Race Report August 3rd, 2008

Week number 14

Well, can you believe beautiful weather and no holiday of National event. We did follow the triple pointer the day before in Meriden but the crowd was decent by 2008 standards with 144 riders in 42 motos.
For those who were at the triple on Saturday, you know the amount of rain that fell in a short period of time. The same rain hit the Foothills track and upon arriving Sunday morning it was obvious that it was equally intense here as ruts were numerous. Thanks to numerous volunteers, most of which were kids, the track was restored in about 2.5 hours.
One of the highlites of the day was Mike Cohen, who announced the third round of motos. Mike will be filling in for me on Aug 31st while i'm announcing at the Grands in Louisville. Mike had never announced at a BMX event nor had he ever even seen one. Mike did a great job and we all look forward to hearing more of him.
Katherine Moody was honored in pre-race ceremonies for her efforts the week before and was named Rider of the Week. She claimed Brianna Clinton as her favorite rider. Austin Cyr, Nick Cote’ and Sky Domain were recognized as riders who had earned their Expert status during the week. Congratulations to all of them.
In the order of how the motos were run the finishes were as follows:
In 17 & over women Michelle Main got the best of a continuously improving Nicole Milton. Moto 2 was a combined class and was identified as 17-18 expert / 19-25 expert / 35-40 novice. This would equate to all 8 riders meeting in the main event. Justin Hellwinkel won the main. Josh Sanford (Midtown Auto Parts) was second and Justin Coelho was third. The first novice across the stripe was William Clinton. Hillary was nowhere to be seen.
Brandon Miville and Dan Sears traded wins in 17 & over rookie but Brandon would win the tie-breaking third round.
Pauly Maher was the only 16 expert here and was combined with two 16 novs. He made it look easy with 3 wins. Colby Lake was second and Keith Brown was third.
The 16 rookie class was all team CJR as all three riders were from that campus. Benny Ayala (Yipes Stripes) was the winner with Mike Clark second and Angelo Uriotegui (Super Mex) third.
Four 15 experts were in the house and they sure had a license to thrill. Josh Wedge and Colby Benoit shared wins in the first two round but Josh won the third ensuring the overall title. Colby settled for second and the third spot went to William Barna. The Schweiger Tile and Flooring sponsored Anthony Reilly was forth.
In the wild and whooly 15 novice class Jon Daversa was hot but would wreck in the 2nd turn in the third round allowing The Waterbury Tire sponsored Jim Oslander to inherit the overall win. Jon did manage a second while Halton McCready was third.
A nice group of five in the 15 rookie class but the heavy comp didn’t effect Jimmy Ferris as he easily put the Tactical Arms sponsored ride in the winners circle. The second spot would go to Alex Smith while the third place award went to CJR’s matt Hyatt.
Jason Chamis must have been chomping at the bit as he was the only 14 expert here and got combined with 2 14 novices. He must have been thinking the pickens were gonna be easy. Well, a flat tire in each of the first two rounds would ruin his chances. Dan German got the win with the big guy, Dusty Wilson, second. Oh Well.
New rider just two weeks ago Zak Watkins was perfect in 14 rookie action. He kept Alex Hubbard and Trev Simmons behind him.
In 13-14 girl racing Angela Therriault kept her streak going with yet another win with Victoria Sunbury second and Gabby Boxall third.
In 13 expert racing, three-time track champion, Kyle Block, really had to work hard and recover from a first round fall to win the class. A nice comeback for sure with Austin Cyr second and the “Animal” Zak Andringa third.
In 12 ex / 13 nov racing Shawn McAuley would wreck in the first round, win the next two but have to watch Justin Thompson go home with the first place trophy. The third spot behind Shawn went to George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer.
Chad Daigle aced a “perfect” in 13 rookie action. Finishing second was Matt Clark while Brenden Aleia settled into third.
In 12 nov motos Gabe Cruz (Cruise Control) would win them all. Brianna Clinton was second and the third spot went to George Norton V.
Dylan Vadney grabbed the overall win in 12 rookie as he kept Ken Grenier and Brett Bosek behind him in all three rounds.
Katie Moody and Jayna Roy made up the 12 girls class and Katie would be today’s winner.
