Race Report June 22nd, 2008

Week # 8

The weather report is something that all the staff members have learned to watch as we get later in the week during the BMX season. Again this week weatherman were saying rain for Sunday. As Saturday came the forecast was really gloomy as rain was forecasted pretty much all day for Sunday. Sunday morning and it was dark and gloomy. Watching channel 3 out of Hartford where they use that unreliable “Future Cast (“Where we show you tomorrows weather today”) they were showing solid green in our area from 11:00 am through the rest of the day. However, when looking at the Northeast Dopplar Radar on line, it showed that most of the rain would pass just north of the track. We decided to go for the race and it proved to be a good, if not extremely lucky decision.
This was a single point team race plus a Warrior Challenge race. With good weather it could have been a huge crowd. Still, with 170 riders registered in the amateur classes, 5 pros in the house racing in the Elite Open class, plus another 11 in the Ultimate Warrior Pro-Am race, 186 riders is not bad at all.
So 47 motos was the count and because the sky looked really threatening, we announced that the NBL’s two moto system would be in place. We did this to ensure the amateurs would get the best chance to run their main events. If you have a main and it doesn’t get run, there are no move-up awards given for that day. It’s already happened twice this year so we thought this was the best chance for the riders with mains to earn move-ups. The Warrior portion of the program ran three rounds of motos and it sure was exciting. Allen Currier was again unbeatable in the main event with Max Egdorf right on him for second and Road Kills Dan Smith was third. Rounding out the finishing order was Pete Lorenzo, Billy Ripley, Josh Sanford, Ty Johnson and Justin Hellwinkel.
In the Girls classes Nicole Milton had no one to race as Amy Block must have figured rain-out and didn’t show. Nice “perfect” Nicole. In opening ceremonies Angela Therriault was name the rider of the week form her efforts on the 15th. This day the 13-14 grils class would belong to CMR’s Katie Edgar as she swept the class. Angela was second with Katie Duncan third. In the 12 girls class both Amanda wedge and an improving Katherine Moody traded wins. By Katherine winning the ty-breaking second run, she would be the winner this day. A nice turnout in the 11 girls class as five ladies were present. T & M’s Jess Maher won everything with Chealsee Kalivas second and Alyssa Perkins third. Julionna Olso beat Jenn Cote in the 10 girls bracket. Mackenzie Atchison took care of business for Stampede in 5-7 / 8 girls racing with Alysha Olson second and Kyly Milton third. It was great to see Dixie Damelio back after a few weeks off from Foothills.
The Rookie Classes were out in force and Brandon Miville and Dan Sears traded wins in each of the two motos but Brandon, by winning the second moto (Ty-Breaker) he would be declared the winner. CJR’s Mike Clark scored a “perfect” in 16 rookie with teammates Rob Magi, Angelo Uriotegui and Jevon Williams crossing the stripe behind him. In 15 rookie action it would be Bienvenido Ayala and Tactical Arms Jimmy Ferris trading wins with Ferris winning the ty-breaker. Dave Foster had a solid third. Rider-Of-The-Week Jordan Klein won the 13 rookie battle finishing ahead of Justin Hawes and Matt Clark. With a full gate of 12 rookies in the house tight racing was the norm. Harwinton’s Nick Hull would be the champ with Gabe “Cruise Control” Cruz finishing second for the first time this year. Dylan Vadney was third. Kenny Grenie powered his way through the 11 rookie class as he stayed in front of Kyle Striker and Ty Hesterberg. Zeller Tire’s Mike Wasilonsky was “perfect” in the 10 rookie clash with Jeff Vadney second and Brandon Wojtkowski third. “The Pines” Pete Franolich got back to his old winning ways by winning the 9 rookie class. CMR’s Stephen Brittingham was second and Malik Tutein third. No less then 11 riders showed up for the 8 rookie crown and it was great racing. Jacob Shpur, William Guido and Jacob Gleacher all won motos but in the Main, only Shpur kept the streak going. Guido was second and Dutchman Lawn ad Garden’s Sean Graveline was third. Collin Penn (Former Rider Of The Week) won everything in the 7 rookie class including the main event with Vectro Custom Computer’s Brandon Jasensky, riding with a CMR shirt on his back second and Lucas Petosa third. A full gate in the 6 rookie class (6 riders) and the deck would get shuffled with Tactical Arms Zack Ferris crashing in the first round. He came back to win the next moto but the most consistent rider would prevail as Torrington Fire Fighter’s Randy Donaghy would prevail. Ferris would settle for second and Kaine Murphy third. Arefin Milton won the 5 & under class with Spencer Burke in the second slot and GHP’s Kyle Kuehn third.
