Race Report August 30th, 2009

WEEK #18

Amazingly, here we are at the final race of the 2009 season. It’s been a season challenged by our local economy, the adverse weather conditions and the competition for riders with the many NBL National and Regional events in May, June and July. None-the-less we all hope it was also a season of fun for the 500 different riders that raced on our track this year. We sure had fun watching you all.
The final race was moderate in size with 142 riders split into 39 motos. It pre-race ceremonies we honored two riders from last weeks two races. In the first race John Cox was honored and claimed Dylan Perez as his favorite rider. For race #2 Michaela Groves was honored and she named Tristan Lowry as her favorite rider.
There were five main events and all were in the Rookie classes. Starting with the 12 Rookie clan, a rider from Lansing Michigan showed us all how they do it in the Wolverine State. Bobby Risner IV had a clean sweep through the moto and the main event. He probably won every practice round as well. Nick Painchaud was our second place finisher and the third spot was salvaged by Jamie Lamb. Next up were the 11 yr old Rookies and it looked like it would be a classic battle in the main as it was in the motos between Taylor Nelson (CT Basement Systems) and Chris Stewart. But in the main Neal Bachman came out of nowhere to capture the last main of the year for the 11 yr olds. The second spot went to Erik Dugan while Taylor Nelson salvaged a third. In the 10 yr old Rookie main it would be showdown time for Brandon Ortiz and Nick Bates who were perfect in there motos. As they entered turn #1 Bates had the lead but by the time they got to the third turn Brandon had passed him and never looked back. He won the main, Kyle Johnston snuck in for second and Nick Bates settled for a third. The 9 yr old Rookie Main featured another showdown between two rider who had won all of their motos. Dustin Petosa and William Guido, both former riders of the week were tearing it up all the way around. The win went to Guido, Petosa was second and the third spot went to Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing). In the 8 Rookie class main John Cox held off a very determined Colin Riggs for the win. Third went to Garrett Fosbrook. Colin is still vying for that elusive 15th Rookie win and ultimate promotion to the Novice class. Hey, the State Championship would be a great way to do it?
Jonathan Todd was perfect in the four rider 7 Rookie class as he managed to keep Dustin Souza and Ethan Dauphinais behind him. Justin Falasco, by winning two of his three motos had enough points to be declared the overall winner in 6 yr old Rookie racing. James Cox, after a first round wreck, salvaged a second while third went to Torin Ellis. A full gate or riders in the 5 & under class with the fastest ankle-biter being Mike Bohlke who simply won every moto. Lucas North was second each round while the third place trophy was earned by Aman Egan. Dylan Vadney was the winner in the 13 Rookie class with Darren Zimmerman (David J Mahoney Painting) second with the third spot going to Luke Dengler. Tyler Handel Handled David Lamb in the 14 Rookie class. Alex Hubbard (Absolute Masonry and Home Improvement) aced another perfect in the 15 Rookie class. Matt Anderson second while the third spot went to Trevor Simmons. The always hectic 16 & over Rookie class had five riders going for the glory. When the dust settled Dave Foster’s two moto wins would be enough for the overall title. Ray Clark was second with Giovani Acevedo third.
With Ben Atchison missing his second moto by helping out in the Announcers tower the 19-25 Expert – 36-34 class went to Emmanuel Paulino with Ben salvaging a second place overall finish. Third went to Giorgio Pellerano.
In 15-16 Expert action Colby Benoit got the job done. Anthony Reilly (Aunt Leighann’s Day Care) finished second while William Barna was third. Dan Delisle, Chris Pannullo and Troy Atchison continued their weekly battle and it ended the exact same was as I’ve just listed them. It is the completion of a very impressive season for Dan. Austin Cyr was unbeatable in the 14X – 15N class but Stephan Kallas pushed him every inch of the track and finished a strong second. Jason Kellogg was also right in the mix all the way around as the only Novice rider out there. A real mixed class for the 13X – 13N-14N guys. Roberto Elizondo (14N) was first with Chris Pfeffer (13X George’s Music Center) second and third was Drew Scheinost (13N). 11X-12N racing saw Casey Tanner (11X) takeing care of business with three moto wins. Finishing second was Doug Cable (11X Gooseboro Drive-In) and third across the stripe was Wes Reel. Wes earns a move up award in this group as the first Novice across the stripe. (This is because there were a minimum of three Novices in the group). In 10X-11N racing it would be pretty much the same situation. In this class there was only one Expert rider and he did get the win. Dave Moody won every moto. The first Novice across the stripe was Bryan basile with the next one being Pete Franolich. Again, because there were a minimum of three Novices in this group, a move up award goes to Bryan for his efforts. All riders earn “Expert Points”. In (x-10N racing there were two Experts and two Novices so no move up awards are available under the NBL rules. Nick Cote’ and Justin Boissonneault finished 1-2 and were the Experts in the mix. The third spot went to Mackenzie Atchison. In the 8X-9N class the best racing of the day may have occurred right here between Sky Doman and Lane Maher (Hartford County Tattoo). All three motos were very close with Lane winning the first one and round two went to Sky. In the tie-breaking third round, again it was close but Domain would win it. Lane finished second and third, along with a Novice move-up award went to Steven Hull (Sekulski Millworks). Jagur Layman Finished the Foothills season on top of his game. He was perfect again this week. Lucas Petosa earned a solid second with third belonging to Ed Lentz. Finny Milton put his familiar 120 machine in the winners circle in the 6 Novice class. Riley Tweedie and Derek Fantano were second and third.
In Cruiser racing an abbreviated line-up of big wheels were in the house. Theresa Dengler did battle with Therese Campbell and came out the winner. Greg Sloan and Joey Watley were paired together on a 30-34 / 50& over mixed class. Sloan was first across the stripe. In 13-14 / 15-16 Cruiser action Chris Pfeffer beat both Drew Scheinost and Dave Cruz for another win. Angela Therriault (15-16), Jayna Roy (13-14) and Lisette Ortiz !2 & Under) were combined together and it was no contest as Angela Dominated with Jayna second.
There was great action in the 11-12 Cruiser three rider group as all three won one moto each. When the scores were tallied it would be Dan Delisle the winner, Chris Pannullo (National Mail Delivery Service) second and third was Chris Therriault. In 8 & under / 9-10 action Sky Domain would complete his great day adding a Cruiser win to his 20 inch title. The second spot went to Nick Cote’ while Josh Walsh finished third.
In the Girls classes Carly Curtin, probably talked into visiting Foothills by her mom, won the 14 yr old girls class. Nicole Milton, combined with them as a 17 & over woman was second and the third spot went to Michaela Lourenco. Katie Moody, with 12 perfects in 17 races this season, made it 13 of 18 by winning every moto today. Jess Maher was second with Alexus Doty (Connecticut Wells) third. Hope Maher (Mark T. Kelley Construction) and Ashley Jasensky (Mom and Dad Racing) finished up running 1-2. In the 8-9 Girls class Kyle Milton won every moto but she probably led on the track surface itself less then ten feet in total length. Every moto Halee Persinger had the lead coming out of the last turn and every time Kyly powered her way around the outside to lead right at the stripe. It was an amazing day for these too. Katrina Campbell was third.

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