State Championship

Well, during the regular season we were able to “run-the-table” regarding the weather and our ability to run a race without a cancellation. That is amazing in itself. Now, with the big one scheduled for Sept 7, could our good fortune continue? When the beginning of the week rolled around it was obvious that tropical storm Hannah would have an influence on the biggest BMX event of the year. We had a gate practice scheduled for Saturday at noon yet on Friday night, a deluge happened about 2:00 am. Some of us thought we should cancel the practice as surely the track would be in bad shape. We decided to check the track first before we decided. Once there it was obvious that the rain on Friday had little impact on the tracks condition and the Gate Practice stayed on. At 3:00 pm with practice over, Track Director Erik Maher decided to cover some of the areas of the track that have been most vulnerable to washouts and soft spots. With a limited number of plastic tarps available, those areas were covered and cinder blocks and any other available heavy items where loaded on top to secure them from the predicted 60 mph winds. About 5:00 pm the rain started with a vengeance. All through the night into the wee hours of the morning the rain saturated everything with about 6 inches of water. At 2:00 a.m. the skies cleared and the wind picked up. This just may serve as a drying feature. I arrived at the track just before 7:00 am and all but one of the tarps had held. Peeking underneath I could not get to the phone fast enough to change the answering message to “GAME ON!.” By 8:30 there must have been 25 bodies working on the track and by the 10:30 am mark it was ready. The surface was extremely smooth, the place was decorated with balloons, buntings, flags and even the jumps had the track names painted on the sides of them. This was going to be a good one under the bluest skies of the summer and with temps in the mid 70’s and a nice steady breeze.

Only hours after torrential rain, the place was looking great for the big crowd

The impressive rider count was 321 amateurs racing in class, 12 riders in the open classes and another 9 in the Ultimate Warrior pro-am challenge series finale. 82 motos is nothing to sneeze at!

The Civil Air Patrol provided a color guard and Mindy Delisle performed the National Anthem while all the participating teams rode in a parade lap. At 1:30 it was time for this intense triple points event to get underway.

Starting this lengthy report with the Bikers Edge Pro-Am challenge series there were only 11 riders qualified to make the run for the green. Thanks to PJ Collectables, Tactical Arms and The Litchfield County BMX Group Inc., for stepping up to fund the series end payout of $1,000 to the top five. Eight awesome number plates were provided by Johnson Number Plates for the top eight.

With only 9 of the 11 in the house it was a hot pursuit for the top five yr end positions. Justin Hellwinkel, although qualified, was back in college in Colorado. Matt Markie, sitting in the fifth position ($100 slot) going in was not present due to a sore shoulder from an earlier injury. With scrambled motos and double moto points available, the luck of the draw could really change things. Allen Currier would be 8 points ahead of Max Egdorf for the lead and realistically, the only two who had a shot at the title.

The door was open for Max in the first round as he was not paired with Allen Currier. 6 points would be given for a moto win, 4 for a second and 2 for a third. At the end of that first one Pete Lorenzo would send a wake up call to everyone as he won the moto, Ty Johnson was second and Pete Balotti grabbed the last available points. Max was fourth and lost a golden opportunity to gain some ground. Now he had to sit and watch the next moto and hope the same fate happened to Allen. No such luck as Currier would ace his first win in what would be a clean sweep of wins through the three rounds of motos adding a valuable 18 points to his total. Max Managed a second and third place finish in the next two rounds but fell another 12 points behind Allen going into the main event.

So the stage was set and the final eight main event riders were Currier with 127, Max Egdorf with 107, Pete Lorenzo with 87, Billy Ripley with 75, Ty Johnson with 65, Mike Campbell with 59, Alex Rivera with 46 and Pete Balotti with 31.

When the gate dropped Egdorf took off like he had a rocket attached to his bike. Out of turn two Max had a lead with Lorenzon in tow and Currier back a full 6 lengths in the third spot. As they exited turn 2 Currier started to reel in the two hot rods in front of him and turn three was the turning point. Lorenzo dove to the inside of Max and they would go side by side up the back stretch with the Pistol having the coveted inside line going into turn 4. While all that was going on, Currier had caught them in the rhythm section. Into turn 5 they flew having broken away from the rest of the pack. At the stripe it was a half a bike between each one with the order being Lorenzo, Egdorf and Currier. The win was worth $297 to Pete with Max earning $178 and Allen settling for $119.

