Race Report June 7th, 2009

WEEK #6 - Race #1

Finally a beautiful day with no threat of rain, at least for the early afternoon.

This was a Single Point Team Race and a nice crowd was on hand with 204 riders in class and another 9 in the Open Wheels class. The moto count was 53.

In opening ceremonies, Erik Dugan was named last week’s rider of the week and he was presented with a nice trophy for his efforts in the 10 yr old Rookie class.

So let’s start this week with the Open Dash-For-Cash.
In the Main Billy Ripley, coming off his big wreck last week, put on a impressive display of determination as he took the lead early and held off a hard charging Pete Lorenzo (2nd) and Pete Balotti (3rd) for the win.

In expert classes there were 43 riders and the action was fantastic. Garrick Yanosky was perfect in the 35-40 ex and nov combined class. Mike Jasensky (X-Treme Marine) was second but the first Novice rider across the stripe and the third spot went to Matt (Snooky) Holderman.
Ben Atchison (Stampede Clothing) aced a perfect score in the 26-34 exert class holding off teammate Chris Giacomazzo and Mike Greco.
^ riders were in the 19-25 expert group including Allison Thomas. Dan Buckner was the winner, Zak McCready was second and third went to Dan Bycenski.
In 17-18 expert racing Anthony Del Vento easily got the job done keeping Josh Sanford (Midtown Auto Parts) and Colby Lake (17-18 nov) behind him.
The fastest class of the day, at least the most exciting was the “Mod-Squad” 16 expert. Pauly Maher won every moto but Josh Wedge gave him all he could handle and Colby Benoit was right in the mix as well. The racing was shear excitement as the six rider pack was really tight all the way around the 1200 foot course. Those there would finish in the order mentioned.
In 15 Expert racing Zack Pirulli was the winner and Sean Perkins was second riding as a novice. Third went to Mason Johnson also a novice.
^ riders made up the 14 ex / 14 nov class and it would be Austin Cyr eking out a win over Zach Andringa. Third went to Jason Chamis. The first novice across the stripe was Tim Osborne.
Shawn McAuley held off a hard charging Mike Iurato in 13 expert / 13 nov combined racing. Don Olson was third but the first novice across the stripe.
Unreal racing in 12 experts as they were four Nationally ranked riders in the 5 rider shootout. Three time national champion Zac O’Neil was the eventual winner but sure had to work for it. Dan Delisle was right behind him as was Chris Pannullo (Fusco’s Auto Salvage). Delisle would be second and Chris was third overall.
In 11 expert action, Todd Maniscalchi got the job done in all three rounds with Casey Tanner second all three rounds and Chris Therriault was third.
10 ex and 11 nov were combined and the D-Man, Dave Moody was on fire. He had a perfect with Novice rider Robbie DesMarais second and Expert rider Dan Gruber third.
In 10nov / 9 experts it was Nick Cote’ capturing the win with Even Fuchs second and Pete Franolich (Vallaris Martial Arts) third.
In 8ex / 9 nov racing Lane Maher (Hartford County Tattoo) won two of three for the overall win while Sky Domain had a solid second and finishing third overall was Jake DesMarais. Jake was the first novice.
When the 32 novices were split up the results were: Ian Dickinson winning the 12 nov group with Wes Reel second and Russ Campbell third.
In 7-8 novice action Tommy Gladstone would win two of three motos for the overall win. Collin Penn grabbed one moto win but had to settle for second overall and Jagur Laymen finished third.
In 5-6 Novice racing Hunter Zeiner would ace his 19th Novice career win. Second went to Arefin Milton and third was Jamie Corsillo. Derek Fantano, the only 5 yr old novice in CT. had a great effort.
The heat of Foothills BMX is its strong rookie program and no less then 74 of them were in the house. That’s a huge number by 2009 standards.
Jason Gladstone won the 17 & over class with Steve Maynard second.
16 yr old s Dave Foster and Benny Ayala really battled al the way to the finish line each moto but Benny would just edge him out each round.
Nick Landi held off Abid Hussein in 15 rookie action.
% riders vied for the 14 rookie title and it would go to Roberto Elizondo with his three moto wins. Alex Hubbard (Absolute Masonry and Home Improvement) was second with Trevor Simmons third.
In 13 rookie a full gate full of riders resulted in Brett Bosek (Worst number plate of the day) coming out on top with Dylan Vadney second and the third place award going to Josh Santiago.
Ken Grenier (Hogies Sweet Shop / Winsted Tire & Auto) won the 12 Rookie mix as Josh Macomber was second in all three rounds with Tristan Lowry third.
The first Rookie class with a main event would be the 11 rookie group. Mike Wasilonsky (Zeller Tire) won the main with Taylor Nelson second and Jeff Vadney third. Angelo Longi enjoyed two moto wins but could only manage a 6th in the main.
The 10 yr old rookie main event would go to our reining Rider-Of-Of-The-Week, Erik Dugan and he had to hold off his favorite rider; Bryan Basile for the win. Bryan was second and the third spot went to Scotty Thomson. William Guido had a perfect day winning all his motos plus the 9 yr old rookie main event. Brandon Galeski (Gold Seal Roofing) was second and Ajay Francis was third.
The biggest class of the day was the 14 rider 8 yr old rookie class. After the motos were run and the semis, the main event win would go to Colin Riggs with an impressive last turn pass on Lucas Petosa. Third went to Connor Calarco. The weekly battles between Petosa and Riggs have clearly made better riders out of both of them.
Casey Naven won everything that he ran including the 7 rookie main event. Chris Guido was second and a much improved A. Preston Ross (FBI Plumbing) was third.
Riley Tweedie was the 6 yr old rookie winner with Ian Fosbrook second and Justin Falasco third.
The last main event was the 5 & under class. Landon Richard saved the best for last as the only thing he won was the big one. The main event went to him. Brad Wohlers, who was perfect in his motos settled for the second place trophy while Kyle Kuehn, also perfect in his motos was third.
In Cruiser racing Butch Feitel would win the 50 & over race with Len Ferris finishing so far back he wouldnt even win the next moto. 40-44 action was really hot as Randy Bitinaitis held of Tom Johnson with a very competitive Bobby DesMarais third.
Curtis Jackson won the 35-39 Cruiser main event Tom Kuehn was second and Erik Maher was third.
Gina Layman Beat Jayna Roy and Marianne Sklarsky in the mixed 13 & over girls/womens cruiser class.
Dan Delise held off Jake Pirulli for the 11-12 / 13-14 cruiser class. And Nick Cote’ won the 8 & under 9-10 cruiser class with Alexander Kuehn in the second spot.

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