Race Report June 21st, 2009


There are people who believe that we do well because we have Sunday as our race day. Well, today was a classic example why that is not always the case. In nearby Kingston New York there was an NBL Regional event, it was Father’s Day coupled with threatening weather all day. After the impact of a very heavy overnight rain on the track, and most of our volunteers in New York, we really had the option throwing in the towel and canceling the race. We asked ourselves what was more important, maintaining a high rider count or catering to our local rider base. Without hesitation we decided to hold the race and support the local riders who have supported us. We even enjoyed some of the Connecticut regulars and some new folks from Massachusetts as well.
With 126 riders registered, it could have been a lot worse. The weather featured a heavy mist from time to time but at least we got the race in.
In the pre-race ceremonies, 9 yr old Rookie Steven Hull was named the Rider-Of-The-Week and he named Elite rider “Pete Palotti” as his favorite rider.
At 1:20 we were ready to go but there were still three riders who we thought were speeding down from the Regional who had not yet checked in. We waited the 10 minutes and decided to drop the gate on time at 1:30. As it turned out they never did show up anyway. We hope that anyone who registers will call in if plans have changed so they can be removed from the race. Motos would have been structured a little different had they called in.
Because of the lower then normal rider count a lot of combining took place but the racing action was still pretty good.
In 35-40 Ex and Nov Garrick Yanosky would hold off Matt Holderman in all three rounds. Devin Kelly, (19-25 Nov) would outrun Ty Johnson (JP Maguire) and Josh Sandford (Midtown Auto Parts) for the win in 19-25 Ex and Nov action.
In 16 Ex and Nov Colby Benoit was the top dog with Josh Wedge creeping up for second and William Barna settling into third. Paul Maher was seen just touching the gate and his wrist in a cast. Seems his fist had a date with a wall somewhere and the wall won.
In moto 4 the combining was crazy as 14 Ex Kyle Block did battle with 14 Nov Tim Osborne and 15 Ex Alex Moura. When the dust settled it was three time track Champion Kyle Block in the winners circle with Osborne second.
13 Ex and novs were next and Shawn McAuley was the winner however, Chris Pfeffer (George’s Music Center” was really looking energized and pushed Shawn all the way. Shawn eventually won but had to work. Gabe Cruz was third.
In 12 Ex there were three riders and all three would win a moto. How’s that for evenly matched? In the end Dan Delisle was first, Ryan McCoy second and Chris Pannullo (Fuscos Auto Salvage) third.
In 8 Ex – 8 Nov racing Lane Maher (Hartford County Tattoo) would ace a perfect with Sky Domain second and third going to Collin Penn.
As usual there was only one 6 yr old expert in the house so Hunter Zeiner was paired with two 6 Novs. Hunter was the winner with the two novices in tow as Finny Milton and Riley Tweedie were second and third but earning “expert points” for the day.
In 15-16 Girls racing Angela Therriault topped Amy Block for the win. 12-14 Girls action saw Katie Moody a little faster then Ashley Royer. The 12 Girls class featured the perfect of Jess Maher with Kendra Covington in the second spot. Jen Cote’ beat a very competitive Jill Sayre in 11 Girls racing. Alexus Doty (Connecticut Wells) topped Emily Daigle in 10 Girls. In the 9 Girls class there were 4 riders vying for the top spot which eventually went to Kyly Milton. Abigail Mitchell was second and third went to Madison Birch.
In 5-7 girls action Elizabeth Passeck was first with Hope Maher (Mark T Kelley Construction LLC) second and Rileigh Valliere third.
Chris Therriault and Jon Zeiner traded moto wins in the 11 Ex-12Nov class but with his win in the tie-breaking third round, Therriault was declared the winner. Jon Zeiner (With wrist in a cast) was second and Matt Bovat was third.
In 10 Ex-11 Nov racing the D-Man (Dave Moody) was the dominator this day as he got the job done. Robbie DesMarais was second and Trevor Fox, coming off double main Event wins in New York settled for third.
Combining continued with the 10 Novs-9 Exs and 9 Novs thrown together. Nick Cote’ was the winner in this mongrel group with Jake DesMarais second and RJ Miville hanging onto third.
Tom Johnson and Bob DesMarais really put on a show in 40 — 44 Cruiser racing but in the end it would be Johnson enjoying the win. The best way to describe this woman’s class would be “40 & a little bit over”. Marianne Sklarsky would beat Theresa Dengler and Therese Campbell for the overall win.
The most combined class of the day had to be the 13-14 / 17-24 / 25-29 and 30-34 Cruiser class. Greg Sloan was first across the stripe with Mike Vallone second and third went to AJ Roy. Chris Pfeffer was fourth.
In 11-12 / 9-10 Cruiser racing Dan Delisle would continue his dominance with the win. The second spot went to Chris Pannullo (National Mail) and third went to Nick Cote’.
In the Rookie classes 14 – 16 yr old were combined together with Jer Royer, Alex Hubbard (Absolute Masonry and Home Improvement) and Roberto Elizondo all enjoying a moto win. When the scores were tallied it would be Royer the winner, Elizondo second and Hubbard third. In 13 Rookie action Dylan Vadney edged out Brett Bosek for the overall win as Ryan Langon was third.
The 12 Rookie class win went to Josh Macomber with Kyle Stricker second and Tristan Lowry third.
Five riders made up the field in 11 Rookies and Taylor Nelson, with a sponsor imminent, won the class. Second went to Chris Stewart and third went to Tim Dengler.
A main event would be required to determine a winner in the 9 Rookie class which featured the return of Homer (Bubba) Hodge, who is up from North Carolina for a few weeks. Steven Hull would win the class with a perfect right through the Main event. Dustin Petosa was second and third went to William Guido. Hodge, after winning three motos, managed a fourth in the main. The only other Main event would be for the 8 Rookie class. With Lucas Petosa and Colin Riggs each winning all three of their motos, this would be a classic showdown in the main event. As a certain section of the crowd was going ballistic, Petosa would win the first place prize with Riggs second. Third went to Garrett Fosbrook. Congratulations to Lucas as he has now moved up to the Novice class. It was a great way to do it with that big win.
In 7 Rookies Seth Shaw was the winner with Chris Guido second and Spencer Leavitt third.
Justin Falasco won the 6 Rookie class by staying in front of second place finisher Nate Pelletier and third place finisher Ian Fosbrook.
In 5 & under Danny DesMarais was the overall champ with Brady Valliere second and Azra Milton third.
In the Open Wheel class Pete Lorenzo would sweep the motos for the cash with Ty Johnson second and Josh Sanford third.
The scariest part of the day was the infamous Father’s Day Race. The line up was Steve Hull, Jay Lentz, Wes Russell, Curt Villarouel, Gary Michonski and Tom Dengler. Bam the gate dropped and down the hill they came. On the first jump Villarouel lost it and fell on the back side of the jump. Wes Russell saw it happening right in front of him and looked like he tried to bail out. He would go airborne and slam into the hard clay. He was left gasping for air and in obvious pain. He was later taken to the hospital where it was discovered that he has a cracked rib. He was released after a couple of hours and is home. We wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. Steve Hull was the eventual winner.

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As always, thanks for your support on this crazy day. See you next week