Race Report June 18th

With today being Father’s day, a Regional a few hours from the track coupled with very hot and humid temperatures, it was the smallest crowd so far this year. 164 riders with 42 motos were sweltering under the mid day sun. In pre-race ceremonies, 9 year old Matt Bovat was named last week’s rider of the week. Just before 1:30 p.m. a few riders pulled in from the Regional. After Mindy’s rendition of the National anthem it was another on-time start. Another pleasant surprise was a donation of $100 from Mary Kay’s Holly Krouse to help fund the new moto-counter.

Starting with the limited number of experts on hand. 9 ex Dan Delisle was the only one in his age bracket so he was combined with two 10 yr old novices. Dan still prevailed. Kyle block, the two-time reigning boys track champion dominated the 11 ex class with a perfect. The Thomas E. Arnold Corp. sponsors Paul Maher and he didn’t let them down as he won every moto in 13 ex. Anthony Del Vento easily won 14ex. Jason Bush took care of business in the 15 ex class. A nice turnout in the 16 expert grouping and it was great to see the close racing between Merli Automotive’s Darrin Merli and Zak McCready with Zac winning two of three. 17 ex and nov was a combined class with Peak Performance’s Dan Bycenski holding off Mike Scolaro and Allison Thomas. Dan Buckner won 18-21, 22-29 combined.
Novice racing was pretty cool on this hot day as 8 year old Mike Guerin would battle the Napa Tools and Equipment sponsored Trevor Fox for the overall win. Slick Nick Killmer won the 9 nov group and George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer was the first 10 yr old novice crossing the stripe in their combined class. Ali Thimmish, racing as a novice, was the first one of that class to the finish line. It’s important to note that there were four 11 year old experts along with two novices in that class and she finished second twice behind one of those experts. 12-13 novice combined was won by New Yorks Jeff Croshier. Logan Mitchell was the fastest 14 novice this day. Two 15 yr old novices were combined with 4 experts with Dan Krouse being the top novice in that grouping. Rich Nelson was perfect in the six rider 16 novice class. Nick Fedelli was the quickest 21 yr old novice.
By far there were more rookies on hand then any other class. Starting with the 5 & under ankle biters Sky Elwood, a former rider of the week, won every moto. 6 year old Justin Boissonneault was just as dominate in his age class. Dave Moody continued his winning streak by being the fastest in the 7 year old bracket. Troy Achinson won again in 8 rookie under the Stampede BMX colors. The 9 year old rookie class was a little more evenly matched as Matt Bovat and Wes Reel really had a great battle going on. Westly wrecked in the first moto making for a win for Matt. Wes came back to win the next two while Matt had a problem in the second round and could only manage a forth. Wes was the overall winner by 1 point. Maybe the class that was the most fun to watch was the 10 year old rookies who actually lost a member this day. Don Olson, by winning the overall class today, has raced his last time ever as a rookie. Congrats to Donny O on his earned promotion to the Novice ranks. One of the few main events occurred in the 11 rookie class with the Pizza Palace sponsored Mike Castle, Codee Grant and Dalton Jacquier all winning motos. At showdown time the main saw David Norris, out of nowhere winning the main. Dalton was second and Codee was third. Ryan Shores easily won the 12 year old challenge. In 13 yr old action there would be another main event. Robin Middlebrook, Austin Jacquier and Jon Daversa all shared in winning motos but Daversa was top gun today. Local Josh Sanford won 14 yr old racing and Kevin Mottai was undefeated in the 15 rookie class. Winchester Modular Housing’s Jeramey Bakunis put another one in the win column in 16 rookie after being pushed by DJ Hall’s Pete Borla, who had a fine race after coming off a ankle injury. Carl Norris won the 17 & over battle.

Moving on to the girls classes Devin Murphy and Mackenzie Achinson put on a show in 6-7 action with Devin winning. In 8-9 racing it wquld be Videoworld Superstore sponsored Jessie Maher capturing the flag. 10-11 girls saw Brianna Delamare, out of Providence winning two of three motos for the overall. Deanna Batista won the 12-13 class. Bethany Beckwith was the winner in 14-15 girls. Christy Kestler won 16 & over.

Cruiser racing and Phil Hickey beat Dan Delisle in ( & under 10-11 combined. Zak McCready won 16-17. Three riders raced in the 30-34, 35-39 combined class and each won a moto. Unless I read the reports wrong Dave Daversa was the overall winner? Butch Feitel, after winning his first riders raffle ever (it was fixed) easily won the 45-49 class. Allison Thomas was the winner in ladies cruiser racing

In 16 & Over open racing it was Pete Lorenzo 1st, Steve Oldham 2nd and Pete Balotti rounding out the top 3.

Maybe the highlite of the day was the Mothers day and Fathers day combined racing. We put 6 mothers in the gate and ran a moto. We then transfered the top four into the Main event. That was pretty exciting as Aurora Papa ran away with it. Tiff Miville fell twice but got up both times and still made the cut. Shannon Michaud and Jill Maher also transfered. Now, we put 6 fathers in the gate and did the same thing. James Mercier pretty much dominated the race. Mike Towle, Jonathan Papa and Don Brown transfered into the main. Ah yes, the main. We put the 4 mothers and the four fathers in the gate. When the gate dropped the fathers were instructed to wait for the gate to rise then drop again releasing them to chase down the mothers who left on the first drop. Anyway it was great fun and Aurora Papa could not be caught as she just ran away from everyone. James Mercier was the fastest dad. Who knows, this may have started a tradition for mothers and fathers day combined racing. Double pointer next week.