Race Report June 24th

Week number 8

Week number 8 and there was no real threat of rain. What a bonus! Couple that with the annual Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race and throw in an Ultimate Warrior race and you have a decent 193 riders in attendance. The day started by naming 16 rookie Brandon Milville as last week’s Rider-Of-The-Week for his efforts on 6-17-07. Brandon said Pete Balotti was his favorite rider. The track announcer talked briefly about Bob Warnicke and then proudly announced that $875 would be donated to the fund from the proceeds of this race. We also signed on board three new riders bringing our 2007 total to 76.
This was stop number 3 on the Ultimate Warrior Pro-Am Challenge series and 18 showed up for a piece of the pie. After three rounds of motos and two semis the final eight would read like a whose-who in local BMX. Max Egdorf, Billy Ripley, Ty Johnson, Pete Lorenzo, Chris Keller, Allen Currier, Harley Kelley and Steve Oldham. After introductions it was time for the main event. When the gate slammed down it was 8 wide down the front chute. Into turn one Keller would bail it and slam hard into the asphalt. Harley Kelley had the lead with the Ripper in close pursuit. From that point on the changes back in the pack were numerous with tremendous moves put on in turn three. When the dust settled it would be Kelley the winner, Ripley second and Oldham third. Two guys thought it necessary to discuss some personal matters in the parking lot and, let it be known, have put the future of similar Pro-Am races in jeopardy.
In amateur racing action the on track stuff was just as hot.
In 17 & over girls it was Danielle Jolicoeur, Cassy Scott and Allcia Reel finishing in that order all three times.
In 25 & over novice & expert combined it was a main event that determined the winner. London Wilmont, making his 2007 debut at Foothills one to remember by winning the class, Kevin Clark would be the only novice in the top three and New Jersey’s Rob Bennett finishing third. Another class requiring a main event was the 17 – 24 expert class. Dan Buckner would lay claim to that title with Armando Curbello second and Shawn Kennedy third. The 16X and 17-24N gang was combined together and Carl Norris would be the winner with Jeremey Bakunis finishing second. In 17 rookie action Dave Norris was perfect keeping Dan Sears and Tim Walsh Jr. behind him all three rounds.
In 15X / 16N racing Anthony Del Vento won all three rounds. Brandon Milville and Pat Burbank traded wins in the first two rounds of 16 rookie racing with Burbank winning the tie-breaking third round for the overall win. In 15 Novice action it was good to see Logan Mitchell back at it this week but Josh Sanford would again be the overall winner.
The 15R class only had two riders and it was Ray Watts beating Brandon Jones. 14 and 15 yr old grils were combined and 15 yr old Jenn Martinsen beat 14 yr old Amy Block.
The BMX Bad-Boys (14X), would see Video Worlds Paul Maher winning every round. Kyle Strong sure made him work for it as he keep the heat turned up in every race. The 14 rookie gang saw Zach Puglisi get the best of local James Oslander for the win.
The 13N class would see Brandon Stapinsky ace a perfect and Carlos Gonzalez did the same in 13 rookie. Angela Therriault captured the 12 / 23 grils win.
Classic racing was in the 12X class with Zack Andringa beating the track champion Kyle Block two of three. New York’s Jay Patterson was right in the mix.
The Weight Room’s Austin Vaillancourt made it two of three moto wins in 11 / 12N action with The George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer settling for second. Tim Osborne grabbed the win in 12 rookie.
11 yr old rookies saw three riders vying for the win that eventually went to Mike Valentine. Amanda Wedge, sponsored by A1 Self Storage, beat the Stich Painting and Power Wash’s Jayna Roy in 11 yr old girls racing.
The 10X hot-rods were in the house and Dan Delisle made it two of three in front of Zack O’Neil for the overall win. Zack has been focusing more on two wheelers with motors as opposed to pedal-powered machines this year.
10N / 9 X combined racing saw Nick Killmer win his last race ever as a novice. This was his 20th win and he is now an expert. Nice going Nick! The 10 rookie class would have a 5 rider shootout and Uncle Pat’s Matt Bovat was the “Dominator” Wes Reel settled for the second place trophy.
The 10 yr old girls clas had enough riders to force the need for a main event. Jess Maher and Julionna Olson were both perfect through their motos and the main event showdown went to Maher.
The combining of the 8N and 9N class saw Oxy Cares Jonathan Zeiner only winning one moto but, based on the finishes of everyone else, he had enough for the first place finish overall. Chris Therriault aced a perfect score in 8N / 9N combined.
Robbie Des Marais held off The Pin Shop Hobbie’s Larry Coderre for the 9 rookie win. RJ Milville kept his streak alive by winning 8 rookie and Devin Murphy won the 5-7 / 8 girls class.
In the 7 novice mix Justin Boissonnault stayed in front and a hard crash was had by Tyler Coenraads. Tyler would be okay. In 7 rookie racing Jake Des Marais would win all his motos and the main event with Owen Giese second and Shawn Graveline, salvaging a third on a day he’d probably like to forget.
The 40-44 cruiser gang was stacked and John McDowell came out on top with Pieter Coenraads keeping the heat up and the return of Butch Feitel would see him finish third.
Erik maher was the top dog in 30-34 cruiser. Zack Pirulli won the 13-14 / 17-24 cruiser class as Joe Prince joined the class this week for the first time ever.
In 6 rookie action Luke McAdams won the main event with harwinton’s Lane Maher second and Jacob Koenig third. Another main event this week in 5 & under racing with Hunter Zeiner, sponsored by CT Flooring LLC put the other half of the Zeiner tandem in the winners circle. By the way, Mom Mary-Ann Zeiner ran a marathon this morning and also went home a winner. A nice Sunday for this clan. The 12-12 cruiser class win went to the Animal, Zack Andringa while Zack O’Neil captured the win in 9-10 cruiser action.
It was a nice day of racing as we approach the half way point in the season. Don’t forget the BMX Camp next week and see you all on Sunday.