Race Report August 20th

Week number 16

Today was week number 16 and there is only one more to go. The weather reports on Saturday made it sound impossible that a race would happen on Sunday. Predictions were for 60% chance of showers all day long. During the night it did rain quite heavily and the track was very rutted in the morning however, the storm front that the weathermen thought would park itself over Connecticut just simply moved right through. Even though a quick shower went through about 11:00 a.m. by 1:30 the track was race ready and so were the 163 riders who showed up.

In pre-race ceremonies 8 yr old Jonathan Zeiner was honored as last weeks rider of the week.

After the customary round of applause for the days volunteers, the first of 44 motos got under way at 1:25.

In 9 & under cruiser action 13 yr old Jonathan Daversa had all he could handle as 9 yr old Dan Delisle was right on his rear bumper all the way around in all three motos. Zak Mc Cready was perfect in the 16-17 cruiser class as Justin Hellwinkle decided not to get on the track and race. In the 35-39, 40-44 class JRA Cycles Brian Mcinnis stayed in fron t all afternoon with Bob (Moose) Delamare, after traveling all the way from Providence Rhode Island, managed a solid second and never crashed on the big step-down. The 45-49 gang saw Butch Feitel hold off a hard charging Dan Krouse and Stuart McCready. Allison Thomas would beat Krystal Doner in 14-17, 18-29 action.

There were four separate girl classes today and it would be Mackenzie Atchison winning the 6-7, 8-9 combined grouping. In 10-11 Girls the rarely seen Brianna Delamare was definatley the fastest but had the heat applied all day by Amanda Wedge. Amanda's fate was sealed when she fell pretty hard in turn 1 of the third round. She would later report that she was a little sore but okay. It's too bad that Brianna lives so far away (Providence) as she is so much fun to watch. Alissa Thimmish had to work to beat Emily Racenet in 12-13 and Christy Kestler easily won 14-15, 16 & over racing.

In 6,7,8 ex and nov combined it was 8 ex Todd Maniscalchi winning with 6 nov Justin Boissonnault 2nd and 7 nov Dave Moody 3rd. 9 nov Nick killmer won his class and Josh Thimmish won the 9, 10 ex and nov combined class. The Weight Room’s Austin (Shades) Vaillencourt was the fastest 11 yr old novice and Logan Mitchell showed why he is the defending state champ in 13, 14 ex and nov combined. Kyle Block had to beat another expert and two novices to put another win in the record books in 11,12 ex and nov combined. Mike Borla, sponsored by D. J. Hall Roofing won two of three for today’s overall win in 13 novice. Anthony Delvento was the quicklest 14 ex and Shane Halleran won the 15 novice class. In 15,16 ex and nov combined it would be Executive Glasses Ryan Andrews and HBR’s Jeff Ritchie sharing moto wins but in the main, the “Z=Man”, Rob Zuffelato would not be denied. 7 riders were in the 16 ex class today and Cory Buck, Kody Buck, Darrin Merli, Pete balotti and Tyler Johnson would all experience at least one moto win. In the main it would be “The Plant Outlet sponsored Pete Balotti in the winners circle. 17 ex and nov combined would go to Zak McCready. J.J. Wernicki was perfect in 18-21 novice. Matt Markie won the 18-21, 22-29 ex and nov combined group. Three riders would vie for the win in 22-29, 30-34 ex and all would win a moto. The overall winner was George Hanks. Brian Mcinnis won 35 & over.

A good rookie turnout again saw Lane Maher dominate the 5 & under class. Colby Hickey won 6 rookie. The 7 yr old class was won by the Marshall, Matt Dillon. 9 riders in the 8 rookie class and Jonathan Zeiner, after being named last weeks rider of the week would claim the win today. Dave’s upholstery and Uncle Pat sponsored Matt Bovat won 9 rookie. In 10, 11 combined it was the Woodbury Supply Company’s Dave Norris the top gun. Harwinton’s James Oslander won the 13 rookie class and Bryan Szabo did the same in 15 rookie. The 16 rookie class went to Pat Burbank and Torrie Hyde won the 17 & over class.

17 riders showed for the 16-29 dash for cash and the main event was actually very smooth and equally exciting. The Markie brothers, Matt and Justin, finished 1 and 2 with Steve Oldham rounding out the top three.