Race Report June 15th, 2008

Week # 7
It’s Father’s Day which definitely had an effect on the crowd size today. 158 riders including the Elite Open plus another 7 in the 16 & Over Open was just under our season average of 177.
On Saturday an unbelievable thunderstorm went through the track area dumping 4.5 inches of rain in about 2 hours. This resulted in huge washouts in certain areas of the track. Some of us got to the facility at 7:30 and worked diligently for the next three hours to get the track into somewhat good conditions although definitely not as good as the norm.
The weather was not bad although it would threaten rain most of the morning.
At the opening, Jordan Klein was named our Rider Of The Week from the June 8th race. He declared Shawn McAuley his favorite rider and T.R.A.C.K. his home track.
Seven Rad-Dads braved the Father’s day race and all survived without a crash and a very close finish. The “Official” order of finish was Steve Hull, Matt Holderman, Mark Reel, Larry Pyer, Dan Petosa, Bryan Aleia, Anthony Ross.
In the Rookie Classes Zack Ferris, riding under the sponsorship of Tactical Arms, won all of his 6 yr old motos but could not get by Dustin Souza in the final turn as Dusty took advantage of Zack’s squirelliness in the rhythm section to seal the deal.
The 7 rookie gang also had a Main event and it would be show-down time between Colin Riggs and Collin Penn who were perfect in their motos. At the line it would be Penn the mightiest and Tanner Storz snuck in for the second place trophy. Colin settled for third.
Jacob Shpur made it a clean sweep through the 8 rookie class as he won everything including the Main event. “Wild” William Guido was second and Dustin Petosa was third.
Although not winning a moto, 9 yr old Pete Franolich, sponsored by The Pines of Waterbury, was the overall winner in the 9 rookie class.
In 10 rookie action Ty Hesterberg was the Top Gun by winning two of three motos with Zeller Tires Mike Wasilonski a very close second.
A hot rider wearing hot wheels clothing swept the 11 rookie class as Wes Reel was unbeatable. Rich Carlson Heating and Cooling sponsored Taylor Yurgalevicz was second.
Last weeks Rider of The Week Gabe Cruz easily won the 12 rookie class holding off Nick Hull, Chad Daigle and Dylan Vadney in that order.
In the 13 yr old division Jordan Klein would win two motos but a sixth place finish in the first round sealed his fate. Justin Hawes would be the most consistent and claim the first prize.
The craziest class was the 14-15 rookie gang where brand new rider Bienvenido Ayala would win two of three crash filled motos and the main event. Second place went to Alek Smith. Both Travis Moreno and Jeremiah Royer were taken to the hospital. Reports tonight indicate that they both have no broken bones.
Plenty of Novices were in the house. In the 5 & Under novice class, poor 5 yr old Hunter Zeiner, being the youngest novice in the state, never has anyone to race so he gets combined with the 7 yr olds. So he wins the 5 & under class for Oxycare, his sponsor. The Hartford County Tattoo sponsored Lane Maher was the first across the stripe. It was great to see Robbie DesMarais winning the 8 novice class as he has certainly paid his dues. Bell Electric’s Owen Giese sure made him work for it with a solid second place effort.
In 10 novice action, Doug Cable, riding under the Gooseboro Drive In sponsorship, was the dominate rider with a great effort by Zeiner Tile & Flooring’s Jon Zeiner.
The four 11 yr old novices were combined with the two 10 experts who were here. Remember, it takes three riders of the same proficiency to make a class and only two in 10 expert means combining with the next higher novice class. This is by NBL rule. Chris Therriault, 10 expert, won the class with Troy Atchison, the other expert second. This first novice across the line was “Flyin” Ryan McCoy.
State Champ Brianna Clinton won the 12 novice grouping as she held off the boys in the form of Don Olson and George Norton.
Combining continued in the 13 Nov-12 Ex class. Austin Cyr beat the two experts for the win. Shawn McAuley was second. Austin definitely has home court advantage here. It will be interesting to see how this battle goes at the upcoming Double Pointer at Shawn’s home track in Trumbull.
The 15 nov class, combined with 13 ex and 14 ex, went to “The Candy Man” now sponsored by Schweiger Tile and Flooring, Anthoney Reilly. Esquire Cleaners mason Johnson was second as a birthday present to himself. Happy B day Mason.
Keith Brown was the only 16 nov today so he was combined with the two 16 experts and Josh Sanford would win that class
Dan Krouse, after winning the first moto in 17-18 novice action tried to make a very tight inside move in turn one in the second round. Going in way too hot and not able to make a turn, he slid out (See photo section). He came back strong in the third round wth another win and grabbed the overall. Jeramey Bakunis was second.
In the Expert Classes (very few of them this day) Dan Delisle held off a much improved Chris Pannullo. Chris moved into the expert class just a few weeks ago and has the Fusco’s Used Auto Parts ride flying. Dan has been up to the challenge.
T & M’s Paul Maher took care of business again in the 15 expert class getting the best of recently “Un-retired” Adam Hulse and Colby Benoit and William Barna.
Zack McCready got the win in 17-18 ex and Justin Coelho did the same in 19-25.
Mackenzie Atchison led the charge of the Girl brigade by winning the 8 girls class. Kyly Milton, is definitely gaining some ground by all the practice she gets at the track almost every night.
Julionna Olson won the 9-10 girls class with Burlington’s Emily Daigle second just in front of Jenn Cote.
Jess Maher, riding for T & M Builders, finished in front of Chealsee Kalivas and Shay Brown in the 11 yr old girls division.
Amanda Wedge, seen earlier in the day with a knee brace on, labored to win the 12 girls class as Katherine Moody manage to stay in front of her one moto. Jayna Roy was third and a weekly improving gabby Boxall was fourth.
Katie Duncan and Victoria Sunbury were fun to watch representing the 13 girls class with Katie earning the win.
Angela Therriault (14 girl) was a little faster then Nicole Milton ( 17 & over women) in that two rider moto.
When the Cruisers put their big-wheeled machines on the track Chris Therriault won his 9-10 class. Dan Delisle and Chris Pannullo traded wins in the first two rounds of 11-12 action with Dan winning the ty-breaking third round. George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer was third.
The 17-24 gang featured the return of Russ Menz, who we haven’t seen in three seasons back at the track and in great shape. His dad was the voice of Bethel Supercross and, later on, Trumbull for a few years. Russ aced a perfect.
Again this week the most competitive and intense class was the 35-39 group with Biker’s Edge Bobby DesMarais and Don Olson showing no mercy to Erik Maher or even each other. DesMarais won the ty breaking third round with Olson second and Maher third. Awesome to watch the testosterone kick in with these guys.
Tom Johnson toyed with Fred Roy in the 40-44 class with Bob Delamare aka “Moose” third and “Barefoot” Stu McCready fourth.
In the Open Wheels “Dash For cash”, seven riders were in the house so three rounds of motos were run with a six rider main event. Allen Currier was first, Pete Lorenzo second and Ty Johnson (JP Maguire & Assoc.) third.
Single Point Team Race next week. See you all then.