Race Report August 31st, 2008

Week 18

Well it’s over and I had to miss it. Tim McAuley did take some pictures and they will be posted before the end of the week. 177 riders with 43 motos is no joke and a fine turnout on the same weekend as the NBL Grands in Louisville.
Mike Cohen did a great job filling my shoes with some great announcing. Casey Navin got the rider of the week award and I’ll get his picture next week.
Sorry I missed the return of Sally and Brian Mcinnis but so glad to hear they still will race BMX from time to time.
Sally won the 17 & over woman’s class by beating Amber Kumiega two of three times. Christine Gryzbek stayed in front of Amy Block in the 16 girls class.
Looks like three novices and three experts got combined in the crazy 26-34 / 35-40 / 41 & over expert and novice group. Mike Seigrist got the pure win with and Brian McCinnis (JRA Cycles) second. The third place finish belonged to New Yorks Mike Greco. In 17-18 / 19-35 expert action it would be the strange color helmeted Justin Coelho grabbing the brass ring while Zak McCready was second and Kory Buck third.
Mike Eaton won the 16 ex class afgter being combined with 16 nov Colby Lake and 18 Nov Jeremey Bakunis.
Wow, 6 riders in 17 & over Rookie for a change. The two usual guys, Brandon Miville and Dan Sears must have had their hands full. The winner was Brandon Miville with Joe Santiago second and Dan Sears third.
CJR’s Benny Ayala continued his dominance in 16 rookie with yet another win. Teamate Mike clark was second while the third spot went to Ray Clark.
Josh Wedge got the best of Colby Benoit in two of the three 15 ex motos for the over win. Anthony Reilly (Schweiger Tile and Flooring) was third.
In 14x-15n D.J. Scott was the Top Gun. James Oslander (Waterbury Tire and Auto) battled hard for the second spot while third went to Jon Daversa.
Jim Ferris (Tactical Arms) is back and wasted no time going back to his winning ways. He was the quickest in 15 rookie action. Nick Landi was second and the third went to Ben Steen.
Alek Smith won 15 rooki by beating A-Bone (Jer Royer) and his team mate Dave Foster.
Zack Watkins success story contined with his “perfect” in 14 rookie. The second position went to Alex Hubbard while Trev Simmons was third.
In 13-14 girls it would see Angela Therriaults dominating year at Foothills contied as she aced another “perfect”. Ashley Theriault had a solid second while the third spot went to Victoria Sunbury.
Kyle Block won every moto in 13 ex but I bet that the “Animal” Zak Andringa, made him work for it. Stephen Kalla was the third place finisher.
A Main event would be required to crown a champ in 13N and the win was earned by Dan Miklovich. Second went to Tim Osborne and the third spot went to Brett Wojkowski.
Devone Thomas, after upping his trial membership to a full NBL membership celebrated with a 13R win. He beat the second place finish of Mike Romanowski and the third of New rider Casey Mccone. Casey is our 100th new rider this year. Welcome aboard Casey!
Shawn McAuley finished his State’s tune-up with a “perfect” in 12 ex. Ryan McCoy was second and Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center) was third.
11X and 12N were combined and Gabe Cruz (12N) would win the match. Nick Killmer (11X) was second and Jash Rivera was third.
Nick Hull finished second in the third round but his two earlier wins assured himself a spot in the winners circle in the 12R class. Dylan Vadney was second and Brett Bosek was third.
In 11-12 Girls racing Katie Moody continued her way back from the Pottstown injury by winning the class. Amanda Wedge settled for second and third went to Jess Maher (T&M Builders).
Five riders in the 11 novice class resulted in Matt Bovat (Uncle Pat) earning a hard fought win. Battling hard also was second place finisher Tommy-Lee Busky who actually won two motos but fell in the second round to seal his fate. Third went to Ian Dickinson.
In 11R competition it was Wes Reel scoring wins in all three rounds. The overall second place finish went to Phil Miklovich and third went to Taylor Yurgalevicz (Rich Carlson heating and Cooling).
Serious combining in 10X / 10N / 9X. Winning that mix was Todd Maniscalchi with Dave moody second and Chris Therriault third.
The 10 rookie class must have been fun to watch as there were 9 riders divided into two motos with 8 making the transfer to the Main event. With moto wins going to Pete Franolich, Brandon Wojtkowski, Chris Stewart, Jeff Vadney and Austin Wagner, the sand bags must have been flying everywhere in the Main event. The win went to Mike Wasilonsky (Zeller Tire).
In 8X and 9X racing it would be Nick Cote’ holding off Justin Boissonneault for the win with Justin Rivera third.
Jack Pagano, (who?) won the 9R class with Justin Fracasso second and Kyle Johnston third.
Sky Domain was in peak form and easily won the 7X / 8N combined class. Austin Clinton was second with Owen Giese (Bell Electric) third.
A Main event would be required in 8R and no sandbags flying around in this one. Brandon Jasensky (Vectro Custom Computers) got the job done. Dustin Petosa was second and third went to William Guido.
Kyly Milton won the 5-7 / 8 girls clas kepping Katrina Campbell in tow for the second with Katie Dingler third.
In 5 & Under novice and 7 nov racing it was Lane Maher (Hartford County tattoo) our winner. Collin Penn was second and Tom Gladstone was third.
Luke Petosa won the 7R class with a full gate of riders competing. Zack Ferris (Tactical Arms) was second and third went to Colin Riggs.
In the 6R group Casey Navin would show why he was chosen Rider of the Week last week with his “perfect” right through the Main event. Dustin Souza was second and third went to Seth Norton.
Riley Tweedie won the 5 & under rug-rat division while Derek Fantano was the second moto-mite with Max Gustafson the third Ankle biter to cross the stripe.
Vermont’s Tim Buck won the 45-49 Cruiser division as a fourth place finish keep Butch Feitel out of contention he battled hard through the first two rounds. He would be second with third going to Stu McCready.
In 35-39 Old Skull Garrick Yanosky stayed in front of vacation returning Rob Desmarais and Erik Maher for the win.
Alex Rivera beat Greg Sloan for the win in 30-34 Cruiser while Angela Therriault would stay in front of Sally McInnis (JRA Cycles) in 13-14 / 35-39.
Chris Therriault beat Nick Cote’ in 8 & Under Cruiser.
Sounds like it was a great way to end the season. Thanks to all the fill in volunteers who stepped up while some of us were away at the Grands. A lot of grands videos are available for free viewing at www.go211.com
See you at the State Championship next week.