The series finishing order would be:
Allen Currier $300
Mag Egdorf #250
Pete Lorenzo $200
Bill Ripley $150
Ty Johnson $100
Mike Campbell
Alex Rivera
Pete Balotti
Josh Sanford

The crowd was huge and estimated at around 1,500 jammed into Alvord Park

In the amateur classes the action was pretty furious also. Michelle Main would win the 17 & over womans class with consistant first place finishes. Gina Layman held off Nicole Milton for the second spot.

In 15-16 Girls it was Reigning State Champion Christine Grysbek keeping her skinny digited number plate in the lead all three round with Amy Block second and britt Shaw third.

In 14 girls racing Angela Therriault would have a problem in the first round but salvage two wins later in the day for the overall. Krysta Zbikowski was second and third went to Victoria Sunbury. Unfortunately Katie Edgar would suffer a hard crash in round one and display one of the most amazing exhibitions of intestinal fortitude that I have ever witnessed. Once she got up she mounted her bike and rolled slowly around the track in obvious pain with her arm tucked in tightly against her side. Every time a track official tried to help her she was simply say “NO” in a loud voice. Agonizing minutes later she crossed the finish line in an explosion of applause. It was learned shortly there after that she suffered a broken collarbone and was done for the day. Our hearts go out to her.

In 13 girls it looks like the state championship just might stay where it was all year as Brianna Clinton would win todays event. Carly Curtain was second and Gabby Boxall was third.

The 12 girls class looked like it would belong to Katie Moody as she won the first two rounds. A hard crash in the third round sealed her fate and led to Amanda Wedge getting the overall win. Katie salvaged second with third going to Jayna Roy, who rode with a heavy heart. More on the reason why later.

In 11 girls action Mel Cianciola, reining champ, would ace a “perfect” with a nice second by Chealsee Kalivis and Jenn Cote’ earning a third.
Juliona Olson earned to win in 10 girls with Samantha Lumbra right behind her for second and Alexandra Biron finished third.

Devin Murphy, in a rare 2008 appearance here at Foothills, showed she hasn’t forgotten the track as she won every 9 girls moto. Mackenzie Atchison was second and Nicole Bitnaitis was third.

Another ‘perfect” was in the 8 yr old girls division as Kyly Milton pulled it off. Alysha Olson was second and third went to Katrina Campbell.

In 5-7 girls Dixie Damelio was the winner with Jess Nuzzaci second and third going to Juliana Spisek.

In the expert classes the racing skills were on display everywhere. Garrick Yanosky won the 35-40 / 41& over class with Mike Sigrist, throwing away his overtime opportunities as a cop in Bridgeport to be here second and Mike Savage third.

Chris Giacomazzo won the combined class of 26-24 / 26-24 expert Kevin Clark second and Mike Greco third.

In 17-18 / 19-25 action a main event would be required to determine the winner. Billy Ripley hung on for the win, Anthony Del Vento was second and Justin Coelho was third.

In 16x / 16 n combined it was Paul Maher our winner with Kyle Strong second and Mike Campbell third. The first novice across the stripe was Colby Lake just in front of Keith Brown.

15x Dylan Perez got it done in the 15x main with Colby Benoit second and the third spot going to Mike Dembrowski, who was so happy he forgot his helmet and sun glasses. Don’t worry Mike, we have them locked up and safe.

14 x / 14 n racing resulted in Zack Pirulli grabbing the win, D.J. Scott second and Jason Chamis was third.

3 time track champion Kyle Block got the overall win in 13x with a hard charge from Austin Cyr, who was second and Stephan Kallas was third.
The 12x win went to Shawn McAuley after he and CMR’s Mike Iurato traded wins. The tie breaking third round went to Shawn. Third place went to Ryan McCoy.

