Race Report July 20th, 2008

Week number 12

Well here we go again being a weekend track we are subject to the sanctioning bodies National Events. No exception this week as Bethel Supercross hosted a NBL Northeast Regional race and nearby Whip City an ABA National event. Couple that with the most oppressive heat wave of the year, a scheduled one hour later start and this race would be the smallest in 5 years with only 117 riders split into 33 motos.
None the less, the predicted monsoon held off and we did get all three rounds of motos into the record books. It was really great to see a contingent from the ABA’s Bad-Apples team making their first visit to Foothills and we certainly hope the Williams clan enjoyed themselves.
In the pre-race opening comments 13 yr old Gabby Boxall was named the rider of the week after scoring her first win ever last week at Foothills. She named all the riders that she races against as her favorite riders.
8 yr old Shawn Graveline performed the National Anthem.
In a heavily mixed class of 16X/17-18N/19-25X and 26-34X it would be Zak McCready claiming victory as the lowest score and Josh Sandford was second with Kevin Clark third.
Ryan Souza joined the ranks of the 17 & over rookie class but it would be an energized Dan Sears winning the class with Brandon Miville second. Souza was the third place rider.
In 15x – 16n it was Josh Wedge stylin & smiling as he aced a “perfect” with the “Oreo-Man” William Barna second and Keith Brown third.
In the CJR 16 rookie class Benny Ayala was first with Ang Uriotegui second and Rob Magi third.
The Weight Room’s Austin Vaillancourt was the only 13x in the house so he was combined with three 15 novs. The result was an impressive win for the Schweiger Tile and Flooring sponsored Anthony Reilly as this was his 20th win as a novice and he became the newest Expert in the country. The second spot went to Jon Daversa with Vaillancourt third.
Riding under the sponsorship of tactical Arms, Jimmy Ferris won the 15 rookie class with “A-Bone” Jeremiah Royer finishing second.
The 14 rookie class featured a “perfect” from James Dumont with new rider Zack Watkins second and Trevor Simmons third. Jose Acosta continues to improve and is now up to the pack. Stay with it Jose!.
Angela Therriault was again the winner in the 13-14-17 & over female group with Nicole Milton second and Gabby Boxall third.
12X – 13 N racing and it would be 13n Austin Cyr and 12x Shawn McAuley battling for the top two spots again this week. Austin won all three rounds today with Shawn second and George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer third.
Alex Hubbard got it done by beating Brenden Aleia in 13 rookie action. Four riders raced in the 12 novice class and there were three different moto winners with Brianna Clinton, Gabe Cruz and Ryan McCoy all winning a moto. When the scores were tallied up it was Brianna Clinton edging out Gabe Cruz for the crown.
Nick Hull was Top_Gun in 12 rookie racing with Dylan Vadney right behind him and Kenny Grenier third.
Katherine Moody continues her impressive year of improvement as she won two of thrr 12 girl motos capturing the overall win. Amanda Wedge was second and “Bad-Apples” Brianna Williams was third.
The 11 ex title went to Former nat’l champion Zack O’Neil. Fusco’s Used Auto Parts Chris Pannullo was a solid second and Dan Delisle was third.
For the first time in recent memory Mike Buonocore was “perfect” in the 11 nov class withUncle Pat sponsored Matt Bovat second and Ian Dickinson slid into the third spot.
11 rookies saw Wes Reel doling out a perfect score with Rich Carlson Heating & Coolings Taylor Yurgalevics second and Ty Hesterberg third.
T & M Builders Jessy Maher won the 11 Girls class by staying in front of a hard charging Kendra Covington.
In 10 ex action it would take the tie breaking third round to determine that Chris Therriault would win over second place finisher Jon Zeiner (Zeiner Tile & Flooring). The third spot went to Troy Atchison.
Robbie DesMarais topped Trevor Fox and Pin Shop Hobbies Larry Coderre for the win in 10 novice.
Jeff Vadney and Chris Stewart battled hard for the 10 rookie win with Jeff winning two of three. Timmy Dengler was third.
In 9x-9n combined the order of finish was “Bad-Apples” Terrance Williams (expert) first, Jake DesMarais second and Jack Auto Body’s R.J. Miville third.
Nick Bates got the best of Eric Passeck today for the 9 rookie win with The Pine’s Pete Franolich settling for the third spot.
In the 8 novice clash Austin Clinton was the fastest while Mackenzie Atchison was second and Bell Electric’s Owen Giese third.
Bubba Hodge, visiting for the summer from North Carolina, took care of business in the 8 rookie class by keeping his perfect in tact right through the main event. Second in the only main of the day was Dusty Petosa while third went to William Guido. Steven Hull would fall hard on the second straight in the main but eventually was able to get up and ride off into the sunset.
Kyly Milton beat Liz Passeck for the 5-7 / 8 girls win.
The 5 & under novice class, combined with 7 novice riders would see Hartford County Tattoo’s Lane Maher (Superfly) the winner, Collin Peen was second and the order for the two 5 yr old novices was Hunter Zeiner and Arefin Milton.
A full gate of six riders in 7 rookie action and Lucas Petosa would win every moto. Colin Riggs was second with the third spot going to Ethan Russell-Ward.
In 6 rookie racing Dustin Souza would win two of three rounds for the overall while Torrington Firefighters Randy Donaghy was second and Casey Navin third.
Only two riders in the 5 & under rookie class and Hope Maher would be the winner with Devon O’Leary second.
In the 40-44 / 45-49 Cruiser class, Flyin Freddy Roy would earn the win with Moose, Rob Delamare second and Rob Giese third despite a rolling crash in the third round. Stu McCready was fourth.
Finally in the 30-34 / 35-39 group Bikers Edge Bobby DesMarais was the winner, Erik Maher a solid second and Greg Sloan third.
What a hot day ans the temp neared the mid ninety’s and a very high humidity but, its another one in the record books. Thanks to everyone who endured the weather and we’ll see you next week as we go back to our regular starting time.