Race Report June 7th, 2009

WEEK #6 Race #2

As expected in the make up race the rider count really fell off the table as there were only 144 registered and then 11 of them didn’t show up. None the less we got started within 20 minutes of the end of the first race and were done in just about one hour with only running two rounds.

39 motos with a lot of combining was the norm.

In 17-18 / 19-25 expert Dan Buckner was the top rider. Allison Thomas was second.
It was the same order of finish each moto in the four rider 16 ex / 16 nov class with Josh Wedge, Colby Benoit, Will Barna and Jonathan Daversa in that order across the stripe.
14 nov Jason Kellogg traded moto wins with 14 ex Austin Cyr but it was Cyr who won the tie breaker. Steve Kallas was third.
In 15 nov it was Sean Perkins beating Angela Therriault.
Six riders were scheduled in 14 nov / 14 expert but there were two no-shows. When the dust settled it would be Chris (Crispy Crème) Pannullo enjoying a perfect. Zac O'Neil was second and Dan Delisle was third.
11 ex was a good class with 5 riders in the shootout. Chris Therriault, with two second place finishes would actually be declared the overall winner. Doug Cable and Todd Maniscalchi each won a moto but the consistency of Chris would prevail. Todd settled for second.
Christy Kestler 17 & over) Kendra Covington (12) and Katie Moody (13) were combined and would finish with Kestler, Moody and Covington in that order.
Jillian Sayre won her first moto ever in 11 girls as she traded wins with Jen Cote’. Jen won the tie greaker and won overall.
Alexus Doty beat Emily Daigle in 1o girls and Mackenzie Atchison beat Kyly Milton in 9 yr old girls action.
Dixie Damelio won the 5-7 girls division with Hope Maher and Ashley Jasensky second and third. Ben Atchison grabbed the win in 26-24 ex / 35-40 nov racing. Mike Jasensky was second and Mike Greco third.
The D-Man (Dave Moody) won 10 ex / 11 nov with Robbie Desmarais second and Trevor Fox third. Nick Cote’ was perfect in 9 ex / 10 nov with Justin Boissonneault second and RJ Miville third.
Sky Domain and Lane Maher each won a moto but the 8ex / 9 nov overall win goes to Domain via tiebreaker. Jake DesMarais was third. In 7-8 nov Collin Penn won both rounds with Alexander Kuehn in second and Brandon Jasensky behind Alexander.
Hunter Zeiner won the 5-6 novice class for the last time as he now is officially an expert with his 20th win, There are hardly any 5 yr old experts in the country. What a feat for this little hot-rod. Jamie Corsillo was second and Finny Milton was third.
Butch Feitel beat Len Ferris in the Geritol gang. Bobby DesMarais beat Marc Damelio n 40-44 Cruiser.
Erik Maher was the fastest in 30-34 / 35-39 Cruiser as he kept a fast Tommy Kuehn behind him in both rounds. Greg Sloan was third.
Gina Layman out raced Marianne Sklarsky in their mixed womans cruiser class.
Dan Delisle won the 9-10/ 11-12 cruiser mix with Zac O’Neil and Nick Cote’ behind him.
Benny Ayala battled Steve Maynard for the win in 15 & over rookie action Nick Landi settled into the third spot with Benny being the winner.
In the 14 Rookie class Roberto Elizondo and Alex Hubbard each won a moto. The second round being the tie breaker was won by Roberto so he was the champ. Trev Simmons was third.
Brett Bosek edged out Dave Lamb for the 13 rookie win. Third went to Dylan Vadney. Ken Grenier was perfect in the 12 rookie class and Josh Macomber was a perfect second. Colin Mitchel settled into third. In 11 rookie racing there was enough riders to create a main event which was won by Mike Wasilonsky. Taylor Nelson had a nice second and the third place award went to Jeff Vadney.
Erik Dugan won the 1o Rookie main and every moto to boot. Bryan Basile was second and Tajah Cozzaglio was third.
Dustin Petosa won the main in 9 Rookie after not doing great in his motos. He definitely saved the best for last. Steven Hull was second after he won both his motos and third in the main was William Guido who was also perfect in his motos. The 8 yr old Rookie class was again a hard fought class with Lucas Petosa finally getting out in front and staying there. Great ride as he won everything. Connor Colarco was second and third went to William Guido.
Casey Navin won his motos and the main in 7 Rookie as Dave Reyes, who also won his motos finished second in the show down main event. A. Preston Ross again was solid with a nice third. Riley Tweedie won the 6 Rookie class again with a nice win over Ian Fosbrook and Justin Falasco. Finally the 5 & under moto-mites needed yet another main to determine a winner. This time it was Brad Wohlers in the winner’s cirle with Landon Richard second and Dan DesMarais rounding out the top three spots.

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