Race Report July 30th

Week number 11 and 12

Here we are at the last race in July. Where has the season gone? Yesterday it was another hot day, with hot riders and even some hot tempers present. One new rider, Luke D’amato joined the program yesterday bringing our total now up to 92 for the year. Mackenzie Atchison was named the rider of the week after her big win last week. Also before the race Justin Boissonault and Skyler Elwood were moved to the novice classes in honor of their earned move-up wins..

With two races on tap today heres how the action went. In race # 1 177 riders were split into 48 motos and the action was hot and heavy, just like the air.

In 9 & under cruiser racing it would be Phil Hickey holding off Zachary O’Neil for the win. Four riders made up the field in 12=13, 16-17 cruisers and Justin Hellwinkle easily won that one. In 22-29, 30-34 it would be Don Olson taking the race serious enough to grab a perfect. The 35-39, 40-44 group saw Randy Greco trade moto wins with Al Roy but Randy’s 2 of 3 would be enough for the overall win. Dan Krouse won the 45-49 class after Butch Feitel left the facility in practice to get his future daughter in law, Sarah Shatkavich, check out at the hospital for a sore wrist. With Sarah out of the days competition, Allison Thomas had it all her way in the 14-17, 18-29 race with Krystal Doner, after a four year sabbatical, placing second. In the 6-7 girls class Mackenzie Atchison won but it was great to see the last of the current Olson generation, Alysha Olson, making her Foothills racing debut. Amanda Wedge won the 10-11 girls class with Alysha’s big sister Julionna Olson second. Victory Sundbury, racing at Foothills on a limited basis this year, was the winner in 12-13 girls. 14-15, 16 & over action saw Christy Kestler win but the story in theat class was the fact that Cassy Scott would race for the last time before leaving for college. We wish her the best and look forward to seeing her again sometime down the road.

In the boys classes starting with 5 & under, 6 and 7 novice combined, it was Dave Moody the winner as expected being the only 7 yrr old there. It is rumored that he may be taking a private lesson or two from Allen Currier. Wow, that fast get faster? In 8,9 ex and nov combined it was Evan Greco coming out on top with three moto wins. 9, 0 ex and nov combined saw Zach O’Neil besting the field. In 10 ex Shawn Mcauley won again this week and in the 11 novice class it was The Weight Rooms Austin Vaillancourt acing a perfect. The 11 expert class saw a classic battle between Kyle Block and Phil Hickey with Kyle coming out the overall winner. The 12 expert gang had 12 nov Alex Moura in their mix as Dylan Perez would be perfect right through the main event. Alex would finish 7th. The guy with the proverbial smile, Jeff Croshier, won 13 ex-nov combined. Anthony Del Vento won the combined class of 14 ex and 14 nov. In 15 novice action Shayne Tullock came out a winner but it was “Happy Birthday” to Marty Tartaglino. In 15-16 ex and nov combined the Executive Glass sponsored Ryan Andrews, on a brand new Haro racing machine, grabbing the win. The “Mod-Squad_ 16 ex, had Darrin Merli, sponsored of course by Merli Automotive, winning the overall title. In 17 nov Hector “Speedy” Gonzales, after finally learning how to clear the R/C Hobbies Step Down, scoring a perfect. 17 ex, 18-21nov action saw Justin Hellwinkle, in his South Africa shirt, winning all three motos. The 18-21 expert racing Dan Buckner put the moves on everyone else for the win. Kevin Clark, sponsored by Dupras Liquor Mart score a win in 22-29 ex. 35 & over went to Tom Johnson.

As always the rookies were out in force and Lane Maher would win 5 & under. The Main event and 3 moto wins would go to Colby Hickey in 6 rookie. In 7 rookie Ralph Tarzia would have quite a day as he not only won the class, but he won the big trophy courtesy of The Weight Room for winning the sponsored moto # 38. It was a very close finish in the second round. See the photo section for the photo finish. The 8 yr old class had some great racing as Austin Lillis, Doug Cable, Kobe Covington and Larry Coderre would all enjoy at least one moto win. The Main event would go to Doug Cable. Troy Atchison, by winning the 9 rookie class, has earned his promotion to the novice ranks. Nick Hull won the 10 rookie class and Dave Norris was perfect in 11 rookie. 12 and 13 were combined together and Ryan Shores would squeak out a win, his 14th as a rookie. In 14 rookie it was Keith Brown your winner. In 15 rookie action Kevin Mottai kept his amazing streak of wins alive by winning all his motos and the main. Jeremey Bakunis, sponsored by Winchester Modular Housing put another one in the win column in 16 rookie. Carl Norris was the champ in 17 & over.
In the 16 & over Foothills Open Wheels class it was a great race with 13 rider vying for the cash. When the dust settled it was Welham Bikes A pro Nick St Lawrence, all the way from Rhode Island winning it, The J P Maguire and Associates sponsored Ty Johnson second and Pete Lorenzo third.

After a 20 minute break the second race got under way. 127 riders stayed to do it all over again and 34 motos were run for two rounds in 55 minutes.
Zach O'neil won the 12-13, 14-17 combined cruiser class. Al Roy aced a perfect in 40-44,45-49. Jessy Maher, sponsored by the Videoworld Superstore, won 8-9 girls. Amanda Wedge did the same in 10-11 action. 12-13 girls went to Victory Sunbury. Christy Kestler won 14-15, 16 & over girls class. Dave Moody got his first win as a novice in 5 & under, 6-7 combined. Nick Killmer dominated the 9 novice bunch pretty much like Zach O'Neil did in the 9,10 nov and expert combined shoot out. The Weight Room's Austin Vaillancourt, even with a bandana almost completely covering his eyes, was the champ in 11 novice racing. Kyle Block had it all his way in 11-12 ex and nov. 12 ex and 13 nov was combined and Denis Sheahan would lay claim to fame in that gang. Jeff Croshier won the 13 ex-14 nov combined class while 14 ex-15 nov went to Anthony Del Vento. Executive Glass backed Ryan Andrews, loving that new bike, got the win in 15ex-16 nov. the Mod Squad (16 ex) went to Rich Nelson. Tim Balansky won 17 novice racing and Dan Buckner got his second win of the day in the 17,18-21, 22-29 combined cluster. Dan Krouse won 35 & over novice. In rookie racing the winners were Ryan Ellefsen, Peter Franolich, Dougy Cable, Chris Darazs, Mike Valentine, Dave Norris, Ryan Shores, (Congrats on earning the promotion to novice Ryan with this win), Keith Brown, Kevin Mottai, Jeremey Bakunis and Tim Bierce.