Race Report August 2nd, 2009

WEEK #17 (Race #2)

After about a 30 minute wait we did get started on race #2 for this day and it was a pretty impressive turn out with 148 riders split into 43 motos.
In the “Mod_Squad” 16 Expert class, Colby Benoit was perfect as he kept Will Barna and Anthony Reilly (Aunt Leighann’s Day Care) behind him in both rounds. The 14 Expert – 14 Novice class featured a show-down between Austin Cyr and Kyle Block. Austin won the first round but Kyle won the second and would be the overall winner based on the tie breaking rule. Stephen Kallas was third. Shawn McAuley would edge out Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center for the win in 13 Expert – 13 Novice racing. Ryan McCoy was third. In 12 Expert action Dan Delisle, Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Auto Salvage and Tommy-Lee Busky would finish 1-2-3. Casey Tanner dominated the 11 Expert class win another win. Jon Zeiner edged Chris Therriault for the second spot. Christy Kestler, setting a new standard in race-wear won the 17 & over woman’s class. Gina Laymen beat Nicole Milton for the second place award. Katherine Moody, Michaela Lourenco and Ashley Royer finished 1-2-3 in 13 -14 Girls action. Michaela Groves, Jen Cote’ and Alexus Doty (Connecticut Wells) finished 1-2-3 in 11-12 Girls racing. Kyly Milton had it all her way in the 8-9 girls class after her closest competition Halee Persinger crashed in the first round, Halee would salvage a second place overall finish with Abby Mitchell third. Hope Maher (Mark T. Kelley Construction) beat Ashley Jasensky (Mom & Dad Racing) in the 5-7 Girls class. John Adamy won the 17-18 Novice class and busted a sweet 360 over the big step down in the process. Mike Greco was second and Mike Jasensky was third after just touching the gate. Jon Daversa (Dave’s Auto Detailing) got the best of Jason Chamis and Angela Therriault in 15 Expert – 15 Novice racing. Chamis wrcked going for the lead in turn four allowing Angela to enjoy a second place overall finish. Wes Reel won the 12 Novice class edging out Trevor Fox and Russ Campbell. The D-Man, Dave Moody was our winner in the 10 Expert – 11 Novice class with RJ Miville looking really strong enjoying a second and a third place finish for Pete Franolich (Valarie’s Martial Arts). In 10 Novice – 9 Expert racing Jake DesMarais would win the tie-breaker and force Nick Cote’ to settled for a second place award. Justin Boissonneault was third. Sky Domain won the 8 expert – 9 novice class as he won the tie breaker with Lane Maher (Hartford County Tattoo). A solid third went to Owen Giese. Jagur Layman won the 7 Expert – 8 Novice main event for yet another win. Collin Penn was second and right behind him was Craig Lumbra. Arefin Milton racked up another win in the 5-6 novice class. Riley Tweedie was right there for a second place finish and the third spot went to Derek Fantano. Bob Mahner Stopped for a drink of water and still beat Lenny Ferris in the mixed class of 45-50 – 50 & over cruisers. Lenny, whose legs were shaking like a bowl of jelly asked “Where’s mine?”. Bob DesMarais and Enrik Benazic battled hard in the 40-44 Cruiser class with DesMarais coming out on top. Meredith Lidstone beat Marianne Sklarsky in 40-44 Women’s Cruiser. Gina Laymen did the same to Lisette Ortiz in 12 & Under – 35-39 Big Wheel action. Tom Kuehn and Greg Sloan traded wins in 30-34 / 35-39 action with Kuehn slamming the door on Sloan for the tie-breakin win in the second round. Chris Pfeffer won the 13-14 Cruiser class keeping Drew Scheinost at bay along with David Cruz. Dan Delisle beat Chris Pannullo (National Mail Delivery Service) and RJ Miville in 11-12 Cruiser. Nick Cote’ and Alex Kuehn would finish in just that order in the mixed 8 & under – 9-10 cruiser division. Mike Tittl, in his first day at Foothills enjoyed his first perfect in the 16 & over Rookie class. Jer (A-Bone) Royer was a close second with the third spot going to Ray Clark. Alex Hubbard (Absolute Masonry and Home Improvement) put another win into the record books in 15 Rookie action. Zach Weiss was second and Trevor Simmons was third. Dave lamb beat Brenden Aleia in 14 Rookie action. Dylan Vadney, Samir Licul and Kris Holliday were the official order of finish in 13 Rookie action. The 12 yr old Rookie win went to Jamie Lamb with Taylor Yurgalevicz second and Tristan Lowry third. Erik Dugan had little problems winning the 11 rookie class as it looked like Bryan Basile was running a little low on gas. Chris Stewart salvage a second in front of Basile. Jake layman would “Laymanate” the rest of the 10 Rookie class with Nick Bates edging Justin Fracasso for the second spot in the main event. The 9 yr old Rookie main saw Joe Petrino Jr. again in the winners circle. Dustin Petosa was a close second and William Guido was third. In the 8 yr old Rookie Main event John Cox would just edge out Colin Riggs for the win. This was after our stupid announcer jinxed Riggs by forgetting there was a main in this class and announcing that Riggs had just moved up to the Novice class with his moto wins. No pay this week for the announcer who is convinced that Riggs will get the promotion very very soon. Third went to Jason Lee. Casey Navin also enjoyed another win in the 7 Rookie class by beating Jon Todd who finished second and third place finisher Joe Buhlke. James Cox, Torin Ellis and Ian Fosbrook was the order in 6 Rookie racing action. The five and under main went to Mike Bohlke with Lucas North right on his heels and Nate Moen in the third slot.

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