Race Report July 6th, 2008

Week # 10

At foothills, being a weekend track, we never know what to expect for rider counts on any given Sunday. Seems like we are influenced by either National Events or Holidays every weekend not to mention crazy weather. With this being a long holiday weekend with late day showers predicted, it seemed like the rider count may be somewhat small again this week. (131 last week).
When registration closed, there were 168 riders in the amateur classes, another 4 in the Elite Open and 13 more in the 16 & over Open Wheels class making this a decent crowd at 185 and 46 motos. In fact we had riders from Vermont, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina, New York and Massachusetts in the house.
In pre race opening ceremonies, 11 yr old rookie Wes Reel was given the rider of the week award claiming Pete Lorenzo as his favorite rider.
Rad Rookie Racing
Two mains would be required in the rookie classes with the biggest group being in the 7 rookie class with 12 riders vying for the 8 starting positions in the main event. Vectro Custom Computers Brandon Jasensky would ace a “perfect” in his motos as he is just a totally different rider since he doned the CMR colors. Collin Penn would do the same in his motos setting up a classic showdown in the main event. Unfortunately for Brandon he would wreck in turn two with two other riders and it would virtually insure the win for Penn. Brandon and the rest of them will now have to wait a bit before they race Collin again as this was his 15th win as a rookie and has now earned the rank of Novice. Congrats to Collin Penn. Sam Zolla, in the right place at the right time was second and the third spot went to Tanner Storz.
In the 8 yr old class a main would also be required to crown a winner. Shawn Graveline (Dutchman Lawn and garden) was the moto dominator as he scored three wins. Brandon Galesky may have equaled that had he not wreck in the second round. In the main event, Bubba Hodge found a way around Galeski in the fourth turn for the win. Galeski settled in the two sport and third went to Jacob Gleacher.
Arefin Milto cruised to yet another win in the 5 & under gang with Jamie Corsillo second and Derek Fantano third. Arefin is closing in on his Novice stripes and should soon join Hunter Zeiner as the only 5 yr old novices in the State.
Tactical Arms sponsored Zack Ferris won everything there was to win in the 6 rookie class with Casey Navin a solid second and Seth Norton third. Eric Passeck was the 9 rookie winner as he managed to stay in front of The Pine’s Pete Franolich and “Quick Nick” Bates.
Zeller Tire’s Mike Wasilonsky won two of three motos for the 10 rookie title this day while Chris Stewart was second and the “show” position went to Jeff Vadney.
Only two riders in the 11 rookie class and Wes Reel would finish ahead of Ken Grenier on this day. Once a very large class, the 12 rookie class would only have 3 riders vying for the win. Nick Hull would claim the first place trophy with Dylan Vadney second and Scott Colby third.
In 13 rookie racing Jordan Klein would keep in domination going with the win. Baird Dilworth, in his first visit to Foothills was second and Shane Sawicki third.
Dan German (Dangerman) took care of business in the 14 yr old bracket. Demitry Savvidid sure made him work for it with a solid second. New rider Scott Smith finished third.
Tactical Arms Jimmy Ferris was “perfect” in the 15 rookie class with a full gate of riders in the house. James Norris was second and CJR’s Matt Hyatt was third.
Benny Ayala totally controlled the 16 rookie group featuring all CJR riders. Mike Clark was a close second and Rob Magi third.
In 17 & over action it would be Brandon Miville finishing in front of Dan Sears all three rounds.
Nervous Novice Action
The combined class of 17-18 nov and ex would be this only other class requiring a main event and it would feature 6 experts and two novices. Ty Johnson would win all of his motos but not show for the main. Cody Buck won the main and the first novice was Jeramey Bakunis.
In 5 & under / 7 nov racing Hunter Zeiner (Oxycare) was the only 5 yr onl in the mix. The winner was Hartford County Tattoo’s Lane Maher with Luke McAdams second.
