Race Report May 18th, 2008


No National Events in the area and no Holiday to deal with. What could possible go wrong on this week? W-E-A-T-H-E-R, that was today’s buzz word as the day dawned cloudless but forecasters were all predicting rain between 1:00 and 3:00 pm.
This was week number 3 for the Tommy’s Bicycle and Fitness Weekly Racing Series with 203 riders registered to compete. Add to that the 18 riders who were in the house for the first stop on the 5 race Biker’s Edge Ultimate Warrior Pro-Am Challenge Series and you have a large race by 2008 local standards. A total of 57 motos were posted and the action started off on a very negative side. A rider, who calls Puerto Rico home, 21 year old expert Armando Curbello fell very hard in only the 5th moto of the day cracking a bone in each elbow and breaking a fore arm. That made the atmosphere about as gloomy as the increasing clouds overhead. As the day wore on, the sky darkened and by moto 30 of the second round the rain was coming down pretty hard. It was decided to not risk more injuries and the race was called after two rounds of motos and no main events in the amateur classes. Only the Warriors did the full pull of three rounds of motos, two semis and the 8 rider main event.
Lets start with the Biker’s Edge Ultimate Warrior Pro-Am Challenge Series race. 18 racers including riders from the Bay State and New York joined our own Connecticut Contingent of hot-rods to vie for the title of Ultimate Warrior.
Adding moto points this year and scrambling the motos provided some more than usual exciting racing action. No matter who he was scrambled with, Allen Currier would ace a perfect in the motos. With the new point system 12 of the 18 riders earned moto points even though only the top three finishers earn them. The 8 riders who made the main were Max Egdorf, Mike Campbell, Dan Bycenski, Ty Johnson, Matt Markie, Allen Currier, Alex Rivera and Pete Lorenzo. When the race was finally over it was Allen Currier the winner, Max Egdorf 2nd and Pete Lorenzo 3rd. All in all it was a great day of competition for some of New England’s finest and a big thanks to the Biker’s Edge for being its primary sponsor.

In Expert action the 19-25 gang saw 5 riders going for the glory. Hector (Speedy) Gonzalez would enjoy a perfect with Enzo Vinci and Dan Bycenski 2nd and 3rd. the 15 Expert group had 4 riders and T & M Builder’s Pauly Maher was the “Dominator” in this one. Kyle Stron g edged out Josh Wedge for 2nd. Tom McClure won both rounds in 13 Experts with Jason Chamis, and Austin Vailancourt finishing 3rd for the Weight Room. Multi-time State champion Shawn McAuley finshished in front of Aggro’s Josh Thimmish and George’s Music Center’s Chris Pfeffer in 12 Expert action.The 10 Experts saw Todd Maniscalchi finish in front of Casey Tanner and Chris Therriault. Some of the Experts had to be Combined with Novices and such was the case in 35-40 combined. Mike Sigrist beat Garrick Yanosky and novice rider Mike Jasensky, who is sponsored by Extreme Marine. The 26-34 group saw CMR’s Kevin Clark the winner and novice Bruce taber Jr. 2nd. In 17-18 Expert / Novice combined it was OFR’s Max Egdorf and Stylin’s Kory Buck as co-winners of the class, again, as no main event were run. 16 Expert and Nov combined racing saw a very dirty Logan Mitchell come out on top with nov Keith Brown 2nd. Nice tumble in practice Logan.
Only two 14 yr old Experts were here so they were combined with the 15 Novice class. Cody Dunn had enough to eke out the win and the Schweiger Tile & Flooring sponsored Anthony was 2nd as Novices swept the top two spots. 11 Experts and 11 Novices were combined and it would be Dan Delisle acing a perfect with Fusco’s Auto Salvage’s Chris Pannullo, in his first race as an Expert, finishing a solid 2nd. Congrats Chris on the move-up. Justin Boissonneault won the 8 Ex / 9 Nov combined grouping as he was the only expert in the class. Justin Rivera was second and the Jack’s Autobody sponsored R.J. Miville was third in his first Novice race.
Many Novices were in the house and the 19-25 gang had Schenectady New Yorks Dave nelson come out on top with Carl Norris 2nd and Cliff Richards 3rd. In 14 Novice comp the Waterbury Tire and Auto sponsored Jim Oslander won in his first race as a novice keeping Halton McCready behind him and Esquire Cleaners mason Johnson was 3rd. The 13 Novice class was interesting as Brett Wojtkowski, Dave Norris and Justin Thompson must have wondered what happened as Aggro’s Ali Thimmish beat all of them for the win. Welcome back Ali! Austin Cyr continued his quest toward the Expert ranking with yet another perfect in 12 Novice. Troy Atchison won the 10 novice class with Zeiner Hardwood Flooring’s Jon Zeiner finishing 2nd. Cody Ruth held off Owen Giese for the 8 Novice win. Hartford County Tattoo’s Lane Maher (Superfly) was the 7 Novice champ with Oxycare’s Hunter Zeiner 2nd and Sky Elwood, after breaking his arm in Trumbull, just touched the gate for a 3rd. Tough break Sky (No pun intended).
17 & over women racing saw new rider Katelyn Pariala hold off Michelle Main and Nicole Milton for the win. Angela Therriault aced a perfect in 14-15 Girls as she was able to keep Amy Block behind her. Nina Rintharamy and new rider Jessica Pease, sponsored by The hair Doctor” had a classic battle with Nina winning the class. Chealsee Kalivis Beat Shay Brown and Kendra Covington for the 11 Girls title. Devon Murphy #4 and Julionna Olson #14 would take it to the wire and it was Devin coming out with the win. In the 8 yr old girls class “Mac Attack” Mackenzie Atchison beat Alysha Olson for the win. Amanda Wedge and Jayne Roy finshed 1 – 2 in 12 Girls. Olivia Ruth beat Dixie Damelio in 5-7 Girls action.
A huge throng of Rookies were in the house and 17 & over Brandon Miville put one in the record books for himself as he topped Dan Sears. Another new rider had a great day as Xavier Dubois held off CJR’s Mike Clark in 16 Rookie. James Norris was the 15 Rookie Champ. Traveling all the way from Higganum CT., Dan German finished in front of Sid Hannah in 14 Rookie. The 13 Rookie class had two winners, (again, the main was not run) and Alex Hubbard and Tim Osborne would share the spotlight. Same deal in 12 Rookie racing as Nick Hull and Mike Valentine were champs. “Quick-Nick” Painchaud topped the filed in 11 Rookie racing and Ty Hesterberg did the same in the 10 Rookie gang. Sponsored by “The Pines” Pete Franolich won the 9 Rookie class with a much improved Nick Bates a solid 2nd. Brandon Galeski and Jacob Sphur were co-winners in the 8 Rookie class. 12 riders were in the 7 Rookie class and the co-winners were Collin Riggs and Collin Penn. There were so many 6 yr old Rookies here that they were split into three different groups. Under normal circumstances there would have been two semis required to see who would transfer into the 8 rider main event but, because of the rain, there were actually 3 winners. Jason Lee, Dustin Souza and Tactical Arms Zack Ferris all went home with first place trophies for winning their motos. Litle Jamie Corsillo and Arefin Milton each were winners in the 5 & under Rookie class.
Cruiser winners were Tim Buck in 45-49; Tom Johnson in 40-45; Bob Desmarais in 30-39; Mike Vallone in 17-24; Dan Delisle in 9-12
There was an Eliite Open race with Pete Lorenzo winning it.

Because of the fact that mains were not run, riders who won their motos but did not get to run their mains will not earn NBL Move-Ups (15 Move-ups required to turn Novice)