Race Report July15th 2007

Week number 11

Week number 11 and the weather reports at dawn were for scattered thunderstorms for “later in the day”. We were all wondering if they could have been a little more precise when forecasting “later in the day”. Anyway it would prove to be a valid forecast as the day wore on. 193 riders were in the house for this single-point team race, plus another 11 in the Foothills Open Wheels challenge race making the days total an impressive 204 riders.
Austin Cyr, 12 year old rookie from Harwinton was named the Rider-Of-The-Week” for his efforts last week. He claimed Mike Buonocore as his favorite rider.
The racing started off just fine with 49 motos and the first round was run with no problems. Halfway through the second round the rain started. By the time we got to the last 10 motos they were run is a downpour. A short pause and the rain stopped and a throng of volunteers got the track back in shape in less then 5 minutes. Because of the great drainage at Foothills we were able to run all three rounds and even the 9 main events.
Main 101 was for the 14 rookie gang and Cody Dunn was getting it done all day and he carried his success right through the main event. James Norris and James Oslander settled in for second and third. Demetri Savvidis would win the 13 rookie main as Carlos Gonzalez and Sean Gamsjager finished second and third. The 12 Rookie main saw the reigning Rider-Of-The-Week Austin Cyr put to good work his newly acquired skills learned at the BMX camp to stay in front all day long. Rene Cooto finished second and Tim Osborne was third. Ian Dickenson held off Josue Camacho for the 10 rookie main win while Uncle Pat’s Matt Bovat finished third.
In the 8 rookie main R.J. Miville continued his awesome streak as he held off CMR’s Stephan Brittingham and Pete Franolich.
The 7 rookie main was won by Devon Schoenberger with Jeovanny Carrero third and the Dutchman Lawn and Garden Design sponsored Sean Graveline finishing third. Congrats to Sean on the birth of his new sister Danielle. The 5 & under rookie gang had another main this week and Conor Guilford would lay claim to fame as he finished just in from of the Tacticle Arms sponsored Zachary Ferris. A solid third went to Griffin Kavanaugh.
The 35 – 39 Cruiser bunch saw Randy Bitinaitis win it for The Cutting Edge as Garrick Yanosky could not find a way around him. Cory Unger had a good view as he finished third.
The “Open” race was hindered by a wet track but it would be Pete Lorenzo holding off Allen Currier and Steve Oldham for the win.
In classes not requiring main events to determine the winners CMR’s Danielle Jolicoeur on her class in honor of her mom’s birthday. Don Olson held off Fred Roy in 30 & over while Kevin Clark won 25-29 for CMR.
Dan Buckner, riding for GHP captured the 17 – 24X win and Carl Norris had the same success in 16X action. Dan Sears won the 17 & over rookie class. The eye of the tiger was open wide as Dan Krouse won 2 of 3 motos for the overall 16 nov win. Caleb Dubourg won the 4 rider 16 rookie class and the 15X group saw Anthony Delvento Beating Paul Maher and Mike Campbell. Josh Sanford and Logan Mitchell had their weekly battle and again it was josh winning all three rounds. Logan is right there and I think they have driven each other to become better riders each week.
In 14-15 girls Jenn Martinsen beat Amy Block two of three. Team Edge’s Kyle Strong held off Jeff Croshier for the 14X win. In 13X-14N combined D.J. Scott put on some unbelievable moves to win the class showing that he is awesome when he wants to be. Kyle Block was perfect in 12X action as was Ali Thimmish in 12-13 Girls. Shawn McAuley, another CMR rider, won 2 of 3 motos for the 11X-12N win and the 12 rookie class title went to Rene Cotto.
Dan Delisle, riding for Bikers Edge, had little problem winning the 10X class. Nick Hull won the 11 Rookie class with 2 of 3 moto wins. Amanda Wedge stayed in contention for the Track title by keeping her unbeaten streak in tact in 11 girls. Team Edge’s Chris Pannullo, another rider who obviously benefited from the camp, was battling Mike "Animal" Guerin hard in 10N-9X combined and just edged him out for the overall win after they both traded moto wins in the first two rounds. Jessica Maher rode her way to a undefeated day in 10 girls. GHP's Chris Therriault mastered the 9 novice class and Julionna Olson got the best of Emily Daigle in 8-9 Girls. “Gonzo” Matt Guerin stayed in front of Dave Moody, at least for 2 of 3 motos for the 7-8 novice win.
Rob “Moose” Delamare, all the way from Providence R.I., finally has mastered the big step-down and held off the rest of the geritol gang in all three rounds. Alyshe Olson finally has someone to race her own age as Kyly Milton has joined the class. This day the more experienced Alysha would prevail. Sky Elwood held off Gunner Van Steenberg for the 6 & under novice class.
Jagur Layman was the fastest 6 yr old rookie today just as Jason Chamis was the fastest 11-12 cruiser. Dan Delisle won the 9-10 cruiser class. In 8 & under cruiser racing the class belonged to Layman; both of them as Jake and Jagur were the only two there.

Coming on Monday July 30th, there will be a Stile Industries clinic at the track. There is a cost for this clinic but the benefits are many as two BMX Pros including Justin Travis will be on hand for two hours of instruction.