Race Report August 10th, 2008

Week 16

At the February meeting of Nutmeg BMX the 2008 schedule was agreed upon by all four tracks. We kind of rolled the dice by picking a date so late in the season for our only double points race. The gamble was that there was little opportunity for a make up if the race were rained out as the season ends in only two short weeks. The benefit is that we felt the attendance would be great as people, who don’t frequent Foothills BMX on a regular basis, might want to use this race as a means of getting the track dialed in for the upcoming State Championship race on September 7th. We all watched the long range weather reports with our fingers crossed as Sunday approached. On Saturday we knew this was going to be a good one as we had already received 185 pre-registrations.
On Sunday, with zero chance of rain and one of the top ten days of the year weather-wise, the registration people were kept busy. At race time the rider count was an impressive 251 riders in the amateur classes, 3 in the Elite Open and another 10 in the Bikers Edge Ultimate Warrior Pro-Am race. 264 riders would make this the biggest race in the state so far this year.
Only three falls in the first round put everyone at ease and the racing was great in all 64 motos.
Also today was stop number 5 of the Biker’s Edge Ultimate Warrior Race. With ten riders entered it would be a $300 purse with the first spot paying $150. Points Leader Allen Currier was not here so it would be an opportune time for second place Max Egdorf and third place Pete Lorenzo to make up some ground. With points awarded in the motos both Max and Pete would earn firsts and seconds. The lineup for the main was Lorenzo, Egdorf, Rivera, Ripley, Maher, Markie, Campbell and Balotti.
Ty Johnson pulled himself out of the race due to an ankle injury during the first round. Kyle Strong, making his debut in the Warrior Series was the other rider not making the main. When the gate dropped both Lorenzo and Egdorf broke away from the pack with Rivera not too far behind in the third slot. As they hit the entry to turn three, Egdorf dove to the inside. He was coming in so fast he couldn’t hold his line and drifted up into Pete. Lorenzo was forced to ride over the top on the berm with Max losing all of his momentum as well. Rivera would be the benefactor and put the only Cruiser in the race in the winners circle. Billy Ripley was second and Pete Balotti was third. It looks like this wont change the points race at all going into the Championship race on September 7th as only your best 4 races are counted. Max could afford to throw away this race but Pete really needed a good finish. It now looks like his 2008 chances went into the turn three poison ivy. He'll be itching for some money at the Champ race.
With 5 women competing in the 17 & over class Michelle Main looked perfect and race perfect as she won every moto. The second spot went to Gina Layman while Nicole Milton finished third.
Chistine Gryzbek managed to hold off an aggressive Amy Block for the win in 16 Girls.
Katie Edgar kept her CMR colors up front all day in the 14 Girls class. Foothills regular (GHP) had to settle for second place and the third spot went to Victoria Sunbury.
State Champion Brianna Clinton dominated the 13 girls class. Carly Curtin was second and Gabby Boxall was third.
Amanda Wedge had it all her way in the 12 girls class as her usual nemesis Katie Moody, was just touching the gate due to her wrist injury suffered at the Pottstown race last week. Jayna Roy would finish second.
In the 10-11 girls group 7 riders would create the need for a main event to determine the winner. With Jess Maher perfect through her motos and the same with Mel Cianciola perfect in hers, it looked like a classic showdown between these two riders. That’s exactly what happened and it would be Melanie who went home with the big trophy with Jessy second. The third place award went to Chealsee Kalivis.
Devon Murphy edged out Mackenzie Atchison for the 9 yr old girls win.
In the 8 girls class, local Kyly Milton beat Katrina Campbell for the win.
In the 5-7 girls class, Dixie Damelio, in a rare appearance at Foothills would show how far she has come since last year as she easily won the class. Liz Passeck looked good in the second spot and brand new rider Ashley Jasensky (with a hot looking Johnson number plate) was third.
