Race Report June 8th, 2008


Lets see, A Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race, A Warrior Series Stop, all combined with the usual crowd at Foothills, what could possible hinder the size of this would be crowd? Oppressive heat and humidity for one thing as high humidity and temps in the 90’s were forcasted with thunderstorms in the late afternoon.
With all things considered the crowd was good although not as large as some of us expected. This is very difficult to predict this year and probably all due to the increasing gas prices.
There were 176 riders registered in the amateur classes, 5 more in the Elite Open and finally 16 signed up for the Bikers Edge Ultimate Warrior Pro-Am challenge series. The total entries were 197 and split into 53 motos with semis required in the Warrior series class. 9 Main events would be required as well.
As the day started Gabe Cruz, 12 yr old rookie, was named the rider of the week from the June 1st race. Gabe said that Jonathan Daversa was his favorite rider.
Before I start the class recaps, no main events were run because of the unbelievable line of thunderstorms that moved through right after the motos were completed. After nearly an hour long wait, coupled with the fact that most people had left, the mains were cancelled.
Angela Therriault keep her relentless assault on the track championship in tact as she was again perfect winning all of her motos in 14 / 17 girls.
William Clinton, won the 45-40 novice combined class with Xtreme marine’s Mike (The Hulkster) Jasensky second.
J.J. Wernicke was the top gun in 19-25 expert. J.J. has really improved this year and seems focused.
Cody Buck was in town and he made easy work of the 17-18 expert gang in his group. Zack mcCready pretty much did the same thing in his group of 17-18 experts. They would be co-winners as no mains were run.
Brandon Miville beat Dan Sears to win the 17 & over rookie bracket. Josh Sanford topped the field in the mod-squad (16X). Mike Clark and Robert Magi traded wins in the 16 Rookie class with Clark grabbing 2 of 3 for the overall win.
The 15 Expert class was leading up to a fun main event that just never got to happen. With 7 riders in the house Pauly Maher, clearly the favorite, would certainly have been challenged in the main by the return of Colby Benoit and the likes of Kyle Strong, Josh Wedge, Mike Dombroski etc. Because of the rain, the co-winners were Maher and Dombroski.
Co-winners also in the 15 rookie class as both James Norris and Tactical Arms sponsored Jim Ferris were perfect through their motos.
4 riders in the 14 novice class and three won a moto. When the dust turned to liquid it would be Eric Razzala, in his first time at Foothills, coming out on top. Halton McCready was second and a great effort was turned in by Waterbury Tire and Auto’s James Oslander.
Danny German, out of Higganum, was the winner in 14 rookie action. Jason Chamis only won one moto in 13 ex but because Aggro’s Tom McClure had a major problem in the third round, he left the track a winner.
The 12 Ex – 13 Nov combined class again featured the racing efforts of expert Shawn McAuley and novice Austin Cyr. Austin, forced to race against Shawn each week is learning and learning fast. He keeps giving the multi-time State champion all he can handle and it was no different today. Shawn would eke out a win this day with Austin second.
Jordan Klein again dominated the 13 rookie class, but there would be co-winners here also as Kyle Sanford dominated his motos.
Katie Duncan was the top rider in the 13 girls division as she managed to keep former track champion Victoria Sunbury and Nina Rintharamy behind her.
Gabe Cruz kept his streak of wins going as he won the 12 rookie class. Alex Hubbard was second. Burlington’s Chad Daigle was a solid second.
Stae Champion made her 2008 debut at Foothills and went undefeated in the 12 girls class. Amada Wedge, after crashing in practice, managed a second place finish.
In 11 Ex – 11 Nov combined Dan Delisle and fusco’s Used Auto parts Chris Pannullo push each other around the track with Danny winning two of three. Chris was second and Mike Buonocore was third.
Wes Reel beat Josh Macomber for the 11 rookie title.
T & M Builders Jess maher was the fastest lady in the 11 girls class with Chealsee Kalivas second and Shay Brown third.
Chris Therriault had a nice comeback to win the 10 expert class overcoming a 4th place finish in the second round. Alex Coenraads was second.
The Zeiner Tile and Flooring sponsored Jonathan Zeiner was perfect in 10 novice action.
In the 10 rookie class it was Ty Hesterberg coming out on top with three impressive wins.
Emily Daigle beat out Jenn Cote for the 9-10 girls class win.
In the 9ex / 9 nov class Dave Moddy was the winner with a great effort from Jack’s Auto Body sponsored R.J. Miville.
“Quick Nick” Bates continued his season on improved riding skills with a well earned win in 9 rookie. He had to hold off a determind rider in Pete Franolich to do it. Pete is sponsored by “The Pines”.
Tyler Coenraads, making a rare appearance at Foothills, went home a winner in the 8 nov class. Bell Electric’s Owen Giese was second.
11 riders were here for the 8 rookie class and the co winners were Austin Clinton and Ajay Francis. Ajay is sponsored by New England Rail, Ride and Race.
Mackenzie Atchison had it all her way in 8 girls.
Gunner Van Steenbergen grabbed the win in 7 novice with Superfly Lane Maher second doing it for the folks at Hartford County Tattoo.
Co-winners in 7 rookie racing were Collen Penn and Tanner Storz. Oxycare’s Hunter Zeiner was finer in 5 & under – 6 nov racing. Tactical Arm’s Zack Ferris shot down the competition in 6 rokkie action. Bryce Overstrum enjoyed a solid second. Griffen Kavanaugh earned the win in 6 rookie while Arefin Milton did the same in 5 & under rookie.
In cruiser racing winners were Pieter Coenraads in 45-49, Tom Johnson in 40-44, Will Guilford in 30-34, Angela Therriault in such a mixed class the ages vary too much to mention. Dan Delisle held off George’s Music center’s Chris Pfeffer in 11-12, Chris Therriault won 9-10 and the 8 & Under cruiser win went to Nick Cote.
The Ultimate Warrior Pro-am Challenge race presented by Bikers Edge featured no less then five pro riders mixing it up with 11 amateurs. After the motos were run and the semis were completed, making the main event were Pete Lorenzo, Nick St Lawrence, Billy Ripley, Matt markie, Shawn DePrete, Max Egdorf, Allen Currier and Mike Campbell. Unfortunately the rain prevented the main from being run. This Main event will be the first race of the day on July 13th.

With todays attendace we are proud to annouce that Foothills BMX will donate $985 to the Bob Warnicke Scholarship Fund. Thank you all. See your next week.