Race Report May 4th, 2008


There was much anticipation every day in the final week before Opening Day. The web Site had a countdown on how many days were left. When we hit “OPENING DAY IN 1 DAY” it was finally almost here. But that Saturday it was raining for the second consecutive day with a very gloomy forecast for Opening Day. When Sunday dawned the rain had stopped but it sure was gloomy. I sat down at my computer to update the web site only to discover that the computer had crashed and the mother board was shot. This is not good!

Arriving at the track at 7:30 am, it was soft but looked like with a few hours or manpower, it could be restored to a ridable condition provided we received no additional rain. We put a message on the answering machine that the RACE WAS ON.

Sloppy mud was scrapped off the racing surface and stone dust put down after ruts were filled. At 11:00 the track was ready and practice had begun.

Wait, could that recently rare brightness actually be the sun trying to break through? It sure was and it would be more prevalent as the day wore on.

Opening day registration is a challenge as not only the race day entries need to be processed, but all the new rider information and the membership renewals need the same attention. With a total of 40 new riders and nearly an equal amount of renewals to process, it would delay our starting time by 40 minutes but no one seemed to mind.

When the motos were posted there would be a total of 48 motos (including the Open Wheels Dash For Cash) and the Elite Open relating to 195 entries.

With Extreme Marine’s Mike Jasensky being the only rider here today in the 35-40 Novice class, he was combined with the four riders in the 35-40 Expert class. New York’s Mike Gage won every moto for the overall win with Garrick Yanosky finishing second and Mike Sigrist grabbing third. GHP’s Tom Kuehn and Kike Jasenky rounded out the finishing order.

In 19-25 Novice and Expert combined, Dan Buckner aced a “perfect” with three wins and Mystic’s Will Nadwairski settled for second while JJ Wernicki was third.

The “Chain-Gang”; 17 Exepert action featured Buck Brothers, Kory and Cody finishing first and second as they made their long ride from Vermont worth while keeping J.P. Maquire & Associates Ty Johnson back in the third slot.

Martin Brown held off Dan Krouse, soon to be college bound, and Josh Sanford for the win in 16 Ex / 17-18 Nov combined.

In the 17& over Rookie class Brandon Miville and Tim Walsh traded wins with Brandon gaining the overall top spot.

Kevin Mottai retured after taking the 2007 season off and easily cruised to a win in the 16 Novice gang. CMR’s Colby Lake and Keith Brown were second and third.

The 16 Rookie class featured the first three riders being CJR guys as Matt Nichols, Mike Clark and Rob Magi swept the action.

In the “Wild Bunch”; 15 Experts, A slimmed and focused Paul Maher, riding out of the T & M Builders camp, won all three rounds for the overall title while Kyle Strong and Josh Wedge settled for second and third. Long time friend William Barna, looking like he has been laying off the Oreo Cookies this winter, was fourth.

Factory Felt’s National # 15 Dylan Perez aced a perfect in the 14Ex / 15 Nov combined class while D.J. Scott was second and Schweiger Tile & Flooring sponsored Anthony Reilly was third.

Jim Ferris was dominate in the 15 Rookie class. He won all of his motos and capped off his great day by winning the main event as well. CJR’s Jeremiah Royer and Justin Hernandez were second and third.

Sean Perkins, Mason Johnson riding for Esquire Cleaners and Ryan Shores was the finishing order in 14 Nov.

Austin Cyr, as awesome as ever, really turned it up in 12 Ex / 12 Nov combined and beat two Experts for the win. Chris Pfeffer was second and Shawn McAuley third.

A full gate in the 12 Rookie class had Gabe Cruz the winner, Harwinton’s Nick Hull second and Dylan Vadney third.

Defending Track Champion Amanda Wedge held off Jayna Roy for the win in 12 Girls.

With a new Sponsor, a new bike and the same old great attitude, Waterbury Tire and Auto sponsored James Oslander won the 14 Rookie class holding off Dan German and Trav Raymond in the Main after winning all of his motos.

In 14 Girls action Angela Therriault was the champ.

Jason Chamis held off Stephen Kallas in the 13 Expert mix and Brett Wojkowski did the same with Justin Thompson and Dave Norris in 13 Novice action.

In the 13 Rookie gang, Salvatore Ardizone, riding out of Carmel New York held off Torrington’s Kyle Sanford and East Hampton’s James Jerjies.

Former national Champion Zak O’Neil had his hands full with National 21 Dan Delisle but won two of three rounds for the overall win.

New York’s Casey Tanner was perfect in the 10ex / 11 nov combined class with Chris Therriault second and Fusco’s Auto Salvage sponsored Chris Pannullo third in a hotly contested main event.

The “Real Deal” Wesley Reel won the 11 Rookie class with Ken Grenier right behind him.

T & M Builder’s Jessica Maher was the top girl in the 11 Girls class while Katherine Moody and Chealsee Kalivas were second and third.

Troy Atchison won the 10 Nov / 9 Ex combined class with Dave Moody in hot pursuit.

Anthony Ardizne kept his family in the winners circle with a perfect in 10 Rookie while Zeller Tire’s Mike Wasilonsky was second.

Justin Boissonneault won the combined 8 Ex / 8 Nov / 9 Nov class as Jake Desmarais and Pin Shp Hobbies Larry Coderre were second and third.

R.J. Miville may have enjoyed his last win as a Rookie as its possible his win in the 9 Rookie class may have been his 15th which would move him to the Novice class. Pete Franolich finished second.

Julionna Olson and Emily Daigle were the order of finish in 9 Girls action.

With 11 riders registered in the 8 Rookie class it would take an 8 rider main event to determine that Bell Electri’s Owen Giese was the fastest this day. Jacob Sphur was second and Sean Graveline, who cant wait for the State #10 plate, was third. I have the plate Sean.

The little ladies were out in force and “Mac Attack” Makenzie Atchison dominated in 5-7/ 8 Girls combined while The Ronnie Caruso memorial Award winning Alysha Olson was second. Kyly Milton and Dixie Damelio were next across the stripe.

The Biggest SNAFU of the day happened in the 7 Rookie class as our computer program, for some reason, spit out a bad main event line up. Unfortunately, it was not realized in time that Sam Zolla should have transferred into it but did not. Our appoligies go out to Sam and his family for this mistake. Collin Penn was the eventual winner with Collin Riggs second and Kyle Hutzlander third.

6 yr old Dustin Souza won his main event as Jason Lee, riding faster then his dad ever did was second and Torrington Fire Fighter’s Randy Donoghy was third.

In the always popular 5 & under Rookie gang, which featured 6 riders the order of finish was Riley Tweedie first, Arefin Milton second, Hope Maher third, Kyle Kuhn Fourth, Derek Fantano fifth and Shawn Galeski sixth.

In the Cruiser classes Tommy Johnsonn made his local debut on the big wheels with a win in 40-44 Action (Is Tom really 40 years old?) .

Tim Buck won 45-49 action while Biker’s Edge owner Bobby Desmarais won the 35-39 class.

Marge Boissonneault held off Kerry Kuehn in the Womans Cruiser class and Zak O’Neil won the 11-12 class.

Finally in the 16 & over Open Wheels dash For Cash it would Be Allen Currier the guy making the most money this day.

Sorry for the delay in getting this report done. I am still struggling until my PC gets repaired next week. See you next Sunday and yes, we will be having a Mother’s Day Race.