Race Report June 10th

Week number 6

Its 7:00 a.m. and one look out the window and I quickly realized that the weatherman had blown yet another weather report. I quickly summoned the entire staff. We met at the track at 8:00 a.m. and decided to run, in a group, around the track as fast as we could to create a vortex. The Foothills Vortex normally occurs when the bikes are on the track spinning the air around so that the rainstorms are forced to drift to the east or the west. At 9:00 a.m. we were all exhausted but the mission was accomplished as the rain subsided, never to return for the rest of the day. Hey, it coulda happened!
With the threat of rain coupled with actual rain in the Northwest corner of the state, the rider count was a bit down with 148 riders racing in class but another 15 riding in the Open Wheels classic.
Combined classes would be the norm this day. In the 30-34 ex / 35 & over ex / 35 & over nov combined class had 8 riders in the mix. Fred Roy, JRA Cycles Brian McInnis Shawn Tufts and Chris Deamelio plus Rich Mikelic all enjoyed moto wins. Chris Deamelio would be the winner of the main event in his first appearance at Foothills this year.
The 25-29 Novice class only had 3 riders and it was CMR’s Kevin Clark with a perfect. Rumor has it that he has a brand new “perfect” daughter as well. Congrats to Kevin.
Rob Sullivan handled Northeast Excavating’s Daniel Sears but I heard Dan wasn’t really “digging it”.
In the prettiest class of the day, Danielle Jolicoeur, the Moore & Morrison Windows & Siding sponsored rider won the 17 & over girls class with Cassy Scott 2nd and Michelle Main 3rd. The crowd didn’t seem to mind who won as all the guys simply enjoyed the view.
15X / 16X / 16N combination class saw Anthony Del Vento and Dylan Hickey give way to Dan Krouse.
The South End Two Guys Pizza backed Brandon Milville made it two out of three in the 16 rookie class. Joshua Sanford, who just seems to be riding his way towards an expert ranking, won the 15 novice class but Logan Mitchell sure didn’t make it easy for him. Colby Lake made his debut as a novice in the class and looked like he sure belongs here.
Ray Watts beat CJR’s Armando Perez for the 15 rookie win.
14X / 14N action was hot as Video World’s Paul Maher had his streak of moto wins snapped when he popped his chain in the first round. Even though he came back to win the next two rounds, Kyle Strong was consistent enough with a third and two seconds to edge out the overall win by one point.
Bryan Szabo was perfect in 14 rookie action. The combining continued with the 13X and 13N gang mixed together. Zack Pirulli would be the winner. Frankie Spignolo and James Oslander had to take it to the third round to determine the winner of the 13 rookie class. Oslander won the tie-breaking third round.
In 11X / 12X / 12N combined Aggro Bikes Zack Andringa would ace a perfect. Jason Chamis was also solid with 2nd place finishes.
In 12 rookie action Harwinton’s Austin Cyr continued to impress us with yet another win. Tim Osborne made him work for it. The 11 novice gang saw George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer win two of three motos and go home with the gold. Devone Thomas and Mike Valentine each won motos in 11 rookie but Devone’s win in the third round earned him a first place finish for the day.
A1 Self Storage sponsored Amanda Wedge won the 11 girls class. In 10X / 10N racing Dan Delisle continued to show why he’s ranked in the top 25 in the country as he was dominant keeping the likes of Nick Killmer and Jake Pirulli behind him all day long. Christian Berti held off the little hot-rod Matt Bovat two of three times for the overall win in 10 rookie. Jess Maher did the same as she held off Chealsee Kalivas in 10 girls action.
Combining 8N and 9N resulted in Dave Moody scoring a perfect with Eagle Electric’s Try Atchison second. In 9 rookie action Robbie DesMarais won everything as the other four riders battled hard for their finishes. The Olson sisters would be paired together and older sis Julionna (9 yrs old) would beat Alysha (5-7 yrs old) for the trophy.
A main event was required in 8 rookie action to determine a winner. R .J. Milvlle just blew away the comp. Justin Boissonneaault won the 6 and 7 nov combined motos.
Another Main event was needed in the 7 rookie class. Jake DesMarais would recover from a first round crash to win the next two mots plus the Main. Jacob Sphur had a solid second with Owen Giese third.
40-44 / 45-49 Cruiser action saw JRS’s Brian McInnis ace a win. Greg Fantano was second with Rob Giese edging out Dan Krouse for third. Bob DesMarais would be the winner in 35-39 Cruiser action. Zack Pirulli won the 13-16 combined group. Lane Maher made a very bold move to pass Jacob Koenig and keep his perfect in tact in the 6 rookie class. The 5 & under moto-mites were out in force and yet another main event was needed to determine the day’s winner. Tactical Arm’s Zachary Ferris won all his motos plus the main. Dixie Damelio won a couple of motos and finished 4th in the main behind Hunter Zeiner and Seth Norton. Zack Andringa won the 11-12 cruiser race and Dan Delisle did the same in 9-10 cruiser action.
15 riders were on hand for the Open Wheels Classic and it sure was just that. The final 8 riders were Lorenzo, Ripley, Oldham, Balotti, Harley Kelley, Currier, Ty Johnson and Justin Hellwinkel. Down the front stretch they sped and just short of the second jump Hellwinkel and Lorenzo came together and both went down. Allen Currier had the lead and would not give it up all the way around. At the stripe it was Currier, Ripley and Johnson the top three.
On a good note, Anthony Strong, who fell hard on the starting hill, stopped at the emergency room on the way home as a precautionary measure due to acute nausea. He would be discharged and categorized as A-OK.
Get ready to rumble dads. Fathers day race next week. Peddle-Peddle-Peddle. Payback is sweet! See you all then.