Race Report July 27th, 2008

Week number 13

Well another Sunday and another forecast for rain in the early afternoon. Couple that with an NBL National event in Bridgewater New York and it equals yet another challenge for a decent rider count. Under very dark skies we started our opening ceremonies where 8 yr old Kyly Milton was named our Rider of the week for her efforts last week. When asked who her favorite rider was, with full expectations that her response would be her father (Greg Sloan) she replied “my favorite rider is me!”.
With an on time gate drop the first of 35 motos got underway with an eye to the sky. 134 riders were here and that related to some good racing in spite of the lower than normal numbers.
The first group of the day was the 15 girls / 17 + woman’s class where Michelle Main, (Who did not break her leg in Trumbull last week) easily won. The second place award went to Nicole Milton while Amy took the third.
The 19-25 expert class was won by Kensington’s Cliff Richards with Justin Hellwinkel, just cruising for the second spot.
17-18 ex / nov saw Josh Sanford and Billy Ripley (experts) combined with novice rider Martin Brown. Officially Josh would be the winner while Martin Brown was second and Billy Ripley was third.
Only two riders were entered in the 17 & over Rookie class and Dan Sears had it all his way. New rider Harold Ibell finished behind him.
In 16 Ex and nov combined Colby Lake beat both Keith Brown and Paul Maher. Pauly was just touching the gate.
In the 16 rookies class CJR’s Benny Ayala, after crashing hard in practice, won after trading wins with Jasen Brewer while Mike Clark was third.
In the 14 ex / 15 ex class disaster would strike even before the race started as New Yorks Jeff Croshier, a top rider for many seasons here at Foothills, would crash hard in practice, take a trip to the hospital with his dad and preliminary reports were a cracked elbow. Good luck and a speedy recovery to one of our favorite riders. The class was won by Josh Wedge, William “Oreo Man” Barna was second and the third spot went to Colby Benoit.
A full gate of 15 rookies saw Tactical Arms sponsored Jim Ferris ace a perfect. The second spot went to James Norris while the third went to Alek Smith.
In 13ex / 14 nov combined it was three time track champion Kyle Block with a perfect. Big Dusty Wilson was second and the Weight Room’s Austin Vaillancourt was third.
Demetri Savvidis grabbed the 14 rookie win keeping James Dumont in second and Zack Watkins finished third.
GHP’s Angela Therriault won the 13-14 girls class with the second spot going to Ashley Theriault while Gabby Boxall was third.
The 12 ex gang got combined with 13 novices and that resulted in a win for State Champion Shawn McAuley. An impressive looking effort from Alec Norkowski and a solid second place finish. Dave Norris was third.
Matt Clark and Brenden Aleia finished one-two in 13 rookie.
In 11ex /12 nov Dan Delisle would finsh the day undefeated. Ryan McCoy made him work for it with a second while George Norton was third. A tough crash for Nick Killmer kept him out of the top three.
Harwinton’s Nicholas Hull dominated the 12 rookie class acing a perfect. Dylan Vadney finished second and Grant Larson earned the third spot.
Good mix of 12 yr old girls with four riders in the house. Katie Moody continued her improvement, this time she earned a perfect in a very competitive class. Amanda Wedge had to settle for two while Jayna Roy was third.
Russ Campbell got it done in honor of his mom’s birthday by winning the 11 novice class. Trev Fox was our second place finisher while Mike Buonocore simply touched the gate for third.
In 11 rookie action Wes Reel dominated the class with Taylor Yurgalevicz, riding for Rich Carlson heating and Cooling, finished in the second slot. The third spot went to Kyle Stricker.
T & M Builder’s Jessica Maher won everything in 11 girls as she managed to stay in front of Jenn Cote and Rachel Labonte.
State Champ Chris Therriault was top gun in 10 ex. Evan Greco was a no show in the third round and handed the second spot to Doug Cable.
Keller Tire Sponsored Mike Wasilonsky was the fastest 10 yr old rookie this day as he got the best of Jeff Vadney, who was second and third place finisher Chris Stewart.
Nick Cote’ got the 8-9 novice win with Jack Auto Body’s R.J. Miville second and Mike Michonski third.
The 9 rookie class was won by Eric Passeck, Nick Bates was right on him and finished second while Justin Fracasso finished third.
The only Main Event of the day would be in the 8 rookie division. William Guido, Sean Graveline, Jacob Shpur, Brandon Jasensky and Bubba Hodge all enjoyed moto wins but in the Main event, Jacob Shpur would prevail. The second place trophy went to Brandon Jasensky with William Guido taking home the third place award.
Reining rider of the week Kyly Milton won the 8 girls class with Brielle Hatstat second and Katrina Campbell third.
In 5 & Under / 7 nov action Lane (Superfly) Maher, doing it for Hartford County Tattoo, got the deed done with Colin Penn second and 5 yr old Arefin Milton crossing the stripe third.
In 7 rookie racing Colin Riggs won two of three motos for the overall win. “Leapin Luke” Petosa, in spite of a wreck in the second round, salvaged a second and Jason Lee was third.
Tactical Arms rider Zack Ferris won the 6 rookie class with Torrington Firefighters Randy Donaghy second and Casey Navin third.
Derek Fantano (4 yrs old) won the 5 & under rookie class. Hope Maher was second and Max Gustafson was third.
The always fun to watch 40-44 Cruiser class saw the debut of “Leapin Lenny” Ferris. He probably lost little weight with his workout. The battle was a good one between Moose (Bob Delamare) and Flyin Fred Roy with Roy eking out the win. Delamare was flying until the dreaded step-down where he stepped down. See photo section.
In 30-34 Cruiser action Garrick Yanosky got it done while Erik Maher was second and Greg Sloan third.
13-14 girl / 45 & over woman Cruiser racing saw Angela Therriault beat Therese Campbell on Campbell’s 39th birthday. She cant remember what happened on any of her other 39th birthdays.
The 8-10 Cruiser class went to Chris Therriault with Nick Cote’ second.
Pete Lorenzo won the 16 & over open wheels race.
Thanks to Karen Delisle for the “heads-Up” phone call regarding the approaching thunderstorms. It was much appreciated and quite valuable. 10 minutes after the main event the skies opened up.
Remember , to participate in our year-end awards, you must have raced a minimum of ten times at Foothills BMX excluding the State Championship race. We are now entering the last month of the season. See you on Sunday.