Race Report August 6th

Week number 13 and 14

As the end of the season is now is sight, races number 13 and 14 were held today with near perfect mid summer weather. Before we started both Ryan Shores, who earned his novice ranking and Ralph Tarzia Jr. were named the riders of the week from last weeks two race competition.

With some new people undergoing training in the registration building we did start 10 minutes late but once the racing got going, no one seemed to mind. The first race featured 187 riders split into 48 motos.

In the cruiser classes Zach Pirelli was the dominant rider in the 9 & under. In 16-17 only two riders were racing but the action was fun to watch as Todd Snow and Zak McCready traded wins in the first two motos. The third moto (tie-breaker) went to Todd. Erik Maher was finally able to experience the thrill of racing after breaking his ankle in practice on opening day. He would make up for lost time by winning the 30-34, 35-39 division. JRA Cycles Brian Mcinnis easily won the 40-44 class while New York’s John McDowell did the same in 45-49. Allison Thomas, in her V-Force racing uniform, won the 14-17, 30-39 class.

The Girls classes were a little sparse in participation but those who were there were real hot-rods. Mackenzie Atchison topped Alysha Olson in 6-7 action. In 8-9 girls it would be Julionna Olson winning two of three while Gary’s Hilltop Auto sponsored Joceline Levesque was perfect in 10-11 girls. The 12-13 class went to Peak Performance’s Heather Brouillard. In 14-15, 16 & over SE’s Christy Kestler had to work for the win as Danielle Jolicoeur gave her all she could handle.

In the boys classes 6 riders would race in the 5,6 and 7 novice combined class. Ryan Christopher won it while Justin Boisonneault was the fastest 6 yr old and Sky Elwood was the only 5 yr old. It has to be frustrating for both Justin and Skylar as there simply is no one their age with the same skill level……yet. 8-9 novice, 8 expert combined went to the only expert in the gang, Todd Maniscalchi. The good news is that all other riders receive expert points. The same type of deal happened in 9ex, 10 nov combined as 9 yr old expert Dan Delisle, as the only expert won. It’s important to understand that whenever a lower proficiency rider is combined with a higher proficiency rider, he will receive points as awarded in the higher proficiency class. Hence novice riders normally receive 50 points for a first place finish, 45 for second 40 for third etc., they receive 60 for a first, 55 for second , 50 for third etc. in an expert combined class.

In 10-11 ex and nov combined it was Josh Thimmish coming out on top. Kyle Block was perfect in 11 ex and although Zack Pirulli was perfect through the motos in 12 ex and nov combined, it would be Jason Chamis winning the main event. D.J. Hall Roofing’s Mike Borla won the 13 novice class and white-shirted Logan Mitchell put his Ct#1 machine in the winners circle in 13-14 ex and nov combined. In 14-15 ex and nov combined it was the two experts, Mike Eaton and Colby Brouillard trading wins with Colby earning the overall win. Max Egdorf and Andrew Christopher enjoyed wins in 15 ex but Max would be the overall winner. Four experts and two novices were combined in the 16 yr old grouping and Ryan Cebollero emerged as the overall winner. 17 ex Zak McCready, combined with two novices won that class. Cliff Richards, who we only see on a limited basis, won the 18 novice class. 18-21, 22-29 combined racing saw Derrick McCormack being the winner. Brian Mcinnis won the 35 & over combined class.

A good number of rookies were on hand and, in the 5 & under class, Lane Maher would keep the Maher sweep alive as both he and his dad were winners this day. The 6 rookie class would see Colby Hickey again the winner. Ralph Tarzia Jr. would show why he was selected rider of the week as he came out on top in 7 rookie action. Ten 8 year olds were vying for the top spot with Jonathan Zeiner winning every moto he ran plus the main event. Nick Painchud was the 9 rookie champ. The 10 yr old class had four riders and three of them won motos. When the dust settled Jordon Terrier would be declared the winner with Mick Hull second and Mike Valentine third. A main event would be required to determine a winner in the 11 rookie class and Brett Wojkowski would be the lucky rider who won it. Ethan Mercier won the 12 rookie class. In 13 yr old action Robin Middlebrook would have it all his way. ERA II’s Keith Brown won the 14 rookie class and, in 15 rookie racing it would be Kevin Mottai and Josh Sanford perfect in their motos. At show-down time in the main, Kevin Mottai was the champ. Jeremy Bakunis, under the sponsorship of Winchester Modular Housing, would earn his 14th career rookie win in the 16 yr old division. Finally, 18 yr old Carl Norris won the 17 & over class.

20 minutes after race # 1, what we hope was the last make-up race of the year was run as a two-moto system. 141 riders divided into 38 motos and there still was some pretty impressive racing. Cruiser winners were Josh Thimmish, Todd Snow, Brian Mcinnis, Stuart McCready and Krystal Doner. One very scary moment happened in the 45-49 class as Leader Butch Feitel came unclipped going over the camel coming out of turn two. His ankle would get jammed in the bike frame and down he went directly in from of a hard charging Dan Krouse. Dan would slam into Butch and fly over the handle bars. After a few minutes, these two tough guys would pick themselves up and hug each other in a great display of sportsmanship and respect for each other as a racer. The were both a little sore but okay.
Winners in the girls classes were Mackenzie Atchison, Joceline Levesque, Heather Brouillard, and Christy Kestler.

In the boys classes featuring a lot of combining, winners were Ryan Christopher, Todd Maniscalchi, Dan Delisle, Shawn Mcauley, Tom McClure, Jacob Fish, Mike Borla, Logan Mitchell, Mike Eaton, Andrew Christopher, Darrin Merli, Zak McCready, Brian Mcinnis, Lane Maher, Owen Giese, Ralph Tarzia, Kpbe Covington, Nick Hull, Dave Norris, Ethan Mercier, Robin Middlebrook, Keith Brown, Kevin Mottai and Jeremey Bakunis who, with this win, earned his novice ranking.

The gate fell for the last time at 4:55 p.m. It was a long day that flew by as fast as the riders did. See you next week with a 1 hour later start. Registration is from 11 – 1:30 with gate drop at 2:30.