Race Report July 22nd, 2007

Week number 12

As week #12 dawned the weather was race perfect and would stay that way all day long. 166 riders were registered to race in class and another 10 in the Warrior Pro-Am Challenge race making this a 46 moto race. In pre-race activities Jagur Layman was named the rider of the week from the July 15th race and he said that Redline’s Bubba Harris was his favorite rider.
In Warrior action 10 riders were on hand to vie for the $300 purse that was split between the top three positions. The lineup was pretty impressive as Points leader Allen Currier was in the house. Billy Ripley and Max Egdorf, sitting only one point behind Allen were in it as was Steve Oldham and Pete Lorenzo who were only 3 points behind the leader. Ty Johnson and Pete Balotti made it as did first time Warrior Tucker Schaefer. When the gate dropped it looked like Billey Ripley would have the lead entering turn one. But right out of the middle of the back Thunder roared as Currier somehow exited the big first turn in the lead. Max Egdorf was behind him and Ripley and Oldham were left to battle for third. All around the 1195 foot track they raced and exited the final turn, it would be Currier, Egdorf and Ripley the top three. It appeared that Oldham maybe had a little brain burp as he really backed off after the final turn and Lorenzo got by him for 4th. Check out the Warrior page (Click Here) for the standings going into the championship race on August 19. 5 riders are within 6 points going into the Double Points Championship race.
There were four other classes who had mains and, starting with the 9 rookie class, The Pin Shop Hobbies sponsored Larry Coderre would hold off the rest of the pack for the win. Jacob Comeau and Saul Garcia were 2nd and 3rd.
The 8 rookie gang's main event saw R.J. Milville continue his quest towards the novice class with another perfect right through the main. 2nd went to Pete Franolich and 3rd was Seth Stapinsky.
In 7 rookie action Owen Giese won the main with Jacob Shpur 2nd and the Dutchman Lawn and Garden Design’s Sean Graveline was 3rd. The last class to require a main was the 5 & under rookies and its always fun to watch. This day it would be the Connecticut Flooring sponsored ride of Hunter Zeiner who put his bike in the winners circle with Conor Guilford 2nd and Seth Norton 3rd.
Moto 2 was the 35 & over expert and novice gang and Garrick Yanosky held off JRA’s Brian McInnis in all 3 rounds for the win. The first novice across the stripe was Home Sweet Home Cleanings Fred Roy. In 25-29 / 30-34 novice action Brian Dupras would hld off Bruce Taber in 2 of the 3 rounds for the overall win. The 17-24 novice gang were really rockin and Carl Norris, after winning only one moto, had enough points to edge out Jeremey Bakunis for the overall title. In 17 & over rookie madness Devin Kelly and Dan Spears finished 1-2. The usual results happened in 17 & over girls as the Morroe and Morrison windows and siding sponsored Danielle Jolicoeur was again perfect this day. Sally McInnis and new rider Quianna Lukowski finished 2nd and 3rd.
Tucker Schaefer won the 16X class. Caleb Dubourg was the fastest hot-rod in 15-16 rookie action and Anthny Del Vento won the very close 15X class after trading wins with Paul Maher. In 14 girls Christine Gryzbek beat Amy Block for the win.
The 14X went to Josh Wedge as he continues his comeback from a broken arm suffered earlier this year. Zack Pirulli easily woon the 13X-14N combined class with Jonathan Daversa, sponsored by Dave’s Auto Detailing the first novice across the stripe. ]
In 14 rookie racing James Oslander held off James Norris for the win. The 13N class saw a different order of finish in all 3 rounds. Demetri Savvidis was the eventual winnier with Travis Raymond 2nd and Travis Mareno 3rd.
The 12-13 girls class saw Angela Therriault win the 1st place trophy. In 12X-12N combined, Kyle Block showed he is still fast with a nice win. In 12 rookie Tim Osborne really had to work to stay in front of Austin Cyr but he was able to do it in all three rounds for the win. In 11X Shawn McAuley showed us again why he is the State Champ in his class as he held off Dan Batista and George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer for a hard fought win. Nick Killmer held off the 2 novices in his 10X-11N combined class with Ryan McCoy the first novice across the stripe. Colin Rooney won the 11 rookie class and Amanda Wedge won the 11 girls class.
In 10N-9X combined Even Greco held off Novice racer Chris Pannullo for the win with expert Chris Therriault finishing third.
The 10 rookie titile for week number 12 went to Uncle Pat sponsored Matt Bovat as he held off Ian Dickenson. This moto was sponsored by “The Weight Room” in Thomaston and Matt Bovat was able to add a huge trophy to his collection.
Jessica Maher won the 10 girls class.
Three riders vied for the 9 novice win and it was Oxy Care sponsored Jonathan Zeiner winning the class. Julionna Olson won the 8-9 girls class and Dave Moody won the 8 novice class.
Butch Feitel held off Neil Schaefer for the 45 & over cruiser class. Brian McInnis beat Rob Giese in 40-44 action and Randy Greco held off a weekly improving Erik Maher for the 35-39 win. Zack Pirulli and Don Olson were just having fun in the 13-14 / 30-34 combined cruiser class and Sally McInnis beat Rosemary Scolaro in 35 & over womans cruiser.
Sponsored by Eagle Electric, Mackenzie Atchison held off Alysha Olson for the win in 5-7 girls racing with an impressive field of 5 riders in the house.
In 5 & under novice action Luke McAdams finished in front of Lane “Superfly” Maher and Rich Bray for the win. Last week’s Rider-Of-The-Week Jagur Layman traded wins with Collin Penn but still managed to win the 6 rookie class.
George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer won the 11-12 / 9-10 cruiser class and Jake Layman won the 8 & under cruiser class.
The was a little confusion regarding our trophy / awards policy in combined classes. Here is what we do.
In combined racing classes like a novice and expert combined all riders are pointed as they cross the finish line. The points are per the structure of the highest proficiency in the class. For the award of the day we split the classes but an expert must beat any rider of lower proficiency. If there is one expert and three novices in a grouping and the expert wins (as expected), then there would be two first place trophies awarded; one for the expert and one for the first novice. However, if a novice finished ahead of an expert, then only one first place trophy would be awarded but two second place awards would be given. (One for the expert and one for the second novice across the line). A couple of examples of why we do this is girls, who are typically fewer in number could have a 10 yr old combined with a 17 yr old. It simply wouldn’t be fair to award them as one group. We would give both a first place award. Another example would be a expert – novice combined class where there are 4 novices and one expert. If, hypothetically, the four novices finished ahead of the expert we would award the expert as a 5th place finish as he is expect to finish ahead of the lower proficiencies. It doesn’t seem fair that he would get a first because he was the first expert. Anyway, I hope this clears the situation up a little bit.

See you next week

Coming on Monday July 30th, there will be a Stile Industries clinic at the track. There is a cost for this clinic but the benefits are many as two BMX Pros including Justin Travis will be on hand for two hours of instruction.