As usual there would be Novices getting combined with experts as it takes 3 novices to make a “pure” class. In 35-40 Ex and nov combined expert garrick Yanosky easily won with GHP’s Tom Kuehn second and X-Treme Marines Hulkster (Mike Jasensky) third as the only novice rider in the mix. Justin Hellwinkel dominated the 17-18 nov and expert combined class with Max Egdorf second and novice rider Jeremey Bakunis third. More combining in the 16 yr old bracket with CMR’s Anthony Delvento winning in his first appearance at Foohills this year. Stampedes Josh Sanford was second and Colby Lake was the first novice across the stripe for CMR. The 15 nov class was a “pure” class and it would be Schweiger Tile and Flooring’s Anthony Reilly the winner in this 6 rider class. Cody Dunn was second and the third spot went to Halton McCready. 14 nov Sean Perkins would be combined with experts Stephen Kallas and Zack Pirulli. Pirulli was unbeatable but Sean manage to eke out a second place finish. In 12 ex and nov combined Shawn McCauley would prevail keeping nov Austin Cyr behind him. Brett Wojtkowski was third. In the 12 novice group of three CMR’s Mike Iurato was flying and easily won. George Norton and Donny Olson were next across the stripe. Casy Tanner and Chris Therriault were the only 10 yr old experts in the house so they got combined with the 11 novice gang resulting in enough rider to create the need for a main event to determine a winner. Casey and Chris were put in separate motos and both won them. At show-down time in the main Casey was first and Chris second. The first novice in the main was Rayn McCoy. Another main event was required in the 10 nov – 9 ex combine class where 10 novice Jonathan Zeiner was perfect in his motos and the D-Man Dave moody and Dougie Cable traded wins. In the Main Cable had the lead and Zeiner dove to the inside on the final turn and would slide out and slam his elbow into the asphalt. Cable went on to win and Team Edge’s Robbie DesMarais inherited the second spot. Kobe Covington was third. Jonathan Zeiner would stop at the hospital on the way home and it looks like he’s okay with a severely bruised elbow. Justin Boissonneault won the 8 ex – 9 nov class with Justin Rivera second and R J Miville third. In 8 novice action it was “Quick Nick” Cote holding off Bell Electric’s Owen Giese and Mike Michonski for the win. In the mixed class of 5,6 & 7 novice it was Hartford County Tattoo’s Lane Maher earning another move up award coming off his big win at Meriden’s Double Pointer the day before with Sky Domain second and Luke McAdams third.
In the expert classes that were not combined with novices T & M’s Paul Maher, riding for Team Edge, won the 15 ex class. The good news for the other guys is Pauly will be 16 in a couple of weeks. Hmmmmm maybe another Warrior in the making? CMR’s Jesse Edgar was second with Team Edge’s Josh Wedge third. 11 ex Zack O’Neil, showing why he is a former two time national Champion as he beat the local favorites. Jake Pirulli held off Dan Delisle for the second spot. Fusco’s Auto Salvage’s Chris Pannullo had to settle for a fourth this day.
Moving onto the cruiser division, Dave Beckwith, all the way from Poughkeepsie NY won the 45-49 / 5- & over class and yes, he was the oldest rider there. Rich McDowell and “Barefoot” Stuart McCready were second and third. Tom Johnson held off a determined Fred Roy again this week in 40-44 cruiser racing and Roy is now right on Tommy’s rear wheel.
Six riders in the 30-34 / 35-39 cruiser class with the Cutting Edge’s Randy Bitinaitis, who took a day off from his duties as President over at Falcon BMX, the winner. Team Edges Bobby DesMarais was second and the third spot went to Cutting Edge’s Don Olson. Angela Therriault won the 13-14 / 35-39 female cruise class with Marge Boissonneault second. The 11 yr old cruiser win went to Dan Delisle with Chris Pannullo second and the third spot went to George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer. Chris Therriault beat Nick Cote for the win in 8 & Under / 9-10 cruiser combined.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for you continued support. Keep your fingers crossed as I have been invited to a meeting with the Mayor, traffic control officer, soccer reps and the department of public works next Monday. The topic…out of control parking in Alvord Park.


Team Results were as follows

1.Team Edge ................750
2. CMR ..........................750
3. GHP Killer Bees........745
4. Stampede BMX ........740
5. Cutting Edge .............730
6. GHP Northeast ..........715
7. Bikers Edge .............. 670