Race Report June 17th

Week number 7

At last years Fathers day race we had 164 riders. This year we were about the same as 152 raced in class plus another 8 raced in the “Open”. Not a bad turnout with a NBL Regional Series race in nearby Howell New Jersey. The day started off on a solemn note as the race was dedicated to the memory of a special dad; Billy Batayte. Billy had passed away on Easter Sunday and leaves two children; Zachary and Matt plus his wife Kirsten. Since his passing they have joined our BMX family and have been there nearly every Sunday. Yesterday had to be painful and we hope that, as time goes on, they will continue to grow and move forward with the knowledge that we all care very much about them.
In other pre-race ceremonies 7 yr old rookie Chaz Wilson was named the rider of the week for his efforts on June 10th.
One of the hottest classes today was the 25 – 29 / 35 + novice class as a full gate of riders were in the mix. Recently made a father was Kevin Clark and he and Fred Roy would trade moto wins with Kevin winning two of three. Bruce Taber Jr., only finding out this morning that he is going to be a father, finished third.
In 17 – 24 expert action, Armando Curbelo from Quebredillas, Puerto Rico won two out of his three motos for the overall win. Astro Chemicals Todd snow was second.
Jeremy Bakunis, riding under the sponsorship of Winchester Modular Housing, won the 17 – 24 novice class.
Rob Sullivan aced a perfect in his 17 & over rookie grouping and Danielle Jolicoeur was perfect in 17 & over girls. She also looked perfect in her prom dress which she had a nice supply of pictures of.
Moe’s Kevin Mottai held off Daniel Krouse for the 16 novice win. In 16 rookie action, the South End Two Guys Pizza ride of Brandon Miville proved too much for the rest of the gang. Spencer Cole, in an impressive first day of his BMX career, finished second.
In 14 ex / 15 nov combined it would be Josh Sanford and Logan Mitchell battling hard in all three rounds with some very close racing. Josh would finish in the top spot but Logan and he crashed hard at the finish line in the second round. Logan would take a trip to the hospital to have his ankle looked at. On Monday he was on crutches but is planning on racing this weekend.
Ray Watts was the fastest 15 yr old rookie today while Jenn Martinsen won the 15 girls class. The “Candy-Man” Anthony Reilly, kept the Joan’s Candy Cupboard sponsored bike out front enough to win the 13 / 14 novice class. James Oslander’s streak of wins is intact as he powered his way to yet another perfect in 14 rookie. Daryl Schad aced a perfect with three wins in 13 rookie action and Aggro’s Josh Thimmish would be the hot-rod in 11X / 12N combined racing.
Tim Osborne won the 12 rookie class while Dan Delisle did the same in 10X / 11N combined. 9 riders were in the house in the 11 rookie group so a main event would be required to determine a winner. While Mike Valentine and Gabe Cruz were perfect through their motos, the main event showdown would be won by Gabe with Mike right behind him for second.
A1 Self Storage’s Amanda Wedge won the 11 girls class. In 10N / 9X combined Todd Maniscalchi and Nick Killmer traded wins but Todd would win the third round tie-breaker. Uncle Pat’s Matt Bovat had it all together today as he stayed in the lead in all three rounds of 10 rookie motos.
Shalynn Mari Brown had it all her way in the 11 yr old girls class as she kept Chealsee Kalivas behind her all day long. Mike Guerin held off a determined Jon Zeiner in the 4 rider 9 novice class. Austin Lillis pretty much did the same in the 9 rookie division.
Matt Guerin powered his way to a win in the combined classes of 7N / 8N. In the 8 rookie main event Ethan Lazenby Olshevsky held off RJ Miville for the win. Pete Franolich had a solid third.
10 riders were in the house in the 7 rookie gang. Jake Des Marais and Owen Giese would finish 1 – 2 after both were perfect in their motos.
Rob Delamare, traveling all the way from Providence R.I. just to ride his favorite step-down, aced a perfect in 40-44 cruiser. 6 riders chargin hard in the 30-34 / 35-39 Cruiser class and Garrick Yanosky edged Bob Des Marais for the win. In 6 rookie racing action another large throng of riders were on hand. With 12 riders in the mix Lane Maher would transfer to the main after winning all his motos and then take his winning streak right through the main event. Jacob Koenig was 2nd and Collin Penn grabbed 3rd. Another main was required in the 5 & under rookie class. Ryan Sheppard, out of New Fairfield, would beat the local guys and Kaine-Dog Murphy was 2nd. Bristol’s Conor Guilford had a nice 3rd.
The 11-12 / 9-10 cruiser division was won by Ali Thimmish.
Being Father’s day we were able to entice 6 fathers to put their racing skills to the test and the race was its usual ugly excitement. When the gate dropped we fear fathers would drop also. Our fears weren’t too far from becoming reality. As they sped down the from straight it was obvious that the typical male competitive juices were flowing like Niagara Falls. Josh Wilson had a great first straight and was positioned to power his way right to the front as they exited turn 1. He powered his way so hard that once he had the lead it lasted no more then 1 second as he exploded in a cloud of dust. All the way around the survivors sped until the last straight Pat Murphy and Perry Cole would tangle with Perry managing to stay on his bike for the win. Pat got up and finished second, Marc Buck was third with Steve Penn finishing ahead of a dusty Josh Wilson for forth.
The Open Wheels gang put on their usual exciting display of racing. Making today’s main event was Jason Bush, Pete Lorenzo, Allen Currier, Rob Zuffelato, Steve Oldham and Ty Johnson. Currier got the snap out of the gate but Lorenzo took the lead in the first turn. Johnson got in for of Oldham and they were latterly off to the races. No changes as they hit the final straight. Lorenzo won it , Currier second and Ty Johnson and Steve Oldham looked tied for third. Some thought Johnson while others though Oldham. The third place award was given to Oldham. Bob Warnicke Scolarship Race next Sunday and a Warrior Series race as well. See you then.