and wholly action starting with Dalton Belmonte, at only 4 years old winning the overall title in 5 and under. Tyler Bluestein, topped the field in the 6 yr old class as did Brandon Wojtkowski in the 7 year old group. Mike Buonocore, after four intense days of training at the BMX camp enjoyed a perfect in the 8 rookie class right through the main. Matt Mitchell, who seems like he wins every time out lately, showed us why he is about ready to join the novice ranks by again winning the 9 rookie class. Brett Wojtkowski won two of three motos in 10 rookie but Ryan Shores was perfect in 11 rookie. Schweiger Tile and Flooring sponsored Anthony Reilly won the 12 rookie class. Tyler Foley, in his first race in a number of years, won the 13 rookie class and Shayne Tullock won the 14 rookie competition. Rob Zuffelato was a repeat winner in 15 rookie; Zach Ritchie won the 16 year old action and J.J. Wernicki came out on top in 17 & over racing.

Alyssa Harris won the 6-7 Girls class and Tommy’s Bicycle sponsored Gracen Hayes did the same in 10-11 Girl action. 12-13 Girl racing was won by Jenn Martinsen and Danielle Jolicoeur top the competition in 14-15, 16 & over action.

Josh Thimmish won 9 & under cruiser, Phil Hickey won 10-11 and Tucker Schaefer won 14-15 action. In 22-29, 30-34 it was Don Olson hold off the Dupras Liquor Mart / Lee Storage sponsored Brian Dupras. Randy Greco won 35-39 and Smack Daddy Ed Hayes was top gun in the 40-44 gang. 46 year old Dan Krouse, combined in that class made a good showing.

In Girls Cruiser action it was Twisted Racing’s Alissa Thimmish winning 10 & Under and Merriann Hammond winning 30 & Over. Congrats to Kelly Thimmish for joined the racing ranks and actually making all the way around the track without crashing. Seems like we have Thimmishs everwhere and they are all twisted.

It was another fun day and we all look forward to the Team Race next Sunday along with the regular action. Thanks to everyone who raced today.