Race Report July 29th, 2007

Week number 13

Mudders Day
Week 13 and the question of the day would be the inevitable thunderstorms predicted for later in the day. On Saturday we had one of the hardest rainfalls this summer in the early morning hours and it did more damage to the track then any other rain this season. 7” deep ruts covered the entire landing ramps on the first and second jumps. A big earthquake type rut was in front of the asphalt in turn two. Water puddles everywhere etc.
Arriving at the track at 7:15 this was gonna be a challenge to get it ready by the 11:00 gate practice time. Finally it was race ready at about 10:15 and now we could only hope for the best as we could already see clouds building to the west.
Binghamton NY would be hosting an NBL Regional event today so the crowd had to be affected a bit coupled with the oppressive humidity and gloomy weather reports. At the close of registration there were 128 entries and another 12 in the 16 & over open creating a race featuring 140 riders split into 37 motos.
With the completion of practice only 20 minutes away and the motos about to be posted the skies opened up. For the next 20 minutes the rain fell heavily on the already saturated track. When it finally subsided a plea went out to the crowd assuring them that we appeared to have a “window of opportunity” to get in at least 2 rounds of motos if we could get a little help in getting the track ready. At least 45 people answered the call and by 1:35 we were ready to go as dark clouds loomed in the southwest skies. This would be a two moto race at best.
In the 16 & over open class the main event would go to Allen Currier with Steve Oldham pushing him all the way to the stripe and, in his first “open” ever, Josh Sanford finished third. Billy Ripley and Ty Johnson went down hard on the front straight but both would ride off with little more damage then a few bruises.
The 5 & under gang had a main event and Conor Guilford would hold off Tactical Arms sponsored Zack Ferris for the win. Finishing third was last weeks ‘Rider of the Week”; Connecticut Flooring’s Hunter Zeiner.
The 7 rookie class also had a main and Owen Giese won his first race of the day by winning the main. Jacob Shpur grabbed a second while the Dutchman Lawn and Garden Design’s Sean Graveline went home with a third place trophy.
The last class that had enough riders entered to cause a main was the 8 rookie class. Pete Franolich enjoyed a perfect day winning his motos and the main event. Matt Batayte was second and Mike Heffernan third.
Jacob Koenig had a great day as he won the 6 rookie class keeping Pat Brady behind him all day. R.J Miville turned 9 today and moved up to 9 rookie class. He and Larry Coderre would trade moto wins with the Pin Shop Hobbies Coderre winning the ty breaking second moto for the overall win.
In 10 rookie action Uncle Pat’s Matt Bovat inched closer to the novice ranks with another win. Miles Buroker earned a second place finish with Taylor Yurgalevicz third.
Gabe Cruz won the 11 rookie class with Nick Hull second and Brandon Lamaire third.
Tim Osborne had no problem in 12 rookie with Kyle Sanford second and new rider Steven Rodriquez third.
Demetri Savvidis won the 13 rookie class with Daryl Schad and Travis Raymond second and third.
Brandon Jones kept Jose Garcia behind him for the 15 rookie win. The 16 and 17 rookies were grouped together and Caleb Dubourg would be the champion this day. Jordan Clark earned a second place finish.
In novice racing the 35 & over experts combined with the 35 & over novs resulting in expert Garrick Yanosky getting the win, novice Al Roy second and expert Rob Bennett third.
In 25-29 nov it would be Kevin Clark the winner. In 16X-17-24 nov combined racing it would be 16 X Josh Sanford holding off the field of novices. Jeremey Bakunis was the first novice across the stripe
16 nov was combined with 15X and Video World’s Paul Maher would show the novices how it’s done with the win. Martin Brown was second and Dan Krouse third.
In 14 nov Joan’s Candy Cupboard sponsored Anthony Reilly would be the winner with William Barna second.
11X and 12N were combined and Shawn McAuley easily won it. The Weight Room’s Austin Vaillencourt was second but the first novice across the stripe.
The 12X-13N gang saw Kyle Block capture the win. Ryan Shores was the first novice in that mix to cross the stripe.
Combining was everywhere today and that included the 10X-11N class where Nick Killmer beat the two novices in his grouping. Don Olson was the first novice and George Norton V was next.
Riding out of the Fusco’s Auto Salvage stables, Chris Pannullo was perfect in 10 novice racing with Eagle Electric’s Troy Atchison second. Riding under the Oxy Care sponsorship banner, Jonathan Zeiner did the same in 9 nov. Finishing second was Kobe Covington.
The 6-8 novice class saw Dave moody winning the class with Jake Des Marais second.
In the girls classes Angela Therriault would be the winner in 12-13 yr olds. Amanda Wedge kept the streak going for herself in 11 girls as she score yet another perfect. The 10 yr old class went to Jessica Maher. Julionna Olson won the 8-9 class by beating the fastly improving Emily Daigle. Alysha Olson was the quickest in 5-7 girls as she was able to keep Kyly Milton and Catherine Buroker behind her.
A limited number of experts enjoyed pure expert classes and in the 17-24 brackets Kory Buck beat Billy Ripley for the win. Astor Chemical’s Todd Snow was third. Jeff Croshier won the 14 ex combined class with Josh Wedge in second.
Finishing up with the Cruiser results, Dan Krouse would keep part-timer Jay Francis in tow for the win in 45-49 action. The 30-34 / 35-39 class win went to Don Olson with Erik Maher in hot pursuit. Cody Buck would hold off George’s Music Center sponsored Chris Pfeffer for the 11-12 / 17-24 cruiser win.

Coming Monday July 30th, there will be a Stile Industries clinic at the track. There is a cost for this clinic but the benefits are many as two BMX Pros including Justin Travis will be on hand for two hours of instruction.