Race Report June 14th, 2009


With heavy rains during the early morning hours on Sunday, the track drainage system would be really put to the test. With some volunteers being at the track as early as 7:30 a.m. by the time practice opened at 11:00 the track was in great shape.
This was the first of our two Double Points Races and a big crowd was hoped for. With pre-registration tallied, there were 156 already entered into the race program when post registration opened at 10:00 a.m. When it closed at 12:30 p.m. the count was 231 riders in class and another 11 entered in the “Open Wheels Money Class” 242 riders split into 58 motos was an impressive turnout and we feel very fortunate to have this type of support. In reviewing the moto sheets they came from not only Connecticut but New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York.
In opening ceremonies Kenny Grenier and Lucas Petosa were named Riders of the Week for their efforts in the two races last Sunday.
Today's gate dropped at 1:31 pm
For the first time this year there were five riders registered in the Elite Open class and the racing was pretty hot. Allen Currier was the overall winner in that fun class but with five Elite riders in the house the “Money Open” was shaping up to be shear excitement. Some changes are being made for that group and the first was evident as each of the three rounds of motos had the line ups “shuffled” meaning the 11 riders never raced the exact same group more then once. This kept them focused on the task at hand (making the Main) and they really raced hard for the opportunity to make it. In the Main event, New jerseys Dan Smith, looking ripped beyond belief, got the job done in his first appearance in a year at Foothills. He took the lead going into the new turn one and never looked back. It was a great battle all the way around the 1200 foot course for the second spot. Pete Lorenzo held of a late charge from John Ordonez. John put a classic move on Allen Currier in turn three that had the crowd on its feet. Great racing guys!

Expert Action
Garrick Yanosky was perfect in the 35-40 class as he held off Mike Sigrist and Dave Bedford. Chris Giacomazzo did the same in 26-34 action with the second spot going to his Stampede teammate Ben Atchison. Third was Mike Greco.
The 19-25 expert class also featured a rider who aced yet another perfect. This time is was Dan Buckner who held off Zak McCready and Justin Layman. This was Zaks last race for awhile as he is leaving for the United States Navy. Zak has been a regular for about 10 yrs at Foothills and we wish him well as he begins this new and important phase of his life. From all of us Zak, “Thank You”.
In the 17-18 ex class, they were combined with 17-18 nov and 19-25 novices. Anthony DelVento had no problem as he won all three rounds. John Ordonez, the only other Expert was second with Devin Kelly the first novice across the stripe.
In the 16X – 16Nov class Josh Wedge would win two motos, Paul Maher won three and Colby Benoit won one moto. So in the main event it would be quite a show-down. Maher won the main, Wedge second and Benoit third.
Zack Pirulli won all three rounds of 15ex / 15 nov action. DJ Scott eked out a second place finish and Dylan Perez salvaged a third after a hard crash in the first round.
Kyle Bock and Austin Cyr battled hard all day but Cyr’s wreck in round three sealed his fate for a big points day. Kyle won the main Austin second and Tim Osborne was third.
Shawn McCauley showed everyone why he is the defending State Champion as he was perfect in the 13X / 13Nov class. Mike Iurato was second with the third spot going to Chris Pfeffer (Georges Music Center).
In 12 Ex racing Danny Delisle was unbeatable as he aced a perfect in an impressive field of racers. Ryan McCoy was second with third going to Jake Pirulli.
Casey Tanner continued his impressive streak at Foothills with another win in the 11X class. Chris Therriault held on for second with third going to Jon Zeiner. In the 10Ex / 11Nov class, the “D-Man” Dave Moody was the top dog and he beat Robbie DesMarais and Trev Fox. In 9Ex / 10Nov it was RJ Miville coming out of nowhere to win the highly contested main event. He was the benefactor when the two experts; Justin Boissonnault and Nick Cote’ tangled in turn two and both went down. Second place went to Josh Walsh with third going to Justin Rivera. By winning the third round of 8X / 9Nov Sky Domain scratched out the win with Jake Desmarais settling into the second spot and Lane Maher (Hartford County Tattoo) finishing third. In 6x / 5 nov / 6 nov combined racing; 6 yr old expert Hunter Zeiner was finer then everyone else. Jamie Corsillo was second and Afefin Milton was third.
Just a side note that any novice that had an expert in his class will earn expert points for the day. Experts get 60 points for a moto win, 55 for second, 50 for third etc.