The 11 expert class featured former national champion Zac O’Neil winning each moto but it sure wasn’t easy. Right behind him were Chris Pannullo (Fuscos Auto Salvage) and Dan Delisle.
A full gate was the line up in the 11 novice class. Aaron Moccia got it done while the second spot went to T & M’s Jessica Maher while the third spot went to Mike Buonocore was third.
The “Reel deel” Wes Reel won the 11 rookie class. Rich Carlson heating and Cooling sponsored Taylor Yurgalecvicz was second and third went to Ty Hesterberg.
Moto 22 was full of combined riders as it was called 10 ex / 10 nov / 9 ex. So State Champ Chris Therriault (10 ex) aced a “perfect”. Second place went to The Zeiner Tile and Flooring sponsored Jonathan Zeiner (10 ex) while Dave moody (9 ex) was third.
In the 10 rookie class Jeff Vadney only won one moto but his consistency would be enough to eke out the win. Chris Stewart was second and Kevin Germain was third and all three each won a moto. Justin McLaughlin had to settle for fourth.
Eric Passeck dominated the 9 rookie class by winning evey moto plus the main event. Quick-Nick Bates was second and Even Fuchs, in a rare Foothills appearance had a solid third.
Mackenzie Atchison and Emily Daigle were the two 8 yr old girls in attendance and it would be “Mac attack” Mackenzie Atchison coming out on top.
Moto 27 would featured three riders of different classes. The winner was Nick Cote’ (8 expert) second was Sky Domain (7 expert) third was Austin Clinton (8 novice).
Brandon Galeski won all his 8 yr old rookie motos as did Brandon Jasensky (Vectro Custom Computers), In the main event Jasensky earned the win, William Guido snuck into the second spot with Galeski settling for third.
In 8 yr old girls racing former Rider of the week Kyly Milton was the winner with the second spot going to Katrina Campbell and Brielle Hatstat finishing third.
In 5-7 novice racing Superfly, Lane Maher (Hartford County Tattoo) won everything but the real excitement happened in the third round when the two 5 yr olds got tangled in turn one (See photo section). Hunter Zeiner (Oxycare) and Arefin Milton were the ones involved with Arefin getting the worst of it. He would get checked out by the medical staff and deemed fit to ride off into the sunset, little sore but okay.
In 7 yr old rookie action it looked like Colin Riggs would go home with a perfect but a crash in the third round wrecked his bike and his chances for first place. With Colins 4th place third round finish, Leapin Luke Petosa would be declared the winner, Colin settled for the second spot while Ethan Russell-Ward was third.
Three riders were in the house in the 50 & over cruiser class and Marc Cartisano, looking like the only thing that he lost in the four years since we last saw him was a significant amount of hair, easily got the win. The second spot went to Len Ferris while Joey Watley (feeling pretty ill) was third.
Tom Johnson and Fred Roy had their usual battle in 40 – 44 cruiser with the usual results. TJ was first, Fred second and Barefoot Stu McCready was third.
30-34 / 35-39 cruisers saw Greg Sloan and Erik Maher really pushing each other to go faster. It was fun to watch and Greg Sloan would hold off Erik.
Angela Therriault and Therese Campbell made up the 13-14 / 45 & just a little over cruisers. Angela would prevail.
In 5-7 girls action Liz Passeck would earn the first win of her career as she finished just ahead of Megan Fuchs.
Riding under the sponsorship of Tactical Arms, Zak Ferris would win every 6 rookie moto for the last time. Happy birthday to Zak as he will be 7 the next time we see him. The second spot went to Casey Navin and the third position went to Seth Norton In spite of a wreck in the second round (See photo section).
Riley Tweedie won the 5 & under rookie class, Hope Maher second and Derek Fantano third. Dan Delisle held off Chris Pannullo for the win in 11-12 cruiser.
Chris Therriault beat Nick Cote’ in 8 & under / 9-10 cruiser.
In the Open Wheels “dash for cash” Pete Lorenzo dominated.
That’s it for this week, don’t forget, you can save yourself $5.00 per entry fee in the upcoming double pointer by registering this week at the track. The Double Pointer is August 17th. See you next week.