Race Report July 9th Double Pointer

Wow, we finally got the re-scheduled double pointer in the record books and it was a monster. 304 riders were registered and the moto count was 68. With a day featuring ideal weather conditions, everyone settled in for some hot racing action. In pre-race ceremonies, 10 year old Dave Moody was presented the “Rider of the Week” trophy for his efforts on July 2nd. Dave has moved up to the Novice class over the last week.

Unbelievably, we enjoyed 7 new riders today making our years total of new riders now at 86. A tribute to the hard work by a lot of people to get the word out.

This was also round three for the Weekend Warrior Series and 17 riders were on hand to vie for the cash. Nick St. Lawrence was there and has a reputation for winning big races. When we sorted everything out and the field was set for the main event the final eight who made the cut were Alex Rivera on his cruiser; Bizzarro’s Allen Currier who was suffering from a very sore ankle; New Jersey’s Daniel Smith; Welham Bike’s Nick St. Lawrence; Rite Bike’s Pete Lorenzo; Marc Sundstrom; Steve Oldham and the Markie brothers Matt and Justin. When the gate dropped it was St Lawrence and Lorenzo with the best starts. Out of turn one Nick had the lead, Pete was right on him and Oldham and Sunstrom were battling for the third spot. Into turn two they flew with no changes except Matt Markie was up to the fifth spot but closing fast on the lead group. Into turn three and Pete dove to the inside and got along side Nick over the big step down. Oldham was in third and Matt had found a way around Marc for fourth. As they hit turn four Pete had a great line going to the inside of Nick and it looked like we were in for some side by side action through the rhythm section. Just as he was carving the turn of the day, Pete came unclipped and made an incredible save but lost all momentum. The final order was St. Lawrence, Oldham, Matt Markie, Justin Markie, Lorenzo, Sundstrom, Currier and Rivera. Steve Oldham now has a 1 point lead over Matt Markie for the Ultimate Warrior title. Check out the current point standings by clicking on the “Weekend Warrior Series” button on the home page of our web site.

In expert action Todd Maniscalchi had enough points by winning the first two rounds to survive a crash in the third for the overall 8 ex win. Dan Delisle won the 9 ex class with a perfect. Shawn Mcauley continued his dominance in 10 ex with three wins and Kyle Block did the same in 11 Ex. Rarely seen Dylan Perez looked great and he easily won the 12 ex class. Adam Hulse held off the other four riders in 13 ex and Anthony Del Vento had to battle hard with Peak’s Colby Brouillard to win 14 ex. In 15 ex action, the newly outfitted Jason Bush was the fastest this day. A large turnout in 16 ex saw semis to determine who would make the main. When the dust settled Billy Ripley was the winner with Dan Smith second and Darrin Merli third. It may have been different had Merli not self-destructed in the first round of motos as he was obviously hurting in the main. Matt Markie cruised to an easy victory in 18-21 ex. Tom Johnson held off Mike Gage for the 35 & over title.
The Girls were out in force and Melanie Cianciola won the 6-7, 8-9 grouping. In 10-11 action Ali Thimmish destroyed the competition. 12-13 girls saw Peak Performance’s Heather Brouillard winning three of three. Danielle Jolicoeur edged Cassy Scott for the win in 16 & over.

The novice classes, always fun to watch, saw Ryan Christopher win the 6-7 main event. Gabe Alfano won the 8 novice class with a perfect score. Julian Lewis outscored the other 9 yr old novices while Shane Christopher ruled in 10 novice. Danny Zacchilli was our winner in 11 novice racing. Alex Moura, sponsored by South End Two Guys Pizza, was the fastest 12 yr old. In 13 nov competition Mike Dombrowski held off Anthony Reilly and Mike Borla for the top spot. Roberto Alicia was the quickest 14 yr old novice and Dan Krouse had that unmistakable look of determination on his face as he won all three motos in 15 nov. The “X-Man” Rob Zuffelato was the overall winner in 16 nov. Mike Scolaro won the combined 17-18 yr old group and finally it was Dan Krouse the quickest of the 35 & over novices.

120 rookies were slicin-n-dicin and they were sure exciting. The future looks bight with all these hot-rods in the sport. The winners today were 5 yr old Skylar “Sky-Rocket” Elwood; 6 yr old Justin Boissonneault; 7 yr old R.J. Mivelle; 8 yr old Kobe Covington won the main after Jon Zeiner and Austin Lillis had each aced perfects in their motos. Mike Buonocore dominated the 9 yr old division. Valentines day in July for Mike Valentine as he aced a perfect in 10 rookie. Brett Wojkowski won 11 rookie and Ryan Shores won 12 rookie. The large turnout of 13 rookies saw Jon Daversa and Trevon Clay winning most of the motos with Trevon winning the main as well. Josh Sanford won the 14 yr old class and Kevin Mottai kept his quest for a novice move-up alive with another win in 15 yr old action. Jeramey Bakunis made it look easy in 16 rookie and Carl Norris won the 17 & over “legion-of-doom”.
Finishing up this report with the Cruisers it was Phil Hickey winning the 10-11 class. 12-13 racing action saw Dylan Perez with another overall win. Jason Bush won the 14-15, 16-17 class and Don Olson out cruised Alex Rivera in 30-34 action. Randy Bitianaitis won 35-39 and Jeff Meyer, making his first trip to Foothills this year a good one as he won 40-44. In 45-49, 50-54 Butch Feitel was top dog and the oldest rider this day, 51 yr old Joey Watley made his return a good one with a solid second place finish. Ali Thimmish entered the 11-13, 14-17 Girl Cruiser class in hopes of learning something from Christy Kestler but when the gate dropped Ali was alone as Christy was at the National in Virginia and a no-show here. The women of the 30-39, 40 & over class got some black and blue marks as both Jen Fantano and Rosemary Scolaro fell before the day was out. Sarah Shatkyvich survived the class with a win.

After the last main the track was turned over to the Bizzarro team for a clinic that was enjoyed by all the participants.

Lets all do it again next week for the big one, the only Triple Pointer in the state this year. Get your registrations in early with payment and save $5.00. See you all Sunday.