Three time Nat’l Champ Zac O’Neil was the one to beat that no one could in 11x. Dan Delisle was a close second and Jake Pirillu was a solid third.
New Yorks Casey tanner put himself in the 10x winners circle with State Champ Chris Therriault settling for second and Doug Cable was third.

The D-Man, Dave Moody go the win in the combined class of 10n / 9x. Justin Rivers went home with the second place trophy and third was R.J. Miville (Jack’s Auto Body).

With 10 riders registered in the 8x / 9n class, a main event win was earned by “Quick-Nick” Cote’. In close pursuit was second place finisher Justin Boissonnault and Sam Beardsley finished third.

Only one 7 yr old expert was competing today and Sky Domain would be put in with the 8 yr old novices. It didn’t matter as he was “perfect” Tyler Coenraads was the first novice with Austin Clinton and Owen Giese (Bell Electric) behind him.

Plenty of Novices were here and it was wild and dusty at times. In 17-18 action Jeremey Bakunis earned the overall after Dylan Rooney wrecked in the third round. Dylan was right in the mix for the win before that as he won the second round and aced a win in round one. He slipped back to the third spot overall as John Kolanda finished second.

The 15n class featured a main event win for Mason Johnson (Esquire Cleaners). Halto McCready was send and third across the stripe was Jon Daversa.

Dan Miklovich scored a “perfect” in the 13n class right through the main event keeping Tim Osborne and Alec Norkowski behind him along with a pack of other riders.

Colin Rooney won the 12n gang with a win in every moto. Gabe Cruz was second and the third spot was swept by Jash Rivera.

The 11n main event went to Tommy-Lee Busky, Matt Bovat (Uncle Pat) was second and finishing third was Robbie DesMarais).

A main event in the 7n class saw Superfly Lane Maher finishing out his day with a “perfect” on his home track. Collin Penn snuck into the second spot just ahead of Tom Gladstone.

Griff Kavanaugh won the 6 nov division with Alaxander Keuhn second ad Hunter Zeiner rounding out the top three. “Finny” Milton was the only 5 & under novice this day.

Cruisers or should I say “Bruisers?” well, maybe so in one case.
Joey Watley had to beat New rider “Leapin” Len Ferris to retain “his title” in 50 & over action. Didn’t seem like a heavy workout for either rider. In 45-49 it was different as the “Flyin Dutchman” Pieter Coenraads earned a ‘perfect”. The second spot went to Butch Feitel while Foothills regular Stu McCready was third.

A rare main event was required in the 40-44 cruiser calss and it would be home-town hero Tom Johnson winning it with a legend in BMX Mike Savage, finishing second. The third spot went to Bob Delamare who finally jumped the “suicide step-down”. It was this class that that a real freak accident occurred. Fred Roy (Fast Freddy the Flying Ferret), after finishing a solid third in the first round was just finishing his second round when disaster struck. Fred was just cruising over the last set of rollers and he simply blew up. When the dust settled, Fred suffered a fractured collar bone, broken in three places and requires surgery. The surgery is scheduled for next Monday. We all wish Fred a speedy recovery.

Randy Bitinaitis put the Cutting Edge colors in the winners circle in 35-39 action. Garrick Yanosky was second with Don Olson third.

The 25-29 win went to Greg Sloan as he stayed just ahead of Matt Theriault and Alex Rivera.

Gina Layman was first across the stripe in the 30 & over womans mixed class. Therese Campbell was second and Kerry Kuhn was just touching the gate after recent knee surgery curtailed her racing ambitions.

Angela Therriault and Brianna Clinton battled it out for 13-14 yr old supremacy with Angela winning the war this day.

Zack Pirulli won the 11-12 / 13-14 class with another Zack, Mr. O’neil second and Dan Delisle third.