Female Competition

In 17 & Over women Christ Kestler got the job done with Michelle Main second and third was Christine Grysbek.
Angela Therriault topped Amy Block for the win in 15-16 Girls.
The “Female Airshow”, Brianna Clinton, Won 13 girls racing with a determined Katherine Moody second and Jayna Roy Third. Ashley Johnson (Esquire Cleaners) was fourth.
Jess Maher beat Kendra Covington for the 12 girls win. Julionna Olson was faster this day then Jen Cote’ in the 11 girls class and Alexus Doty (Connecticut Wells) beat Emily Daigle in two of the three motos for the 10 girls win. Six riders were in the house for the 9 girls class. Mackenzie Atchison was again perfect in that group. Kyly Milton was second and Alysha Olson finished third. It was the same order in all three rounds.
A full gate of riders also was the feature in the 5-7 / 8 girls class and Dixie D’Amelio would win two of three for the overall win and Yanci Ross, in her 2009 Foothills debut was second. Alba Ross was third.

Novice Action
John Ross won all three rounds in 35-40 comp with Mike Jasensky (X-Treme Marine) second and Matt Holdermann third. In 12 novice action Tommy-Lee Busky was the most consistent and put his #677 bike in the winners circle. Wes Reel, in his first novice ride was second and third was Ian Dickinson. In the 8 novice class Collin Penn earned some major double points with a perfect score. Tommy Gladstone was consistently second with third going to Rob Marcantonio. The 7 nov gang featured the winning streak of Jagur Laymen who won all three rounds by keeping Alex Kuehn and Jacob Bacis behind him. Zach Ferris (Tactical Arms) was fourth.

Butch Feitel Jr. outraced Len Ferris in 50 & over action. Lenny really picked up the pace this week as he easily beat the riders in the next moto.
Only two riders in the 45-49 class but they were fun to watch as each finish, won by Dan Scully, was pretty close. Stu McCready was second.
Four riders in 40-44 and Randy Bitinaitis was the top dog as his kept his cutting Edge color in front of Tom Johnson all day. Third went to Bobby DesMarais.
In 30-34 / 35-39 action Curtis Jackson held off Tom Kuehn, at least on two of three motos, But Garrick Yanosky was perfect in his and it was Garrick winning the main event. Second went to Curtis and third went to Erik Maher. Kuehn did not start.
Gina Layman won the mixed woman’s cruiser class with Jayna Roy crossing the stripe in second and Therese Campbell third.
Danny Delisle, after acing a perfect on his 20 inch, did the dirty deed twice as he repeating the feat in cruiser racing. Second in the 11-12 / 13-14 class was Jake Pirulli and third was Zack O’Neil.

With 73 Rookies in the house this was a big group of some of the newest riders around.
In the 16 & Over group Brandon Miville would make it two of three moto wins to capture the win with Nick Landi second and Jason Gladstone third.
Roberto Elizondo (The Matador) was the top gun in 14 Rookie racing as he managed to stay in front od Alex Hubbard and Trevor Simmons who were second and third.
A full gate in 13 Rookie and Dylan Vadney loved it. He won the class with Brett Bosek a very close second and Dave Lamb third.
In 12 Rookie racing Ken Grenier (Hogies Sweet Shop – Winsted Tire & Auto) aced another perfect score. Tristan Lowry second and Taylor Yurgalevicz third.
A main in 11 rookie racing and Neal Bachman would win it. A solid second place for Taylor Nelson and a third place award for Chris Stewart.
Former Rider-Of-The-Week Erik Dugan won everything including the main in 10 Rookie racing action. Jeff Vadney won all his motos but wrecked in the main and had to settle for a 7th. The second spot went to Scott Thomson with third going to "Flyin" Bryan Basile.
Steven Hull, clipped in for the first time won all his motos and the 9 yr old Rookie main event. Will Guido finished in the second spot with third going to Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing). With 11 riders in the 8 Rookie class Lucas Petosa was still dominate as he won two motos and the main event. An impressive second place finish went to Tanner Storz with Garrick Fosbrook sliding in for third.
The 7 Rookie main went to Dave Reyes with Casey Navin settling for second and the third spot belonged to Garrett Fosbrook.
Torin Ellis was the top rider in 6 Rookie. Justin Falasco second and third was Nick Adams.
Finally, 12 riders were in the 5 & Under Rookie class. One more and there would have been a need for semis. Anyway, Landon Richard won all his motos, Kyle Kuehn won a moto and Max Gustafson won two motos. In the Main it was quite a battle and a great way to end a great day of racing. The final gate dropped only 3 hrs and 15 minutes from the first gate of the day. Winning the last race of the day was Kyle Kuehn with Max Gustafson second and Brad Wohlers third.
See you next week and from all of us at Foothills BMX…..”Thank You”

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