Race Report May 13th

Week number 2

What a difference a week makes. Last week we literally fell on our faces with our internal processes and learning a new NBL computer race program. After a Monday night meeting where we walked through the entire process virtually item by item, today’s payoff was an on-time start and a smoothly run event.
Being Mother’s day and piggy-backed to an NBL Regional event in Meriden, our rider count was down a bit but still 171 riders split into 44 motos is not too bad. Additionally, we enjoyed 16 new riders bringing our total this year to a whopping 56 after only 2 weeks.
The Highlight of the day had to be the Mother’s Day race where 6 brave moms got on bikes and rode the track while their screaming kids where in the announcers tower yelling “Pedal-Pedal-Pedal” for about 2 minutes without stopping. I wonder where they learned that?
Marianne Sklarsky was the fastest as she negotiated the track very nicely. Heidi D’Amelio was second quickest and Korrie Elwood was third. Chris Passeck ended up forth while Lisa Ferris ended up on the ground in front of the announcers tower. She would get up and finish fifth. Angela Rovinelli had the most problems as she fell more than once but was a great sport. All agreed they really enjoyed it but don’t expect them do ever do it again!
In listing the finishes as the motos were run, The Moore & Morrison Siding and Windows sponsored Danielle Jolicoeur was perfect as she was a little quicker than Jen Martinsen in the 15 – 17 girls class. The 25-29 Novice class was combined with the 35 & over experts and 35 & over novice riders and Garrick Yanosky was the top guy in this bunch after winning every moto plus the main event. Kevin Clark, about 2 weeks away from being a dad, was 2nd and Fred Roy, sponsored by Home Sweet Home Cleaning, managed a 3rd.
The 17-24 Expert gang was there and it would be the Merli Automotive sponsored Darrin Merli edging out Dan Buckner for the win. In 17-24 novice action, Shane McPherson started off well with a moto win in the first round but bad luck after that would allow Carl Norris to go home a winner.
The “Legion-of-Doom” (17 & over rookie) was won by Josh Dellinger who, looking like he would win last week until he fell, then lost his shoe in one of the most memorable motos, finished 2nd.
The “Mod-Squad” (16 Ex) only had 3 riders and they finished the same in all 3 motos. Josh Fish, Justin Markie then Dylan Hickey. Josh Sanford continue his fantastic run with a perfect in 15-16 novice combined.
Spencer Cole, a new rider last week, would win the 16 rookie class. Keith Brown was pretty dominate in the 15 rookie class. Video World’s Paul Maher, after winning at the Meriden Regional earlier in the day, came out to Foothills and won here as well in 14 ex – 14 nov combined. Bryan Szabo won in 14 rookie.
In 13 ex Zak McLaughlin and Jacob Fish traded moto wins in the first two rounds but the tie breaker was won by Fish. Jason Chamis was perfect in 12 ex – 13 nov combined and James Oslander easily won the 13 rookie class on his home track.
Plainville’s Angela Therriault topped a brand new rider, Nina Rintharamy, in 12 – 13 girls action but Nina looks like her learning curve will be very short.
The 11 ex – 12 nov combined group saw the Weight Room’s Austin Vaillancourt topping Nate Martinsen. Ross Motor Car’s Mike Castle beat Trevor Simmons in 12 rookie.
The always-improving Dan Delisle won 10 ex-11 nov combined while Austin Cyr had to work hard to win 11 rookie. Amanda Wedge beat the Stich Painting & Power Wash sponsored Jayna Roy in 11 girls racing.
Peak Performance’s T.J. Maniscalchi won 10 nov – 9 ex combined and “Uncle Pat’s” Matt Bovat won 2 of 3 motos for the overall win in 10 rookie. Speaking of 10 yr olds, Jessica Maher, after stepping on a nail only a few days ago, nailed down a win in the 10 girls class.
Mike Guerin handled the riders in 8 nov and 9 nov combined in his motos while Alex Alfano did the same in his separate grouping. But in the Main Event it would be Mike Guerin all the way around for the win.
The 9 year old rookie class also had a to go to a main to decide a winner and it would be show-down time for Austin Lillis and Robbie Desmarais. They both were perfect in their motos so the main should be a good one. It sure lived up to expectations. Lillis won it, Desmarais was 2nd and Koe Forbes managed a 3rd.
It would be the same situation in the 8 yr old rookie division as R.J. Miville and Larry Coderre both won all of their motos. In the main it was Coderre coming out on top. It was great to see the Tactical Arms sponsored Devon Ferris back racing after taking last year off. Nothing wrong with a solid 3rd place finish.
Julionna Olson won all of her motos for the 8 yr old girls class, unlike her dad who could have done the same had he not crashed while leading his 3rd moto at the Regional in Meriden. (Chain popped of the rear free wheel).
The 6 and 7 yr old novices were combined together and Matt Guerin handled that group quite well, at least for this week. With guys like Sky Elwood and Colby Hickey, who just moved up at this race, it should be up for grabs each week.
Another rookie main event would be needed to crown a 7 yr old champ. The kid who just discovered Foothills BMX only a few weeks ago, can really lay down some fast times. Ethen Lazenby Olshevski won his motos and the main event. Jake Desmarais, no doubt on a bike from “Bikers Edge” the store his dad owns, enjoyed a solid 2nd while Owen Geise finished 3rd.
In the Cruiser classes Steve Rossi won the 40-44, 45-49 combined class, Rob Desmarais (Bikers Edge owner) won 35-39. Dan Delisle won the 8 & under, 9-10 combined class. With a very strong rookie turnout again this year, the 6yr old division would also need a main event to determine this weeks top-gun. Lane Maher was 1st, Jacob Konig 2nd and Collen Penn 3rd.
The 16 & over open wheels gang were on hand with 11 riders vying for the 8 spots in the main event. In a surprise luck of the draw, Steve Oldham would draw gate 8 to put him at a disadvantage, while Allen Currier would draw gate 1. Filling out the starting grid was Ty Johnson (J.P. Maquire & Associates), Dylan Hickey, Pete Balotti, Justin Markie, Pete Lorenzo and Merli Automotive’s Darrin Merli. As the gate slammed down Oldham on the outside and Currier on the inside would lead the tight pack into turn one. Currier, with that inside line, got a great bite on the asphalt and propelled to a one-bike length lead halfway up the 2nd straight. Into turn two. Lorenzo got to 2nd and, as they hit turn 3, he dove to the inside and looked like he had a shot going into the drop-off. As they flew over the jump Pete bump it or something. He simply exploded! Thunder was now rolling and no one could make the pass. Crossing the stripe the order was, Currier, Oldham, Balotti, Markie, Johnson, Merlie, Hickey and Lorenzo.
Next week will be the first of 5 Ultimate Warrior Series of races for the 16 & over gang. Please remember that we are back to our regular starting time of a 1:30 gate drop. Have a great week everyone.