Race Report May 6th

Week number 1

This year we sent out just over 15,000 flyers to 31 local schools, down from 16,000 to 33 schools last year. Then we had rain on 2 of our 3 Open House nights. None-the-less, 222 riders split into 58 motos is not too bad considering the above.
The biggest frustration of the day, and there were many for certain staff members, was the new NBL Race program. After years of trying, the NBL has released a windows based program replacing the old DOS program. With a totally different interface, and a lot of “rules” to follow, I’m afraid that we simply fell on our face trying to get started. All I can offer is that we will be meeting to try and streamline our learning curve and get it behind us.
A good turnout of riders was there for the 16 & over open wheels class. Split into two groups is was really hot watch them vie for the 8 qualifying positions. In the Main event Steve Oldham grabbed the lead and held it through the first two turns. Allen Currier was on a mission and as they flew by the announcers tower, Thunder got on the inside of Steve and completed the pass as they exited the third turn. Steve gave him enough room to pass him cleanly and Pete Lorenzo was able to follow Currier through the same hole. When they crossed the stripe it was Currier, Lorenzo and Oldham grabbing the cash.
In the expert classes, only 24 were present but they sure put on a thrill-show. The biggest class; 17 – 24 ex, was really rockin the house. 10 riders were vying for the 8 positions available in the main event and it was a thrill to watch. Dan Bycenski and Ty Johnson each won their grouping in the first round. Todd Snow and Darrin Merli won the second round and it was Merli and Dan Buckner winning the third round. In the main event it was the Merli Automotive sponsored Darrin Merli winning the main, Dan Bycenski was 2nd, Dan Buckner 3rd and Shawn Kennedy was 4th.
Josh Fish would win two of three motos to win the 16 ex class, edging out Ryan Cebollero and Jon Barna. Peak Performances Mike Eaton was perfect in 15 ex while Aggro Bike’s Shaun O’Connor did the same in 14 ex. 13 ex and 13 novice combined was won by Peak Performances David Clark. Aggro’s Zak Andringa was the fastest in 12 ex. Josh Thimmish also put the team Aggro colors in the winners circle in 11 ex. Former National Champion Zac O’Neil won a closely contested 10 ex class as he, Dan Delisle and Austin Vincent all won motos. Peak Performance’s T. J. Maniscalchi won the 10 nov-9 ex combined class by beating the two older novices in his grouping.
19 girls were on hand and are always amazing to watch their riding skills. The in 15 – 17 group it was the Moore & Morrison Windows and Siding sponsored Danielle Jolicoeur beating the younger Jen Martinsen. Angela Theriault, sporting the Aggro colors topped Amy Block in 13-14 Girls action. Ali Thimmish grabbed the win in 12 yr old girls racing for team Aggro. Amanda Wedge edged out the Stich Painting & Power Wash sponsored Jayna Roy in the 11 yr old girls class. Jessy Maher was perfect in the six rider 10 yr old girls class and Julionna Olson kept Jenny Fish behind her to win the 8 yr old class. The more experienced Mackenzie Atchison beat a very cute Alysha Olson to win 5-7 girls.
In novice racing comp it was Home-Sweet-Home Cleanings Fred Roy winning the 25 & over combined class. In 17-24 action Carl Norris won two of three motos for the overall win. Sponsored again this year by Winchester Modular Housing, Jeremy Bakunis won the 16 novice division. Josh Sandford rewarded his new sponsor, Midtown Auto Parts with his first win of the year, at least at Foothills. The Candy-man, Anthony Reilly, was dominant in 14 novice racing. Even finishing 3rd in his 3rd moto, The Weight Room’s Austin Vaillancourt had enough points to win the 12 novice class. Chris Pfeffer, coming off a lost 2006 season, was back and in charge in 11 nov action. The 8 and 9 yr old novices were combined together and it was hot action. Gabe Alfano would be the winner when the dust cleared. Goshen New York’s Ryan Ellefson was consistent enough to win the 6 – 7 novice combined class. Dan Krouse won the 45 – 49 Cruiser class, while Bob Mahner, looking like he was bouncing off one side of the Tapanzee bridge to the other, apparently scared everyone enough to stay behind him as he won the 40 – 44 cruiser class. Tommy Keunn, sporting his GHP jersey was top dog in 35-39 action. Don Olson and Aggro’s Jay Fraga (CruiserJay) traded wins in 30-34 racing with Olson taking 2 of 3. Ali Thimmish topped Krystal Donner in 12 & under-17-24 action and Zac McCready won 17-24.
83 rookies saved the day for rider count and winners were as follows: Tim Walsh Jr in 17 & over; Anthony Arena in 16 R; Colby Lake in 15 R; Bryan Szabo in 14 R; James Oslander in 13 R; Ross Motorcars Mike Castle in 12 R; Gabe Cruz in 11 R; Christain Berti in 10 R; Austin Lillis in 9 R and Larry Coderre in 8 R;
The highlite of the day may have been in the 17 & over rookie class when, in the 2nd round, Josh Dellinger crashed got up, jumped back on his bike then lost his shoe. He kept going and ended up 2nd after passing three riders.
Thanks to everyone who attended and we hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did having you spend your Sunday with us.