Race Report June 1st, 2008


Well, being another weekend means anther weekend to compete against either a holiday or a National event. This time it’s an NBL Regional at Shoreham Long Island. At 11:30 in the morning the track was all set up, practice had started but the people in the parking lot indicated this could be a very small race. Between 11:30 and 12:30 an amazing recovery as the rider count for this race ended up being 180 racing in the amateur classes, another 3 in the Elite open and then 10 more in the 16 & Over Open Wheels group. 193 riders in 51 motos was an excellent turnout and maybe a “perfect” kind of day.
Congratulations to Sean Graveline for being named “Rider of the Week” for his efforts last week.
In the 14 girls + Angela Therriault was “perfect”, Michelle Main looked “perfect” and Nicole Milton rode the track “perfectly”.
Garrick Yanosky also “perfect” in the combined class of 35-40 ex and nov with 41 & over thrown in the mix. Extreme Marine sponsored Hulkster (Mike Jasensky) was second with Dan Krouse third.
A nice turnout in 19-25 expert with six riders featuring the return of John Pinsonnault, who has been away in college for the last three years. When the dust settled Dan Buckner was “perfect” with Cliff Richards second.
No one could score a “perfect” in the 17-18 ex and nov combined racing action but Jeramey Bakunis was the most consistent and he would have the overall win with Justin Hellwinkel second.
Brandon Miville won the 17 & over rookie class with a “perfect”.
Logan Mitchell was also “perfect” in 16 ex and nov keeping CMR’s Colby Lake behind him all day long.
The “perfects” continued with 16 rookie Matt Nichols, riding for the CJR contingent, kept the other two CJR riders in tow as Rob Magi and Mike Clark battled hard with Magi claiming the second place prize.
Paul Maher, put the T & M sponsored ride in the winners circle as he was, yup, “perfect”. Josh Wedge, who forgot to put the right number plate on his bike, was second in the fast and furious 15 expert class. Jeff Croshier was third.
In the 15 nov class Cody Dunn won all three rounds as his day was “perfect”.
The 15 rookie win went to Tactical Arms rider Jim Ferris, another “perfect” rider/ Jasen Brewer was second.
Ryan Sambells-Greco aced a “perfect” score in 14ex – 14 nov combined and James Oslander, Waterbury Tire and Auto was the first novice across the stripe.
The 14 rookie class was a great battle for supremacy as Demetry Savvidis and James Dumont would trade wins. Savvidis would win the ty-breaking third round for the overall win.
Jason Chamis, after a bad first moto, came back and won the next two for the win in 13 ex. The Weight Rooms Austin Vaillancourt, back from his trip to the hospital last week, scoring a solid second this week.
Brett Wojtkowski got us back to the string of “perfects” as he won everything in 13 novice racing. Justin Thompson was a close second.
Shane Sawicki won two of three motos in 13 rookie racing with Justin Hawes second.
Jordon Klein aced a “perfect” in the 13 rookie class and Victory Sunbury did the same in 13 girls racing.
The 12 ex – 12 nov combined group had some real hot racing as Shawn McAuley was really pushed by novice Austin Cyr. Austin managed to beat him in one moto but Shawn, the multi-time state champ, would make it two fo three for the win.
The 12 ex class saw Gabe Cruz Keep his string of “perfects” intact as he again won the 12 rookie class this week.
Amanda Wedge, enjoying a “perfect” season was just that today as she is still undefeated for the season in 12 yr old girls.
The 11 ex – 11 nov combined class saw Dan Delisle keep his #21 machine in front of Fusco’s Used Auto Parts sponsored Chris Pannullo two our of three motos for the win.
11 rookie Wes Reel is the “Reel-Deal” as he came out on top in the 11 rookie class with Ken Grenier second.
T & M Builders Jess Maher was “perfect” in her 10/11 girls class as she finished in front of Katherine Moody all three rounds. Chealsee Kalivis was third.
Chris Therriault held off a determined Evan Greco in 10 ex racing with new expert Troy Atchison third.
Zeiner Tile & Flooring’s Jonathan Zeiner won the 10 novice class with yet another “perfect” for the day. Robbie DesMarais was a solid contender with a second place finish.
A full gate full of riders in the 10 rookie class but, when the dust settled, Zeller Tire’s Mike Wasilonsky would score a “perfect” with new rider Aaron Kowalski second.
Dave (D-Man) Moody made it look easy in 8 ex – 9 ex-9 nov combined with a “perfect”.
In 9 rookie racing Jake Layman and Nick Bates were perfect in their motos but in the main event, The Pines sponsored Pete Franolich would lay claim to fame.
Kyly Milton “perfected” the 8-9 girls class as she stayed in front of Emily Daigle all day long.
Bell Electric’s Owen Giese was another one of our “perfect” riders as he won everything in the 8 novice class. Jake DesMarais was second.
The biggest class of the day was the 8 yr old rookie class as 13 riders were registered. Splitting them into three separate motos Brandon Galeski and Jacob Shpuh would ace “perfects” while the Dutchman Lawn & Garden Design’s Sean Graveline won two of three. After the two semis were run it would be Jacob Sphur winning the main keeping his “perfect” in tact.
5, 6 & 7 yr old novices were combined and it would be “Superfly” Lane Maher, the Hartford County Tattoo sponsored rider scoring a “perfect” with Oxycares Hunter Zeiner second.
Vectro Computer Systems Brandon Jasensky and Collin Penn were dominate in their 7 rookie motos but it was Penn, who would be “perfect” through the main event.
Butch Feitel won the 45-49 Cruiser class with a “perfect and Tom Johnson did the same in 40-44 racing.
Maybe the hottest contended class of this “perfect” day was the 35-39 cruisers as Randy Greco, Rob DesMarais, Jim Burke and Garrick Yanosky were really going hard. The winner was Randy when all was said and done.
Angela Therriault got her cruiser license today and went out and won the 13-14, 17 & over female cruiser class.
Greg Sloan was “perfect” in 25-29 / 30-34 crusiers.
In 6 yr old rookie racing Bryce Overstrum was “perfect” in his motos but in the main event it was Conor Guilford saving his only win of the day for the big one.
Arefin Milton won the popular 5 & under rookie class with Riley Tweedie crossing the stripe for second.
Derek Ellefsen won the combined class of 11-12 / 15-16 cruiser.
Chris Therriault (9-10) cruiser and Ryan Ellefson (8 & under cruiser) were both “perfect” in their classes.
The 16 & over open wheels action was hot and heavy with 10 riders contending for the cash prize. Pete Lorenzo saved his best efforts for the main and he battled hard to win it, Billy Ripley was second and J.P Maguire’s Ty Johnson was third.

Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race next week combined with stop # 2 on the Ultimate Warrior Pro-Am Challenge Series presented by Bikes Edge. This should be a good one. See ya there.