With 106 rookies racing at least the future looks to be intact. With 17 riders registered in the 8 rookie class this would be the biggest class of the day. Split into three groups the key would be to make the semis and then finish in the top four to transfer into the main event. The story here would be the one semi. It’s frustrated but not unusual to see what happened in this semi. Its important for the riders to understand that it doesn’t make any sense to take a chance in the semis if your sitting in a transfer spot (Top four).
Simply put, there are no points awarded in semis, they are simply Main event qualifiers) Just finish in the top four and your in the main event. It’s usually a live and learn situation and that’s all we can hope happens here. Coming out of the last turn with the top four riders already sorted out, one rider decided to go for the win and try to make a pass. The lead rider tried to hold him off and they both crashed 10 feet short of qualifying. A BMX gift to the last two riders who were already figuring they would be packing the car for the ride home when the main was run. It was just a sickening finish for the two riders who went down. The eventual winner was CMR’s Brandon Jasensky with William Guido second and Jacob Gleacher third.

Semis also would be required in the 6 yr old class. When the dust in those events blew off into the setting sun it was Casey Navin the winner, Seth Norton was second and the third spot went to Dustin Souza.

In the 17 & over rookie class the main event win would go to Brandon Miville. (See Youtube) in about 1 week. Joe Santiago and Dan Sears were second and third.

James Norris won the 15 rookie main event with Brennan McGrath second and Jer Royer (A-Bone) third. A crash by Jim Ferris (Tactical Arms) kept him out of the top spots.

Demetri Savvidi easily got it done int e 14r class but Trev Simmons was sure a hard charger. Alex Hubbard scored a third.

13r Baird Dilworth impressed the Foothills crowd as he won the main event after scoring some big points in the motos. Seth Morris was second with the third place award going to Mike Romanowski.

Nick Hull won the 12 rookie class but Dylan Vadney sure made him work for it. Dylan would be second and Ken Greenier was third.

It was a clean sweep for Wesley Reel as he won everything that he ran in the 11 rookie class. Second in the main was Phil Miklovich with Nick Painchaud third.

Rookie Mains were prevalent and the 10 yr old class was no exception. Pete Franolich (The Pines) was the winner with Kevin Germain second and the third place finish was enjoyed by Jeff Vadney.

The 9 rookie main was won by Eric Passeck following his perfect with Nick Bates and CMR’s Steve Brittingham third.

The 7 rookie main saw Colin Riggs in the right place at the right time as there was a wreck in front of him. He rode through the carnage and captured the win. Tanner Storz was second and third went to Ed Lentz.
In the always exciting 5 & under rookie class 10 riders were vying for the 8 spots in the rug-rat main event. There was one four year old in the mix and it really looked bad for Max Gustafson when he wrecked in the first round down in turn #1. A couple of third place finishes would help him earn a spot in the main event. As the gate dropped on the last main event of the year, it would be Jamie Corsillo leading the pack across the finish line. The second spot went to Riley Tweedie with our youngest rider racing in class today, 4 yr old "Max-Attack" Max Gustafson, finishing third.

One of the best and most exciting races in the Nutmeg BMX season is the popular trophy-dash. Each track picks a rider, either 15 or 16 yrs old, to represent them in a one lap dash. This years line up was Mike Campbell (last years winner) doing it again for Bethel Supercross, Pauly Maher for Foothills BMX, Dylan Perez for Trumbull’s T.R.A.C.K. and Colby Lake, riding for Falcon BMX. When the gate dropped Mike wasted no time in dashing to the lead position going into turn one. Dylan Perez was right there with him and actually pulled ahead momentarily. With Campbell having the inside line into turn two there was no way Dylan could power around the outside. While he drifted high into turn two, Pauly dove to the inside and passed Dylan. That moved took away a little momentum and Pauly, now in second, was a good five bike lengths behind Campbell. Colby was battling Dylan for the third spot. As they sped around the announcers tower Maher was coming and coming fast. Out of turn four they sped and Pauly was only one length Behind Mike as they hit turn 5. That would be as close as Pauly would get as Mike won the trophy for Supercross. Pauly was second, Dylan third and Colby forth.

The curtain would come down on the 2008 points season in Connecticut. We at foothills, hope you all enjoyed our season and our presentation of the State Championship Race. We think it may be remembered as one for the ages. See you at our outing on October 5th.