Race Report August 9th, 2009

WEEK #14

Week # 14 and yet another threat of rain. What else is new I guess. This race is always something special as it is our Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race. Established after Bob’s death in 1994, the NBL awards $20,000 each year to ten deserving college bound students. There is a selection committee that chooses the riders or ex-riders who will be the recipients. Foothills BMX historically has donated $5 for each racer in attendance and this years donation is $850. We are undoubtedly the biggest contributor to this worthwhile fund. I have a special place in my heart for Bob as without his support back in the early 90’s, I would probably never have been given the opportunity to become one of the NBL’s National announcers. Bob was elected posthumously to the NBL’s Hall of Fame three years ago.
At any rate the threatening weather would be evident all day long and it seemed like it would start to pour at any moment. Maybe Warnicke was providing a big umbrella over the facility or had some influence on what was happening as it just never rained during the race. With 173 riders registered and split into 50 motos (Counting the Open) it was a very nice turnout.
In the Announcer’s tower were two prestigious individuals that we were proud to have visiting us. Joann Ryan, the president of the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Ryan Bingham of the city of Torrington were here to enjoy the day. Mayor Bingham welcomed everyone to Torrington and couldn’t say enough about the distance that people traveled to race at Foothills. Joann’s grandson, 7 yr old Danny O’Leary was our honorary gate starter and pushed the button in the first gate to open the race.
That first moto was the 35-40 expert / novice class featuring two experts and two novices. As expected the two experts finished 1-2 as Garrick Yanosky held of a determined Bill Clinton for the win. Mike Jasensky (X-Treme Marine) held off Matt Holderman as the first novice across the stripe. In the 26-34 Expert class Stampede’s Chris Giacomazzo won two of three for the overall win while Mike Greco averaged out a second place finish. The third spot went to Alex Rivera. It was pretty neat happenings in the 17-18 Expert class with only three riders present. However, all three won one moto. Pauly Maher, in his first race after breaking his hand in a non-BMX accident (Sort-of) won the first moto but it was obvious that he was in some degree of discomfort. The second moto went to Colby Lake while Enzo Perez won the third. This relates to the official overall finish of Colby Lake the winner, Enzo second and Pauly third.
Josh Wedge continued his dominance in the 16 Expert class as he beat William Barna all three rounds with 15 Novice Jason Kellogg finishing third. Again Jason, please understand that being combined with experts mean you get “Expert Points”. Your third place finish is equivalent to a first place finish in a pure Novice class. Great experience and nice points. Roberto Elizondo (14 Novice) was in the same boat as he was combined with two Experts in the 14 Expert / 14 Novice class. Roberto finished third but with expert points is the same as winning his class. Austin Cyr was the winner with Stephen Kallas second. Kallas bailed hard in turn two in the third round but was okay. The 12 Expert class featured the weekly battle between Dan Delisle and Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Auto Salvage). Delisle was perfect with Chris right on his tail all three rounds. Troy Atchison was third. Casey Tanner won two motos in the 11 Expert class with an impressive effort coming from second place finisher Jonathan Zeiner, Chris Therriault was third.
In 7 Expert / 7 Novice combined the youngest rider in the mix was the only expert; Hunter Zeiner was enjoying his 7th birthday. Hunter would finish second behind the strong ride of Alex Kuehn. Derek Eisenbach was third.
Michelle Main and Nicole Milton would finish 1-2 in 17 & over woman. Track Champion Angela Therriault beat Carly Curtin who was making a rare appearance at Foothills. Carly rides for Stylin Racing on the National circuit and it was great to see her.
Katie Moody and Jayna Roy made up the 12 Girls class. Katie would prevail. 5 riders in the 12 Girls class was an impressive turnout. Mel Cianciola was the winner as she kept a hard charging Jessy Maher behind her in all three rounds. The third place points went to Michaela Groves. Mackenzie Atchison held off Alexus Doty (Connecticut Wells) in 10-11 Girls action.
Kyly Milton, who is pretty much unbeatable this year continued her winning efforts in the 9 Girls class. Second place went to Halee Persinger (Halee Monster) and third went to Abby Mitchell.
Beth Passeck topped Ashley Jasensky (Mom & Dad Racing) in 5-7 Girls. Josh Knowlton beat Carl Carlson in 19-25 / 26-34 Novice racing. Wes Reel held off Matt Bovat (Uncle Pat) and Trev Fox in a closely run 12 Novice class. Dave Moody (D-Man) was the top gun in 10 expert 11 novice racing. The first novice across the stripe was R.J. Miville and Tajeh Cozzaglio was behind him for third. Two Experts and 4 Novices made up the 9 Expert – 10 Novice class but they all rode like experts. Not one of the six riders won more then one moto. The official order was Nick Cote’ (9 Ex) first; Justin Boissonnault (9 ex) second and Jake DesMarais (10 nov) third.
