Race Report July 12th, 2009

WEEK #11

Well week # 11 and guess what, another Regional to contend with. This time it’s in Pennsylvania and only 3.5 hours away. It seems like we really have to contend with the National programs this year more then in recent memory. At any rate with some notable riders missing we still managed 156 riders in 44 motos.
Two riders were honored as Riders Of The Week with the first one from the June 28th race. This would be a Co-ROTW and the honor would go to 11 yr old Rookie Taylor Nelson. He named local rider John Crossen as his favorite rider. % yr old Landon Richard was honored as last weeks ROTW and he couldn’t come up with his favorite rider.
With no one interested in jumping into the 16-29 Open Wheels class this week the comp in the motos for the older riders was a little more intense.
Ben Atchison had his hands full of Devin Kelly in the combined class of 19-25 Nov / 26-34 Ex / 35-40 Ex. Devin won the first moto but Ben came back to win the next two for the overall win. Bill Clinton was third with Scott Merenda fourth.
In 17-18 Expert action Josh Sanford (Midtown Auto Parts) and Colby Lake traded wins. Josh would win the tie breaking third round for the overall title. Paul Maher, still with his injured wrist, was just touching the gate.
The Mod-Squad; i.e. 16 Ex, Was dominated by Josh wedge who won every moto. Anthony Reilly (Auntie Leighann’s Daycare) was running hot and settled into the two spot with William Barna finishing third.
Four 14 Ex were on hand but only one 13 Ex (Chris Pfeffer) and one 14 Novice rider (Tim Osborne so they were all combined together. Into one hot six rider group. Without winning a single moto, Austin Cyr would be the overall champ with consistent second place finishes. Kyle Block won two motos but a fifth place finish in the first round would seal his fate. He did salvage a second overall with third going to Zack Andringa .
In 11 ex / 11 Nov combined Casey Tanner would put his National #8 machine in the winners circle raking up perfect points while doing it. Troy Atchison was second and third went to Doug Cable.
Nicole Milton and Amy Block were paired up and Nicole would take no prisoners in 16 Girls / 17 & over woman.
Katie Moody got the best of Jayna Roy in the 13 Girls class today. In the 12 yr old Girls class it would be the same finishing order in all three rounds of racing. Jess Maher, Michaela Groves and Sam Lumbra. In 8-9 Girls Kyly Milton was again perfect. Madison Birch was second and the third spot went to Abigail Mitchell.
In 5-7 long-haired rocket action it would be Hope Maher (Mark T. Kelley Construction) winning all the motos. Beth Passeck had a better day this week with a solid second and third went to Rileigh Valliere.
Jason Kellogg got the job done in 15-16 Novice racing with Jon Daversa and Sean Perkins battling hard for the second spot which eventually went to Daversa (Dave’s Auto Detailing).
In the 12 Ex / 13 Nov class Dan Delisle would win two of three motos but the third place finish in the third round allowed Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Auto Salvage) to clam the top spot. Dan was second and third went to Brianna Clinton.\Six riders were in the 10Nov / 9 Ex class and the only expert, Justin Boissonneault would be the Dominator today as he won all three rounds. Jake DesMarais was second and third went to Eric Passeck. Not a bad ride for Eric in his first race as a Novice.
In 8 Ex / 9 Nov action Lane Maher (Hartford County Tattoo) was the top gun with Sky Domain running a close second. Owen Giese was third.
In the 8 Novice class Collin Penn was again the one to beat and no one could this day. Lucas Petosa was second and Jagur Layman was third. Hunter Zeiner, th3 only 6 Expert in the house was perfect in the 6 Ex / 6 nov / 7 Nov class. Finny Milton and Zachary Ferris (Tactical Arms) were second and third. In the 50 & over Cruiser class it was Butch Feitel and Len Ferris going at it again and Butch was the fastest in this class. Rob Giese won the 40-44 Cruiser class. In 30-34 / 45-49 big-wheel action Tom Kuehn was pushed to the third round of motos which he won for the overall win over Greg Sloan. AJ Roy and Mike Vallone had it going on in the 17-24 / 25-29 Cruiser class with Mike winning two of three motos for the win. Jacob Bell, in his first race ever fell in the first round but looked good after that. Chris Pfeffer was paired up with Jayna Roy in the 13-14 Cruiser division and Chris would come out on top. In the always fun to watch 11-12 Cruiser class it would be Dan Delisle, Casey Tanner and Chris Pannullo (National Mail) in all three rounds.
RJ Miville was the only 10 yr old Cruiser here and Sky Domain the only 8 yr old so they were put together with RJ the top dog in this mixed class.
The 17 & over Rookie class is always exciting and the “Fluorescent Flyer”, Nick Roy must have had that bike plugged into a wall socket all night as you could read a book at midnight next to it. He was as hot as the bikes colors and won every moto. Joe Santiago was a solid second all day with Ray Clark a constant third.
Jer Royer easily won the 15-16 Rookie class as he kept Dan Livingston and Gian Gonzalez behind him in every moto.
Alex Hubbard had to work hard to stay in front of new rider Brady Hanford. Alex managed to keep his bike in the lead spot but this Brady kid has some serious jumping skills. Check out the photo section.
In the 13 Rookie class it was Dylan Vadney and Darren Zimmerman (David J. Mahoney Painting) battling handlebar to handlebar with Zimmerman winning two of three. In the 12 Rookie class there were 8 riders in the house so a Main event was required to sort things out. Kenny Grenier (Hogie’s Sweet Shop / Winsted Tire and Auto) was perfect in his motos as was Aaron Kawalski. The main event showdown would go to “Killer” Kawalski with Grenier second. Third went to Josh Macomber. A main was also needed in the 11 Rookie class which would go to Erik Dugan. Taylor Nelson (CT Basement Systems) was second and the third spot went to Chris Stewart. Mains were the norm in the Rookie class and next up was the 10 Rookie Main event. Nick Bates dominated the class as he won all his motos plus the main. Bryan Basile settled for second after he raked up three rounds of first place moto points and third went to Wes Bookland.
The 9 yr old Rookie main saw Steven Hull ace a perfect with William Guido second and Dusty Petosa settling into the third spot. The always loaded 8 yr old Rookie class featured the first overall Foothills with for Berlin’s Ed Lentz. Colin Riggs (Tactical Arms) was second and Connor Calarco was third. Nice ride Ed! Casey Navin won everything including the 7 yr old Rookie main event. Dusty Souza was second and the third spot in the main went to Chris Guido.
Evan Kawalski won the 6 Rookie class with Justin Falasco and Ian Fosbrook second and third. The 5 & under Rookie class was made up of six riders with three coming from the Bay State. Landon Richard was perfect and the top gun. Second went to Brady Valliere and Lucas North was third.
Don’t forget to get to the track on Tuesday at 11:00 am if you can make it as we have the chance to show-case BMX racing to the city with a demo race. Free clinic tomorrow night. Have a great week everyone.

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