Race Report June 4th Race # 2

So The Bob Warnicke race is over and what a rush it was. See the race # 1 report for that one. So at about quarter to five we started the rain make up race. Having 51 motos in a make up was awesome. With a bunch of exhausted volunteers and 206 riders here we go again. Thanks to the NBL for coming up with the two moto transfer system.

Aggro Bike’s Delaney Kavanaugh was the only 7 yr old expert so he was combined with the 8 yr old novices. Same results, Delaney won with a perfect. Casey Tanner, combined with the 9 yr old novices showed that 8 yr old experts are faster, at least this day. The pattern continued with 9 yr old expert Zac O’Neil getting combined with the 10 yr old novices along with Dan Delisle. The two experts prevailed with Zac putting his Nat #2 in the winner’s circle. Nito-Nick Perry won the 10 ex class for his sponsor, Prudential Financial. A main event in the 11 ex group saw the two time track champ, Kyle Block keep Jay Paterson behind him. In 13 ex Shaun O’Connor keeps everyone aware of his Aggro Bikes sponsorship by winning just about everything he runs including this class again. Mike Campbell was looking good in 14 ex and the same for Ryan Cebollero in 15 ex. It really is sweet having Ryan back racing again. Billy Ripley, believe it or not, was the champ in 16 ex. Mike Scolaro easily won the 17 ex class as he was combined with novices. Dan Buckner and Marc Sundstrom had some good battles in 18-21 with Dan winning the overall. Chris Giacomazzo doubled today by winning the 22-29 ex.

The Novice classes had a lot of combined experts in their mix so most enjoyed earning expert points with tougher competition. One exception was the 6 and 7 novice combined class which was won by Colby Hicky who recently moved up. Trevor Fox, the sly little Napa Tools and equipment sponsored rider, was the first 8 yr old novice to cross the stripe. Keith Morsey was the first 9 nov across the finish line. George’s Music Center sponsored Chris Pfeffer did the same in 10 nov. Three boys and one girl made up the 11 novice class and it was the girl, Ali Thimmish in front of the boys all the way around. Lets hope she keeps in front of the boys for the next 10 years at least. Alex Moura, leaving everyone to ask whats gotten in to him, was dominant again in the 12 novice class. Must be that South End Tow Guys Pizza that he eats. Jeff Croshier won the 13 novice group and it was Logan Mitchell in 14 nov. Zac Ritchie, perfect in his motos, lost the 16 novice main to Rich Nelson. Kevin Mathews, the morris missile, won 17 nov and John Falis got the win in 18-21 action. Shane Mcpherson was the only 22 yr old novice so he was first across the line and Dan Krouse, earned another move up award by winning the 35 & over novice class. Only about 2 more for the expert ranks Dan.

The Grils were back and Devin Aida Murphy, Mel Cianciola, Emily Raacenet and Allie Couch were all perfect in their classes.

The Cruisers winners were Jay Paterson in 9 & Under-10-11 combined, Zak McCready in 12-13, 16-17, Jason Zeiner in 35-39, Brian Mcinnis in 40-44, John McDowel in 45-49 and Allison Thomas in 18-29, 30-39 Ladies Cruiser.
Rookies winners were Sky Elwood, Justin Boissonneault, Dave Moody, Troy Atchinson, Rich Way, Mike Valentine, Brett Wojtkowski, Ethen Mercier, Jonathan Daversa, Chris Mann, Kevin Mottai, Jeramey Bakunis and Tim Bierce.

In the 16-29 open wheels class Matt Markie got the win with Justin Hellwinkle second and Allen Currier third. The last gate was at 6:10 pm. Thanks to all of todays volunteers and especially the ones who made the track ridable by getting there in the early morning hours.