Race Report

July 31, 2005 - Week 14

Weather wise it was a beautiful weekend for racing and unfortunately, there was another National event in the area, this time in New York for Regional racing. Every time this happens, it certainly affects the attendance for our Sunday program. Also there were at least 6 riders who frequent our facility off to the World Championships of BMX in Paris France, but, we still enjoyed 168 riders and 46 motos.

For a summer day the weather could not have been nicer with temps in the mid 80’s but low humidity.

It was another on time start as the gate dropped promptly at 1:29 p.m. In Expert action Kyle Block managed a win in 10 ex. Kyle Strong had to work to old off Freddy Long and the Skyline Fence sponsored Josh Wedge in 12 ex. In 14 ex it was Jason Bush holding off Chris Sunbury for the win. Tyler Johnson, sponsored by Santoro’s Cleaners was the top 15 ex and Dan Bycinski enjoyed the same results in 16 ex. Marc Sundstrom won 18-21 ex; Pete Lorenzo won 22-29 ex and Tom Johnson topped the field in 35 & over ex.

Even Greco was the fastest 7 novice there today and Shawn Mcauley was the quickest 9 NOV. In 10 year old nov action Nate Martinson, even with a 4th in the second round, had enough to win the 10 novice group. Brodie Beliveau held off the pack in 12 nov while Roberto Alicia edge the TSB sponsored Martin Tartaglino in 13 nov. With the eye of the tiger look of determination, Dan Krouse won the 14 novice class. The Quiet Zone sponsored Aaron Testa won 15 nov.

The always large rookie contingent was on hand and that is where the closest competition was. Starting off with the ankle biters it was 4 yr old Dalton Belmonte winning the 5 & under action. Tyler Bluestein edged out Ty Sheely for the 6 yr old rookie win and Mike Guerin, after being named the rider of the week from last week, won 7 yr old rookie. In 8 yr old action there were enough rider to force a main event. When the dust settled it was Mike Buonocore capturing the win. Another main in 9 rookie action and Matt Mitchell was perfect through his motos and the main. Bret Wojtkowski won the 10 rookie class. Ryan Shores was perfect in 11 rookie while the Schweiger Tile and Flooring sponsored Anthony Reilly won the 12 year old rookie class. Charlie Buonocore put his CT#5 machine in the winners circle in 13 rookie comp. CJR’s Kamel Lauray won 14 rookie and the 15 rookie main event winner was Cory Longesglow who edged a desperate Rob Zuffelatto. The “Green Machine” Rob Edwards was top gun in 16 rookie. The New Britain BMX Club’s Rafael Jimenez won the 17 & over action.

7 year old Juliana Olson beat Olivia Hodge in 6-7 girls. There was a main event in 10-11 girls action and Tommy’s Bicycle Shop sponsored Gracen Hayes was the winner in that impressive group of riders. Staats Bicycles Allie Couch won the 12-13 girls class. Christy Kestler, in her new SE Racing blue uniform won the 16 & over girls class.

A limited number of cruisers were here but the racing was pretty intense. Peter Balotti traded moto wins with SE’s Justin Layman with Peter wining the tie breaking third round in 14-15 action. Don Olson beat the Lee Storage/ Dupras Licquer mart sponsored Brian Dupras in 22-29/30-34 cruiser racing. Randy Greco won 35-39; CMR’s Ed Hayes won 40-44; and Joey Watley made his 2005 debut and easily won 45-49/50 & over. In 10 and under girls cruiser competition it was Gracen Hayes beating Amanda Wedge. Christy Kestler also doubled by winning the 14-17 girls cruiser class and Sarah Shatkavich held off Gina Layman in 18-29/30-39 action.

Only 9 riders were on hand for the 16-29 open class but the main was exciting none-the-less. Massachusetts Flavio Silvera got to the third jump first and won the T/C Cycle hole shot award. By the time the first three hit the finish line it was Silvera, Pete Lorenzo and Marc Sundstrom in that order.

Only two weeks before the last Double Points race and please get your registrations in early. This Friday night, some of Stile Industries top riders will be at Foothills for a clinic. Come on out and learn some skills from the best. Registration starts at 5:30 with the clinic at 6:00.