Race Report Jul 8th 2007

Week number 10

With a National in nearby Trumbull and a later than normal gate drop, coupled with the hottest day of the year, we were concerned that this was going to be a very small race. When registration closed 150 riders were registered in class and another 14 in the Pro-am race. 164 riders equaled 43 motos so no too bad considering.
In pre race ceremonies 12 Rookie Tim Osborne was honored as last weeks Rider Of The Week. He said that Allen Currier was his favorite rider.
This was the forth stop on the Ultimate Warrior challenge pro-am series, sponsored by P. J. Collectables. When the motos were run the lineup for the final eight was impressive. In gate 8 was Billy Ripley, gate 7 had Steve Oldham, gate 6 Justin Markie, gate 5 Ty Johnson, gate 4 Garret Woods, gate 3 Allen Currier, gate 2 Pete Lorenzo and on the pole starting in gate one was Max Egdorf.
After a introductory rollout the gate was locked and loaded. BAM and down the front straight they sped. South Carolina’s Garret Woods and Pete Lorenzo were side by side and Currier right there as well as they reached turn 1. Pistol took the lead with woods behind him and Currier third as they roared up the 2nd straight. Into turn two no changes up front but a lot of slicing-n-dicin back in the pack. Things stayed the same until they reached turn 4 when Currier dove to the inside of Woods and took over the 2nd spot in an impressive move. Through the rhythm section Max Egdorf also was able to pass Woods and settled into 3rd. The finishing order was Lorenzo, Currier, Egdorf, Oldham, Woods, Markie, Ripley and Johnson. This really shook up the standings as Ripleys 5 point lead is gone. Currier now has 62, Ripley and Egdorf 61, Oldham and Lorenzo stand at 58 and Keller remains at 42 and Ty Johnson has 32. 5 points separate the top 5 riders. Next stop will be on July 22nd.
The other classes that had main were the 16X - 17-24 novice gang where Max Egdorf would come out on top. The * novice class also required a main and Ryan Towle would get the best of Matt Guerin. The 6 rookie gang saw “Superfly” Lane Maher finish his rookie career with a perfect. Congats to our newest novice. Olivia Ruth, from Schenectady N.Y. would win the 5 & under rookie main event with Conor Guilford 2nd and Hunter Zeiner third.
Bizzarro’s London Wilmont won the 35 & over expert class by holding off a very hard charging Garrick Yanowsky. The 25 & over novice gang saw Kevin Clark cross the stripe first. Fred Roy salvaged a second. 17-24 experts had a nice lineup and Mike Scolaro would come out on top in that mix. In 15 & over girls Danielle Jolicoeur kept her streak of wins alive, even after a crash in practice through her to the clay. In 15X – 16N combined Paul Maher, who celebrated his 15th birthday the day before, handled the comp and easily won the class. Dan Krouse had a solid second place and was the first of the novices to cross the stripe in this grouping. Josh Sanford and Logan Mitchell put on their usual close racing and Josh managed yet another perfect. Ray Watts beat Brandon Jones for the 15 rookie title. In 14X – 14N it would be Jeff Croshier sppeding his way to a victory while Josh Wedge, coming off an injury, is getting it back quickly and had a solid second. James Oslander was the fastest 14 rookie this day. D.J. Scott was “Top-Gun” in 13X while Dillon McNally held off Travis Raymond for the 13 rookie win.
!2X was a wild class and Taylor Morris, all the way from Manassas Virginia, upset the locals with a win. New York’s Jay Patterson was in hot pursuit. Alissa Thimmish, jumped into the boys 12 novice class and beat all of them. Austin Vaillencourt was the closest to her.
Austin Cyr had a chance to apply the skills he learned last week at the camp and he showed that he really paid attention. He won the 12R class. Shawn McAuley’s string of moto wins came to a crashing halt in the third round of 11X action but he still managed a first place overall win. Chris Pfeffer, looking much improved after the camp, easily won the 11N class. In 11R, Ryan Hotaling would win in his first visit ever to foothills BMX. He lives in Cobleskill N.Y. and maybe we can enjoy watching him again.
In 11 Girls Amanda Wedge kept her sting of wins alive and remains tied with Danielle Jolicouer for the track champions title by winning every moto in 11 girls.
10X saw an impressive battle between Dan Delisle and Florida’s Hobe Hoke and Dan really had to work to finish ahead of him but he did pull it off. Thanks to the Hoke family for stopping in on their way back to Saint Petersburg.
Another one of our local riders who really paid attention at the camp was Chris Pannullo. He not only was very competitive at the trumbull National, he put the move of the day on Mike Guerin in turn 4 and finished at the top of the 10N-9X class, Matt Bovat continued his quest towards a novice ranking by putting another one in the books in 10R. The 10 Girls class went to Jess Maher while Troy Atchison won the 9 novice class keeping Jonathan Zeiner behind him. In 9 rookie racing Larry Coderre would be the winner.
Julionna Olson toped Jenny Fish for the 9 girls title. R.J. Miville held off a much improved Matt Dillon for the 8 rookie title. In 7 rookie Owen Giese would ace another perfect.
Steve Rossi held off a determined Rob Giese in 40-44 Cruiser racing. The 35-39 gang saw Bobby DesMarais stay in front of Dwayne McNally. Rose Ellen Hoke topped Alysha Olson in 5-7 girls and Jacob Koenig won all the 6 rookie motos but finished just behind Lane Maher in the main.
Next week is a single point team race so hopefully will have a nice crowd and some great fun. See you there for the 1:30 gate drop.