Mackenzie Atchison jumped into the 8 nov class and won two of three motos with Bell Electric’s Owen Giese second and Austin Clinton third.
Two 9 novs were combined with 8 ex Justin Boissonnault resulting in a win for Justin with RJ Miville (Jack’s Auto Body) second and Jake DesMarais third.
In 10 nov racing, combined with 9 ex Dave (D-Man_ Moody) the Zeiner Tile and Flooring sponsored Jon Zeiner won everything with a “perfect”. Moody was second and Rob DesMarais third in spite of a hard fall in the second round.
Ryan McCoy won the 3 rider 11 nov class with Tommy Lee-Busky second and Mike Buonocore third.
Defending State Champion Brianna Clinton beat three boys for the 12 novice win with Gabe Cruz a humble second and George Norton third. A full gate of 12 ex / 13 novices resulted in some wild racing. State Champ Shawn McAuley, challenged hard by novice rider Austin Cyr would be the winner. Austin, crashing hard in the first round would salvage a nice second and Justin Thompson finished an impressive third.
Another large group in the 15 novice class with six riders present. Schweiger Tile and Flooring sponsored Anthony Reilly won the hotly contested event with Haltom McCready second and Jonathan Daversa third.
Girls Action
Agawam’s Jen Rossi, in a rare appearance won the 8-10 girls class with Kyly Milton second.
Sponsored by T and M Builders, Jess Maher had no problem in the 11 girls class. Chealsee Kalivis, showing much improvement this year was second and Alyssa Perkins was third.
Amanda Wedge worked hard to finish in front of Katy Moody in 12 girls action with Jayna Roy third.
Carly Curtin, with her hard earned NBL Regional Championship number plate proudly mounted on the front of her machine, won the 13 girls class with Nine Rintharamy second and Gaby Boxall third.
Angela Therriault won 14 girls with ABA convert Ashley Theriault behind her and Victory Sunbury third.
In 17 & over action Michelle Main was the winner, Nicole Milton second and Amy Block third.
In 10 ex Chris Therriault eked out a win with a hard fought battle with second place finisher Troy Atchison and third place Spencer Martin.
In 11 ex action, maybe the most competitive class, Chris Pannullo would make it two of three moto wins keeping Dan Delisle behind him with Nick Killmer a close third.
Aggro’s Zack Andringa would be the 13x winner with teammate Tommy McClure second and the Weight Room’s Austin Vaillancourt third.
Adam Hulse was the 15x winner with Austin Loebe second and Josh Wedge third.
The Birthday boy, T & M’s Pauly Maher won the mod squad (16x) race with Midtown Auto parts Josh Sanford second and CMR’s Colby Lake third.
The 25 & over gang was wild and whooly for sure. Justin Coelho would be the winner while Bizzarro’s London Wilmont was second and Xtreme Marine’s Mike Jasensky (novice) third.
11-12 / 9-10 cruiser winner was Dan Delisle with Chris Therriault second and George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer third.
Angela Therriault held off (well kinda) Pam Oldham for the win in 13-14 – 45 & over action.
New Yorks Tony Romando, in his first visit to Foothills, won the 25 & over gang with Greg Sloan a close second and Matt Theriault third.
In 40-44 action Tom Johnson would again hold off a determined Fred Roy for the win with the third spot going to the “hare” Steve Rossi.
Vermont’s Tim Buck beat Stu McCrady in 45-49 action
Finally in the 16 & over Open Wheels Race, 13 riders were going for the glory. In the 8 rider main Allen Currier and Pete Lorenzo were battling hard in the rhythm section and the Pistol made a power move around the outside. It looked like he had a legitimate shot at the win when “Thunder” sensing his presence drifted high in the final turn forcing Pete to lose his momentum. Allen held him off and Matt Markie slid underneath Pete as well for the second spot. Pete looked a little down for a second and Ty Johnson took advantage and slipped into the third slot as they crossed the stripe.


Thanks everyone. Unltimate Warrior action on tap for next week. That usually means bring umbrellas.