In 8 Ex – 9 Nov action “Superfly” Lane Maher (Hartford County Tattoo) was the winner with Sky Domain in hot pursuit. Third went to Owen Giese.
In 8 Novice action Luke McAdams made it two of three moto wins for the overall win. Rob Marcantonio was second with Luke Petosa third. In 5-6 Novice racing Arefin Milton was first, Kyle Kuehn second and third was Brad Wohlers. Milton was the only 6 novice rider in the mix.
In Cruiser racing Rob Giese beat our senior racer Len Ferris in the 40-44 / 50 & over division. Marianne Sklarsky finished in front of Theresa Dengler in the 40-44 woman’s class. In the 25-29 / 30-34 / 35-39 cruiser class Tom Kuehn (35-39) and Greg Sloan (30-34) really had the heavy comp goin on. Tom would win all three rounds but sure had to work for it.
Jayna Roy beat Lisette Ortiz in the 14 & under cruiser combined group. The 11-12 Cruiser racing featured 5 hot-rods that were battling hard. Dan Delisle held off Casey tanner for the win with Chris Pannullo (National Mail) a close third overall.
Nick Cote’ won the 9-10 cruiser division with Austin Clinton finishing second. Sky Domain and Alex Kuehn made up the 8 & under class with Sky the winner this day.
With 70 Rookies in the house the excitement was at it’s usual high level. The 17 & over Class was made up of three riders who all enjoyed a win. However one would experience both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Nick Roy, clearly the most skilled rider in the mix, experienced one of the hardest wrecks this year. After winning the first moto and well in the lead in the second round, he appeared to come off his pedals and go over the handlebars in mid air while skying the camel jump coming out of turn one. ( See photo section). He literally fell ten feet straight down and landed on his hip. We are still waiting on his condition and will provide an update in the latest news section of the web site when we know more. He did walk off the track and was going to go to his home-town emergency room for evaluation last night. We are all holding our breath on this one. The overall winner was Giovanni Acevedo with Ray Clark second. Nick Landi dominated the results in the 14 Rookies class. But it sure wasn’t as easy as the final standings indicated. Jer Royer was right there and looked like he would win a moto until he slipped in the forth turn and that slip cost him any shot at Landi. Third went to Dave Foster.
Alex Hubbard (Absolute masonry and Home Improvement) won the 15 Rookie class again this week. Matt Anderson was the second place rider with third going to Bobby Gutmann. Amazingly there was no 14 Rookie class so next up were the 13 yr olds. Josh Santiago and Dylan Vadney traded wins in the first two rounds but the ty-breaking third round went to Vadney. Josh settled for the second spot and Justin Walter got the third place points.
Taylor Yurgalevicz made on e of the sweetest moves of the day in the 12 Rookie class as he swooped under Josh Macomber in the fourth turn in the first round for a hard earned moto win. Macomber learned well and held off Taylor the next two rounds for the overall win. Jamie Lamb enjoyed a solid third place finish.
The first Main event of the day would be the 11 Rookie gang. Bryan Basile was perfect through the motos and he continued his streak by capturing the Main event win. Erik Dugan was second and the third spot was occupied by Chris Stewart. The 10 Rookie main event went to Nick Bates with Brandon Ortiz right behind him followed by Rich Russell.
William Guido aced a perfect right through the main event in 9 Rookie competition. Steven Hull, who is one win away from the Novice ranking will have to wait a bit as he finished a close second. Third went to Dustin Petosa. 6 riders strong was the 8 Rookie class so no Main event required to determine the winner. John Cox clearly was the fastest this day in the early going but a wreck in the third round sealed his fate and assured that Colin Riggs (Tactical Arms) would earn the win. Jason Lee was second and John Cox would have to settle for a third.
The 7 Rookie Main event saw the continued dominance of Casey Navin who must be getting close to his Novice ranking. He had little trouble in acing a perfect today. Seth Shaw had a nice second with Dustin Souza finishing third. Justin Falasco was the 6 yr old Rookie winner with James Cox in tow followed by Ian Fosbrook.
The 5 & under class finished the day out with Landon Richard being unbeatable this day. Danny DesMarais was second and the third spot went to Lucas North.
There was a small Money-Open class today and it was between three riders. Allen Currier, Pete Balotti and Enzo Perez. It was great to see Currier back and he was running pretty good but crashing in turn 5 in the first round would essentially kill his chances of a win. Perez won two of the three motos and that was enough to grab the cash.

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