Race Report August 5th, 2007

Week number 14

After all the rain and mud of last week’s race, it was great to see a zero chance of rain with temps in the low 80’s. The only down side was the fact that some of our most experienced riders were at the NBL National event in Pottstown P.A. We still enjoyed 125 riders racing in class plus another 7 in the “Open” equaled 33 motos. 63 of these riders were rookies so the importance of a strong rookie program was sure evident today.
Before the race, 10 yr old girl (going on 17) Chealsee Kalivas was named last week’s Rider-Of-The-Week and she claimed Anthony Reilly as her favorite rider.
Lets start with the rookies this week and the 17 & over gang was combined with the 165 yr olds and it was a classic battle between CJR’s Jordan Clark, Josh Chamis, Brandon Milville, Armando Perez and also Dan Sears. Every rider except one had at least a 2nd place finish in the motos. When the dust settled it would be Josh Chamis claiming the win with Jordon Clark grabbing the 2nd spot. The 13-14 rookie class saw Harwinton’s James Oslander get back to his winning ways by winning every moto. A solid 2nd went to Tactical Arm’s Jim Ferris. With five riders in the 12 rookie class a good battle was in store for these hot-rods. Three different motos and three different moto winners but it would be Tim Osborne the most consistant this day and he went home with the big trophy. A full gate of 11 yr old rookies were on hand and it was another class with three different moto winners. The day ended up being Valentine’s day as Mike Valentine eked out an overall win. Full gates also in the 10 rookie division and these six riders battled hard. At the end of the day it would be Uncle Pat’s Matt Bovat putting another move-up win in the record books. Ian Dickenson kept the heat turned up all afternoon and earned a nice second. The 9 rookie class was sure fun to watch as three riders were determined to be the best that they could be. The Pin Shop Hobbies sponsored Larry Coderre would win the first round after doing intense battle with R.J. Miville. In the second round they both wreck coming out of the second turn and Kevin Raabe would win his first moto ever. The final round went to Coderre as did the over-all win for the day. An impressive 10 riders were vying for the eight starting position in the 8 rookie main event and that was sure fun to watch. Pete Franolich was perfect in his motos and looked to be the favorite. But Matt Dillon tasted victory in his third round and the momentum carried over into the main as the Marshall won it. Eric Passeck was second with Franolich third.
9 riders strong in the 7 rookie class and that main would go to Jacob Shpur who was unbeatable all day long. Owen Giese took his perfect into this main but had to settle for a solid second place finish. Applying great “Penn-man-ship” Collin Penn enjoyed a win in the 6 rookie class. FInall the 5 & under main event saw a show-down between Conor Guilford and Tactical Arm’s Zack Ferris, both won all their motos. The Main event win went to Conor with Zack second and Seth Norton a well earned third. In the pure novice classes Kevin Clark would win the 25-29 gang. The only other novices who were not combined with experts was the 10 yr olds and Eagle Electric’s Troy Atchison would claim the top prize here. Mike Buonocore was right on him for second.
Combining was everywhere and the 35+Expert-35+Novice Saw Garrick Yanosky (the only expert) do what was expected and that was to win it. Fred Roy (Home Sweet Home Cleaning) was second and Mike Jasensky and Dan Krouse third and forth. Dan Krouse was the only 16 nov and he got combined with two 17-24 guys plus Jeff Croshier, who is a 14ex. Jeff would win the motos with Jeramey Bakunis (Winchester Modular Housing) second, Dan Krouse third and Nick Giordano forth.
Joan’s Candy Cupboard’s Anthony Reilly, and Battiston’s Garment Cleaning’s mason Johnson were the only 14 novs so they got thrown in with the two 13 ex’s in the house. The “Candy-Man” beat the two experts and earned some serious points for the day. The South End Two Guys Pizza sponsored Alex Maura managed a second to save face for the experts.
Ryan Shores (13nov) got combined with two 13 experts and Kyle Block would show the gang what expert skills were all about as he aced a perfect. Ryan was second and Nate Martinsen third.
In 11 ex-12 nov racing 11 ex Shawn McAuley had a perfect day with the Weight Room’s novice rider Austin Vaillencourt settling for second and expert Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) third. In 10ex – 11 nov action Dan Delisle (10ex) easily won it with Nick Killmer not too far behind. Kobe Covington and Robbie Desmarais (novices) got thrown in with Todd Maniscalchi (expert) and Todd would show em how its done.
6, 7, and 8 yr old novices had to be combined into one group and Justin Rivera and Jake Desmarais would finish first and second as 8 yr olds with 6 yr old Lane “Super-fly” Maher (Hartford County Tattoo) third and Dallas Tuttle ( Tuttle Well Drilling) forth.
In the female classes 12 yr old Gabby Boxall had to race the older 15 yr olds and did just fine. The fastest in the group was Jenn Martinsen with the “Birthday Girl” Amy Block second. A1 Self Storage’s Amanda Wedge beat the Stich Painting and Powerwash sponsored Jayna Roy in 11 girls action. Jayna was seen wearing one of Amanda’s racing shirts in the third round in an obvious attempt to confuse the announcer. It worked.
In 10 girls it was Chealsee Kalivas first, Kendra Covington second and Makayla Penn third. Kendra took a hard fall in the third round but was okay.
In 5-7 / 8 girls it was Eagle Electric’s Mackenzie Atchison winning the motos that she showed up for which was enough for the win. Emily Daigle was second and Kyly Milton third.
Shawn Kennedy aced a perfect in 17-24 ex action.
On the Cruiser side of the tracks it was Rob Delamare not forgetting how to ride as he beat Greg Fantano for the 40-44 class. Too bad he forgot to stop and pick up the Limer on the way to the track. Bobby Desmarais really looked smooth and disposed of Erik Maher and Mike Vallone in 17-24 / 35-39 Cruisers. Jason Chamis got past Dan Delisle for the 9-10 / 13-14 cruiser win.
Finall in the 18 & over “Open” class it was the Pistol. Pete Lorenzo staying in front of J.P. Macquire & Associates Ty Johnson for the win with Justin Hellwinkel third but first in the heart of his great looking girlfriend Michelle Main.
The season is winding down with only three weeks left. Don’t forget you need ten races in to qualify for our year end awards and free admission to the October 7th outing.
See you all next week.