A good number of experts were vying for some big double points. In 35-40 expert (I didn’t even know there was such a class) Bulldog’s Mike Gage got it done while Garrick Yanosky was second and Mike Sigrist third.
Kevin Clark beat Mike Greco in 26-34 expert action.]
19-25 action was hot with 5 hot rods going at it. It would be Juston Coelho Holding off a hard charging Dan Buckner for that win. Zak McCready was the third place finisher.
16 ex saw Anthony Del Vento edged out Pauly Maher in a possible preview of the tropy dash on Sept 7th. The third spot went to Kyle Strong.
A full gate in 15ex where CMR’s Jesse Edgar was the winner with a perfect. The second spot went to Mike Dombrowski and Colby Benoit earned a third.
Zack Pirulli aced a clean sweep in 14ex keeping DJ Scott and Dan Germain behind him.
Kyle Block, our three time track champion, looked a little nervous when he saw the fast guy from Las Vegas, Austin Fowble in the house. Kyle got two of three in the win column for the ovedrall. Fowble was second and Austin Cyr managed a third. Austin Baled hard in the second round but was okay.
Shawn McAuley edged out CMR’s Mike Iurato in 12 ex. Ryan McCoy was third.
Three time National Champ Zac O’Neil won the 11 ex class but Dan Delisle sure pushed him to the limit. Dan was second and Fusco’s auto Salvage Chris Pannullo was third.
The 10 ex class went to New York’s Casey Tanner. State Champ Chris Therriault was second and Jon Zeiner finished third.
Dave Moody was the only 9 ex here so he was combined with the 10 novice class where he proved its not age but skill level as he won every moto.
The 8 ex gang got combined with 9 nov but Justin Boissonneault (8 ex) stayed in front of Dan Gruber (9 Nov) and Nick Cote’ (8 ex).
In 35-40 novice, El-Presidente, William Clinton, won theclas with Xtreme Marines (CMR) Mike Jasensky second and John Ross third.
Jeremey Bakunis was top gun in 17-18 nov with Dylan Rooney second.
Eric Razzala would overcome a fourth place 1st round finish to be the overall winner in 15 nov. Jon Daversa was a close second while Frank Spignolo was third.
Alec Norkowski won all three round in the 13 nov class. The second spot went to Dan Miklovich and Tim Osborne was third.
Dave Main captured the win in 12 nov with Jash Rivera second and George Norton third.
In 11 nov, Oakville’s Matt Bovat won it all with Russ Campbell second and Trevor Fox sliding into third in a five rider class,
Kobe Covington was the first 10 nov across the stripe with RJ Miville (Jack’s Autobody) second and Larry Coderre (Pin shop Hobbies) third.
Austin Clinton won the 8 novice class.
Hartford County Tattoo’s Lane Maher (Superfly) won the 7 novice group with Collin Penn second and Luke McAdams third.
Alexander Kuehn and Hunter Zeiner (Oxycare) finished 1-2 in 6 nov while Arefin Milton was the only 5 nov in the house.
In the Cruiser Classes Joey Watley and len Ferris were the two competitors in the Geritol Group (50 & over). A clean shaven Watley would prevail while Len Ferris would tuck-n-roll at the finish line in the third round. If his feet were closer together he would have been rated a ten but we only gave him a 4.5.
Pieter Coenraads (Flyin Dutchman) won the 4-49 class with Butch Feitel second and Stu McCready third.
In the 40-44 class Tom Johnson (Cutting Edge) was perfect with Fred the Flyin Ferret Roy second and Todd Zeigher third.
Garrick Yanosky edged out GHP’s Tom Kuehn for the win in 35-39 with Erik Maher third.
Alex Rivera won 30-34 action but there would be bigger and better things for him later in the day.
Gina Layman beat Therese Campbell in 35-39 / 45 & Over Woman’s Cruiser.
Angela Therriault beat Brianna Clinton in 13-14 girls cruiser.
Zac O’Neil beat Dan Delisle in 11-12 Cruiser. The 9-10 class went to Chris Therriault with Josh Walsh second and Jake Layman third.
In the Rookie Classes winners were:
Brandon Miville in 17 & over.
Benny Ayala (CJR) in 16 Rookie.
Alek Smith in 15 Rookie.
Zack Watkins in 14 Rookie.
Seth Norris in 13 Rookie.
Nick Hull in 12 Rookie.
Wes Reel in 11 Rookie.
Pete Franolich in 10 Rookie.
Josh Walsh in 9 Rookie.
Brandon Jasensky (Vectro Custom Computers) in 8 Rookie.
Colin Riggs In 7 Rookie.
Seth Norton in 6 Rookie.
Jamie Corseillo in % & Under Rookie.

Please remember to register before Sept 1st for the State Championship.