Race Report August 19th, 2007

Week number 16

This race was one of those races that you look back at and think “what a feel-good” day it was. The entire staff pretty much felt that way. Myself, well I arrived at the track at 6:30 a.m. and began the set-up process. At 9:30 I was on my way to Burlington to attend the baptism of my 4 month old Grandson Joshua, then back at the track by noon.
When registration closed there were 228 riders registered to race in class, another 8 entries in the Warrior Pro-Am and then 5 more in the 16 & over open-wheels race. 241 riders including one new one, was not bad by 2007 standards. Then at 1:20 another new rider showed up and we said what the heck. The girls did a great job adjusting the motos and re-posting and still getting us ready for another on time start. We now have taken in 96 new riders for 2007. 98 new ones last year. One wonders where would we be without that great rookie campaign?
In pre-race ceremonies Dixie D’Amelio was crowned the rider of the week for her great efforts in the 6 rookie class the week before. When asked who her favorite rider was, anticipating she would say her dad, she responded without hesitation….”Hope Maher”.
Dad was seen sulking near the car shortly thereafter.
This was the last of the Nutmeg BMX State Series races and a lot was at stake. Counting the open classes the moto count was 58.
There were 13 Main events so lets start with those.
Main 101 was for the 35 & over gang riding 20” class. JRA’s Brian McInnis and Joe Desandre would trade moto wins and Garrick Yanosky was perfect though his preliminary rounds. Brian won the main with Garrick 2nd and Fred Roy earning a 3rd for his sponsor; Home Sweet Home Cleaning. The next main was the 16X / 17 – 24 novice crew. Josh Sanford easily won this one but a great effort from 2nd place finisher Rob Zuffelato and Anthony Strong.
Next up was the 12 Novice main and Justin Jolicoeur, after only 3 weeks back from a three year absence, was perfect right through the main event. A solid 2nd was enjoyed by Steven Kallas and 3rd went to Kyle Gambino.
The 12 rookie main event saw Tim Osborne, after winning all his motos, crash in the main and setting up the first place finish for Austin Cyr. Danny Mikelic, also perfect in his motos would finish behind Austin for 2nd.
The next main to run was the 10 novice class. They were actually combined with 9X ‘s Casey Tanner and Chris Therriault. In the motos Novice Chris Pannullo would get the best of Therriault all 3 rounds and Tanner would win all 3 of his motos. The main win went to tanner with Fusco’s Auto Salvage Pannullo 2nd and Eagle Electric’s Troy Atchison 3rd. Chris Therriault had to settle for forth.
Main 107 was the 10 rookie gang and this was a milestone main event. 10 riders were vying for the 8 starting spots and, when the dust settled, Uncle Pat sponsored Matt Bovat would race his last race ever as a rookie as he rode off into the sunset as the newest novice after earning his 15th rookie win. Christian Berti was 2nd and Westly Reel was 3rd.
Main 108 was the 9 novice class and on rare occasion we get to see Alex Coenraads. When we do he usually dominates and he sure did today. Another perfect for Alex with Foothills regular Kobe Covington 2nd and New Yorks Spencer Martin 3rd.
In the 8 rookie main (#109) “The Marshall” was taken prisoners and he had 7 of em in tow. Matt Dillion cleaned up Dodge and won everything. Sam Beardsley was 2nd and Eric Passeck was 3rd. In Main 110 the 7 yr old rookies were battling hard. Jacob Shpur has really stepped it up in recent weeks and today’s win put him one-step closer to the novice ranking. Owen Giese was a close 2nd and Jacob Gleacher 3rd.
Main 111 featured the 35-39 Cruiser class and Garrick Yanosky came out on top.
The 6 rookie main came next and Collin Penn would save his best for last as he won the main. Jagur Layman was 2nd and Rob Marcantonio managed a nice 3rd. The last main was the 5 & under moto-mites. Seth Norton would make short (no pun intended) order of this one with a win. Kaine-Dog Murphy was 2nd and Connecticut Flooring’s Hunter Zeiner was 3rd.
In 17 & over girls it would be CMR’s Danielle Jolicoeur winning the first 2 motos but in a rare appearance at Foothills, 2 time former track champion Christy Kestler would break Danielle’s unbeaten streak by winning the 3rd round. Daniells still came in first overall. Hector Gonzales won the 17-24X class.
16N John Kollanda had to be combined with two 15X’s and they would prove too much as Kyle Strong and Anthony Del Vento would win the class.
In 15 & over rookie t would be the South End Two Guys Pizza sponsored Brandon Miville acing a “perfect”.
Jeff Croshier won the 14X – 15N class and Christine Grysbek won 15 Girls. A good turn-out in 14N with a full gate. Joan’s Candy Cupboard Anthony Reilly, even after a 3rd place finish in round 3, would still win the class overall.
In 14 rookie Cody Dunn, confusing the announcers with a number plate different then the one shown on the moto sheet, easily won the class. Two Experts were combined with two novices in the 13 yr old bracket and Zack Pirulli (expert) won it with Ryan Shores (novice) second.
The 13 rookie class saw Demetri Savvidis recover from a foorst round crash to win the class overall.
In 13 girls action Katie Edgar for CMR, dominated. Good effort from Angela Therriault with a 2nd.
Kyle Block held off Zack Andringa for the overall 12X win. Brianna Clinton won 12 girls. In 11X Shawn McAuley would again show that your gonna have to work to take his number 1 palte away as he was again perfect.
In 11N Jash Rivera came out the winner with Mike Iurato second.
Xavier Dingle won the 11 rookie class. In 11 girls action it was a heartbreaker for Amanda Wedge. Undefeated for the entire season, the streak would end today. Rhode Island’s Brianna Delamare won all three motos. Amanda still has a commanding lead for the track female championship. The 10X group saw the return of Zack O’Neil and he aced a perfect keeping Dan Delisle behind him.
In 10 girls it appeared that Jessica Maher would have another dominating day as she easily won the first round. In the second round she lost control in turn 2 and wrecked almost taking down Mel Cianciolo with her. (See photo in photo section). Jess was okay but Mel was the overall winner this day.
In 9 rookie racing Jacob Comeau was the top gun and R.J. Miville right behind him. Julionna Olson won the 9 girls class. In 7 – 8N racing the “D-Man” prevailed as Dave Moody won the class. Ehtan Lazenby Olshevski was 2nd. Devin Murphy easily handled the 8 girls group as did Alysha Olson in the 5-7 girls class. “Super-Fly” Lane Maher appeared to take his racing up a notch as he won the 5-6N class,
Pieter Coenraads won the 45-49 Cruiser class and remembered to take his sun glasses home with him this year. In 40 – 44 Cruiser Brian McInnis ruled the roost.
11-12 Cruiser win went to Zachary Andringa. Zack O’Neil won the 9-10 Cruiser class and Jagur Layman won 8 & under.

Well, this was a long day but certainly one with great memories. Thanks for coming out and see you at the season finale next Sunday.