Race Report August 2nd, 2009

WEEK #14

What a season! Not sure what else to say. It’s been a National Event, a holiday weekend or a weather issue that has bitten us eleven of the fourteen weekends so far. Today’s race would just fall into the same pattern. During the week the track was subjected to torrential rainfall and, when combined with the month’s totals, the National weather service says we received 11.17 inches of rain for the month of July. All of this had really taken its toll on the track racing surface. On Saturday there were 3 guys there for nearly 6 hours and another for about 1.5 hours repairing the month’s damage in preparation for Sundays Double Points Race. That equates to nearly 20-man-hours. On Saturday the weather report caused us to be optimistic that we could get the race in before the predicted late afternoon rain. Sunday morning the weather report changed and it was now evident that we were in trouble. Radar showed that there would be a shower in the morning then a window of opportunity from 10:00 on. The question was how big that window would be. It simply kept fluctuating on the radar echo. We took a vote and decided at 9:30 to proceed with the race in hopes of getting in at least two rounds of motos. This decision was unanimous from everyone who was there at 9:30 am.
Practice started on time at 11:00 am and by 1:00 pm all but 5 of the 221 riders who were registered had checked in. We were ready to go by 1:10 however, because not all registered riders were on site yet and the race was scheduled to start at 1:30, there was no way we could start early. It simply would not have been fair if any one of those five had missed their moto because we started early. I hope that explanation satisfies the very obnoxious woman who openly complained that if our announcer would shut the %^#^%# up we could start the %^*%$ race! It just amazes me the abuse that volunteers, who devoted the entire weekend trying to get the race in, can be subjected to. I am often reminded of the late President Kennedy’s thought process and how significant it would be when applied to our sport. “Ask not what BMX can do for you; ask what you can do for BMX”. Lastly, I remind some of these folks of the sign on our Registration window that states: We reserved the right to decline admittance to anyone who is abusive to our staff of volunteers”. This is a situation that will be monitored closely as we go forward.
A full practice session was enjoyed by all and the session was stopped at 1:10 pm.
For his efforts last week, 8 yr old Rookie Ed Lentz was named our rider of the week. Ed is one win away from moving up to the Novice class and had it within his grasp last week. A small mistake in the rhythm section cost him the main event but none the less, Ed has come a long long way this season and is very deserving of this award. The President of the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce, JoAnn Ryan welcomed everyone to Torrington and her 10 yr old Grandson, Danny O’Leary was the honorary gate starter for the day. Danny dropped the first test gate signifying the start of the race.
After the parade lap which featured all 9 State teams, the volunteers were in place and the first moto was locked and loaded. For the record the time was now 1:25 pm. This is when the heavier rain began. After looking at local radar we decided to wait 15 minutes and reanalyze the situation. At 1:40 the radar showed that a cell, about half the width of the state was slowly moving across our region. It looked like it would take from 1.5 to 2 hours to move through but that it would get worse before it got better. The decision was then made to cancel the race and reschedule it on August 16th. Under the rules of the National Bicycle League, this is simply a rain-out and the moto sheets are NOT frozen. In Connecticut the only time a races entries are frozen is a postponement of the State Championship race.
Registration is again open for the August 16th Double Points Race. If you were registered for yesterdays race and did not come to the window to get your money back, please remember to check in on the 16th.
See you all then……weather permitting.

A fond farewell for the 2009 season to Homer "Bubba" Hodge and Ashlee Hodge who are returning to their home in Maiden North Carolina. It was great having them visit us this summer and we hope to see them again next year.

Next week is our Bob Warnicke Schlorship race. The entry fees are $10.00 for points and a Medallion or $7.00 for points only. Foothills BMX will dontate $5.00 for every rider here to the NBL's Bob Warnicke Schlorship fund. This is a Foothills single points race however, Quadruple points are earned towards the NBL's LEAP programs and Regional programs.

Warnicke Medallion
All riders who enter paying $10 will receive one
a t the time of Registration and is the award
Of the day. No trophys awarded.